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Premgit’s Work Selected for Exhibition

Two of Premgit's photographs chosen for exhibition.

Tribal and Sadhu portraits by Premgit

A slideshow of photos taken in India by Premgit from one of his recent journeys there

Premgit: intrepid traveller and master photographer

Premgit's journey to India, his life on the Ranch and how he bacame one of Osho's photographers

The Tribal People of Gujarat

This year, Premgit and Sandhya traveled to Gujarat in India; we show a collection of spectacular black-and-white photos developed by hand.


... left his body on 11th December 2012


A beloved musician has left his body on 25th December 2012.


...left his body on 16th December 2012 in Madrid, Spain, aged 66.

Books by Sannyasin Authors

Section 2: Non-Fiction On this page you will find essays on various subjects like healing, therapies, Tantra, sex and more…

Shanti Dhanya from Switzerland

... left her body on Monday 8th October 2012, 9pm

One Sky Band On Tour

Milarepa is traveling through Europe with his band.

India – In Through the Outdoor

Bhagawati's review on Premgit's outstanding photo book of images taken in India.

Surendra and the sannyasin portrait project

Photographic portraits of sannyasins, a project for those who live in the south of England