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And very very best wishes to you for the new year, and continuing success for your lovely magazine.
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Re Newsletter: Again in deep gratefulness for this incredible edition. Reading Mataji’s story is your New Year’s gift to all of us.
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I love so much all the amazing work you are doing to keep Osho News alive – thank you!
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ON spreads healthy, loving and creative news plus Osho. One of my favorite writers is Madhuri. Wish you creative times.
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How have you done it?! So much publishing work and keeping the Love in the Light shining. A fabulous job! Really beyond… we are better for all that you do.
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do it with love OSHO

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you are a master creator… big thanks
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Much love.
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Thank you for your work with the voyages pages, they are really precious.
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I like Osho News a lot. I just read the article Punya and Madhuri wrote on How to Write a Book. It was so fun to read. You are so creative!

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Wonderful work you people do to support artists, writers, Osho…
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I finally had time to look at Oshonews and read some of your posts. You are doing a wonderful job recording so many different facets of Osho and sannyas!!
Veena – UK – 2.3.2023

I take this opportunity to thank you, Punya, you are doing a fantastic job connecting people as you do and keeping the memory of our Sangha alive.
M. – France – 2.3.2023

Keep up the great work you’re doing! I’m grateful that we’re on the planet at the same time!
S. – USA – 26.2.2023

Thank you Punya for doing a wonderful job of posting our fellow traveller’s departure in Osho News.
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PS I like Osho News a lot.
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Thanks so much for your labor of love.
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Dear Osho News,
Thank you so much for this newsletter.
Especially – this time – the article about Prabhat and all the links to his amazing photographs and his articles about the ranch and Poona one. Thank you so much for your work and inspiration to all of us sannyassins.
D.L. – Netherlands – 4.1.2023

…beloved Punya, for continuing this magnificent platform at such a high level!
May you have the power and the vitality to continue…
Happy 1.1 hug, love,
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I always appreciate your work and Oshonews.
V. – Italy – 14.12.2022

Beloved Osho News…
In deep gratefulness for this so enjoyable edition of Osho News, especially Prabhat’s A Bunch of Rebels. It brought back so much memories of the wonder-full life especially at the Ranch. He writes about it so feelingly beautiful…
With love and His Blessings…
P. – USA – 3.12.2022

Beloved Osho News..
Thank you for this incredibly WONDER-FULL edition of Osho News…
With Love and His Blessings…
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Love and thanks for thinking of me… and everything else you do!
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Punya, you are a continual wonder – I never manage to go to websites unless reminded, so am extremely grateful for the links to Osho News.
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Punya love, this is epic! It’s going to take me ages to go through all the juicy things you have compiled.
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Osho News is fantastic. Thank you for publishing it still after all these years.
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Ciao Cara, wow bellissimo lavoro, mi piace l’impaginazione e come hai tagliato l’articolo, bellissimo lavoro!
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Mi sembra perfetto. Mi piace molto la grafica, l’impaginazione della rivista. Grazie e buona giornata.
S. – Italy – 22.5.2022

I always feel such love and gratitude to you for creating this platform of Osho News. You keep a fine balance between Osho’s words, the work of his people and relevant outside pieces. So much love and gratitude.
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thank you.
I love to read osho news.
Lots of love from
Sh. – Germany – 22.10.2021

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We’ve been enjoying much of what is coming forth from Osho News of late. Thanks.
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Es freut mich von Dir zu «hören»!! Und vielen Dank für die OSHO NEWS. Diese Posts lese ich wirklich gerne und sie bereichern mein Leben – und die Seite ist zudem meine letzte Connection zur «Sannyas-Welt» seit ich vor Jahren aus dem Suckerbörg-Imperium ausgestiegen bin.
Mit lieben Grüssen
J. – Switzerland – 26.7.2021

From an author: “Thanks for giving it space at fabulous OshoNews!”
R. – Germany – 24.5.2021

Thank you, I really appreciate what you are doing with Osho News. It really touches me deeply.
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Grazie di tutto e di tutto quello che fai con tanto amore per Osho…
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In deep gratefulness for these Osho News April Articles… no words to express how and what it feels reading all these wonder-full articles… With love and His Blessings
P. – USA – 1.5.2021

I realize you are a true professional. The look of Osho News is always great.
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We so enjoy what you are doing. Waving to you and sending love,
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I want to thank you for everything you’re doing on Osho News! It’s a beautiful vehicle for Osho, and for the Sangha
to stay in touch. With love,
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Wonderful, thank you so much for prodding me to get this together for your brilliant magazine. Much love to you,
P. – UK – 22.4.2021

Keep up the good work.
D. – UK – 15.4.2021

I was just saying to P., ON seems to be on fire these days. I’m really happy to be a part of it. Upward and onward!
A. – UK – 6.4.2021

Thank you for all you do!
P. – USA – 5.4.2021

Thank you for the excellent service you are doing for Osho and lovers of Osho. With best regards,
Y.S. – USA – 3.4.2021

Thank you from all my heart for the beautiful work you are doing! Sending love to you,
S. – Israel – 25.3.2021

L’affetto si sente in tutto quello che fai.
D. – Italy – 18.3.2021

Much love and gratitude for what you are doing
V.W. – New Sealand – 18.3.21

Wonderful, thank you again for your love and support. And yes Osho News is very special and wonderful. Much love,
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Let me say, I’m honored to be chosen to be on the Osho News site. You have made a beautiful virtual home for us. Thank you.
D. – USA – 14.3.2021

I really like the way you do things with ethic, integrity and professionalism.
D. – Switzerland – 4.3.2021

Beloved friend. You’ve done a lovely job. Thank you. Actually you always do a lovely job, so double triple thank you.
R. – UK – 23.2.2021

I appreciate [your magazine] a lot. It’s very inspiring and keeps Osho’s vision alive. Thank you for doing this precious work.
S. – Germany – 22.2.2021

Hello there! I just discovered your website and I am quite enchanted by the aesthetics, the mature nature of the content and the contributors, and the humor.
A. – Germany – 22.2.2023

I am really grateful to OshoNews for existing and providing us with so many dimensions or goodies on the internet.
A – India – 24.1.2021

I wanted to thank you for the great site. It’s so nice to go back in time now and then and relive Pune and Osho. Love to you,
D. – USA – 31.1.2021

Most Beloved Punya, I constantly want to thank you for your dedicated work with Osho News. Such a great organ of connection for all of us splattered around the world. It fills the heart!
S. – India – 6.12.2020

Grazie del tuo lavoro e sempre bello vedere il tuo magazine.
M. – Italy – 2.12.2020

You are doing such a great service to Osho lovers all over the world… the content, design & everything is so much heart-touching! I am so lucky & happy to connect with you… No chance of forgetting you! Ever! With Love & Gratitude,
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I really appreciate the support and continuing connection to the Osho community.
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ओशो न्यूज़ टीम को बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद यह संदेश देने के लिए!
N. – India – 2.9.2020

Madam/Sir, Please accept my heartfelt congratulations. On the auspicious occasion of Osho News having completed 10 years of existence. Hope to receive in future too, the newsletter with more contributions and fulfilling contents.
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I send you lots of love from me. You have a wonderful on-line magazine, really wonderful. Love
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Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you’re doing with Osho News.
Lots of love and hugs from me and many thanks for the great work you do.
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You are doing a great job keeping Osho ‘out there’ in a positive way. I totally appreciate what you do.
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Toll, dass du die so frisch prasentierst.
Liebe Gruesse,
H. – Germany – 30.7.2020

I really appreciate the freshness of your website, the connectedness it provides, the quotes from Osho, the wonderful jokes, the… and the … and the… and the….. and the………………..
N. – Austria – 26.7.2020

Oshonews is providing a beautiful resource of ideas and inspiration! Congrats to the team.
S. – USA – 18.7.2020

Our gratitude to Oshonews Team being the purest platform for Osho work!
With Love and Gratitude!
A. – USA – 8.7.2020

Thanks a lot [for newsletter]
OSHO news team!
N. – India – 7.6.2020

WHAT A FEAST!!!!! [the newsletter]
Ch. – UK – 2.7.2020

Beloved Punya & the Osho News Team…
In deep gratefulness and celebrating you all for this incredible edition of Osho News and all you guys are doing…
His Blessings…
P. – USA – 1.6.2020

Thank you for your work! Love,
D. – Switzerland – 30.5.2020

Thank you for your brilliant website! Love,
N. – UK – 25.5.2020

Hope you are well and staying healthy and thanks for all you do to keep the Osho work happening. Love,
A. – USA – 8.5.2020

I also appreciate all of the work you do in putting this together. I know what that takes… Blessings,
A – USA – 4.5.2020

As you know, I love what you have created with and for all of us… Truly my favorite publication in the whole world! Much love… and stay happy as you are!
P. – USA – 3.5.2020

Thank you, for all the incredible work you’ve been doing all these years.
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Thanks for the work you do on Osho News. Blessings,
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I love you all and am so proud of what you’ve created! Really super. Lovelove,
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Thanx a lot again for your energy and for creating this essential magazine for Osho Lovers and other people.
P. – Germany – 8.4.2020

Much love, and many thanks for your wonderful website.
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Much love, and many thanks for your wonderful website.
S. – Germany – 6.4.2020

You do an absolutely incredible job with Osho News!
Ch. – Switzerland – 31.3.2020

SO wonderful what you are doing online while in lockdown.
V. K. – Australia – 30.3.2020

Beloveds at Osho News, hello & thank you so much for the wonderful work that you offer through the site! It is highly appreciated! 🙂
L. – Greece – 29.3.2020

Again thank you for all you do… much love…
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Thanks for all the work you do on Osho News.
S. – UK – 2.3.2020

Thank you for all your work. Much love,
N. – Portugal – 1.3.2020

Re Voyages: You do a great job juggling it all!
N. – UK – 28.2.2020

It [Osho News] has a huge impact and I honor your work!
Thank you, dear, for your juice and all you share.
R. – Germany – 23.2.2020

By the way, I love reading stuff via oshonews.
AD- Austria – 21.2.2020

A Very BIG Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing for Osho News! Much love,
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Thanx for your very much appreciated work.
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Thank you as always for your fabulous newsletter!
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A huge thanks for Oshonews – keeping us in touch with what is going on with our beloveds all around the world, both in it and leaving it…(this world!)… may not read all of it all the time, but it is so appreciated… love, love,
P. – UK – 3.2.2020

Re Newsletter: Wow, so much to imbibe again!!
C. – UK – 3.2.2020

Sending you a bag full of red roses and love for all this incredible work you do. You really keep us so connected! Thank you, thank you thank you!
V – Spain – 3.2.2020

Hi editorial board, I just forwarded Osho News’ Newsletter to a sannyas community; some friends really appreciated:
…danke dir für deine mail.
…zum ersten mal hab ich in die osho-news reingeklickt und hab sooo viiiel entdeckt was interessant für mich ist.
…jetzt habe ich viel mehr abwechslung an den kalten und regnerischen sonntagen….
…für mich ist Osho News eine der besten “lectures from the world of Sannyas”!
So, thank you for your loving gift to all of us.
N. – Germany – 2.2.2020

Re Voyages: Danke, dass Du das fur uns alle machst.
M. – Switzerland – 29.1.2020

Thank you for the good work. Love,
A. – UK – 28.1.2020

Grazie della tua dedizione all’Osho News.
Y. – India – 27.1.2020

That’s such an amazing work you are doing. I read your posts and articles regularly on Osho News.
R. – USA – 26.1.2020

Keep up the good work on a great magazine. Love,
J. – Ireland – 9.1.2020

Thanks a lot [for the newsletter]
OSHO news team!
N. N. – India – 7.1.2020

FAB work you keep doing there, I love it!!!
C. – Israel – 1.1.20

Tolle Arbeit macht Ihr!
A. – Germany – 7.1.2018

Thank you for all the beautiful work you do for our amazing Sangha. Blessings and Love,
A. – USA – 7.1.2019

Thanks for all that you do for our larger community. What a wonderful labour of love! With love,
D. – Canada – 1.1.2020 is in my list of websites I visit regularly, I appreciate what you do with it…
S. – France – 31.12.2019

Thank you for the wonderful work you do. Our world is a better place for all of us because of your work.
T. – Canada – 28.12.2019

Thank you for all the creativity and Happy New (publishing) Year.
N. – Germany – 28.12.2018

Congrats on the ever-improving Osho News.
D. – Canada – 28.6.2019

Thanks for all you do and how well you do it. Love,
P. – USA – 26.12.2019

The process of bringing Zorba the Buddha to both East and West is Osho’s brilliance. Osho News is definitely helping to bridge the gap between East and West. So thank you for you. So far so good.
S. – USA – 22.12.2019

Voyages: Beautiful article… just love what you do for us!! Loving hug, very soft one… ???
A. – India – 16.12.2019

I am so greatful for the Osho News as it keeps us all very much connected … very precious, many thanks to all of you involved ???
G. – Israel – 15.12.2019

Very grateful that you do this work [the Voyages section] so we can inform people of our friends passing.
S. – India – 10.12.2019

Thank you so much for Osho News!
P. – Denmark – 7.12.2019

Dear Mitr! Hardik Pranaam…
Thanks a lot ☺
With lots of love, care and affection
P. A. – India – 4.12.2019

Thank you for making Osho News, I like your magazine very much. Warm regards,
S. – Australia – 26.11.2019

Thank you so much for doing what you do, keeping our Sannyas World alive your way!
A. – India – 24.11.2019

Osho News just gets better and better and better!
K. – Netherlands – 18.11.2019

I’ve been following your work for a few years. Thanks for sharing amazing stories with Master Osho. I love reading the stories of the sannyasin who lived at that time. I haven’t met or seen the master personally, but I feel part of it all. Thanks for everything. Love you all!
G. – Brazil – 4.11.2019

All the latest news about everything in Sannyas – including those people who have left the body-in voyages. A Very Good Read – with Great Articles about everything.
S. – UK – 30.10.2019

Review on Facebook: All the latest news about everything in Sannyas, including those people who have left the body – in Voyages. A Very Good Read. With Great Articles about everything…
S. – 30.10.2020 – UK

And many thanks for all you do. Love,
H. – USA – 12.10.2019

I just want to let you know how grateful I am for your support through posting in “Osho News – Voyages” & in FB in “Loving memory of lost friends.” I really appreciate this. I send you much love and thanks…
V. – USA – 2.10.19

I love the new look of the site! It’s brilliant! Good work lady!
R. – USA – 27.9.2019

Thank you so much for your immense tribute! Much love to you,
R. – Gernmany – 23.9.2019

WOW, what an eventful edition of OshoNews this week – amazing how you guys do it each week and day and hour and minute. So much gratitude – endless GRATITUDE.
R. – UK – 18.9.2019

I love Oshonews… especially the jokes!
but it is all so great – you do an AMAZING job…
P. – UK – 18.9.2019

Liebe Grüße an Euch. Ihr macht eine tolle Arbeit!
A. – Germany – 9.9.2019

Thanks for all you do! Love,
P. – USA – 8.9.2019

And thanks for your great work with Osho News! Love,
S. – India – 2.9.2019

The content of this website is FABULOUS!
A. – USA – 24.8.2019

Website got a nice upgrade I noted. Looks good.
K. – USA – 19.8.2019

Thank you for all the amazing work you are doing!
S.- USA – 16.8.2019

I was looking thru the Osho News site last night and there was so much visual poetry happening. BIG WOW. Like you all are going into super sophisticated design space. So much energizing it. Really really enjoyed it. Yay You!
M. = USA – 10.8.2019

By the way, my sincerest compliments to you for this latest ‘newsletter’, chock full of WONDERFUL articles that I’m chomping at the bit to read…
K. – Netherlands – 5.8.2019

Magazine looks incredible!
M. – USA – 3.8.2019

Thanks as always for all your work keeping the tribe connected! I love your mag!
P. – USA – 16.7.2019

Thank you again for doing the good work; it is so needed by this weary old world.
P. – Australia – 15.7.2019

Ich danke dir für dein Engagement mit Osho News. Big hug,
B. – Greece – 7.7.2019

Thank you for keeping this site so well, and up to date with all of our beloveds who fly beyond. So many see it all around the world. It is very special, and you help us connect in this special way and I, like many, appreciate your work. Namaste,
M. – USA – 3.7.2019

Congrats on the ever improving Osho News.
D.P. – Canada – 28.6.2019

Osho News is a great online magazine, I read it all the time to keep posted with the sannyas world.
A. – Germany -18.6.2019

Osho News is a great online magazine. I read it all the time to keep posted with the sannyas world.
A. – Germany – 17.6.2019

Thank you both so much for all the wonderful work you do to keep us all connected; all the creative, informative, wise and juicy inputs you inspire. I love reading the magazine and send you both so much appreciation…
N. – email – 3.6.2019

Beloved Osho News Team. Yes, I like the new Osho News Website design.
P. – USA – 2.6.2019

I enjoy the new design of Oshonews very much, bigger fotos and a fresh arrangement of the articles, great design. Thanks from a grateful reader and lots of creativity and love for you,
N. – Germany – 1.6.2019

Hello there, I am a regular reader of this amazing magazine. I observed a problem with the ‘Latest posts’. It would be better if all the recent articles are shown in order (exactly like in the previous design). In this new design, things are slightly hotchpotch (posts are not in their order). Please consider this…
Thanks a lot for running this beautiful magazine. We new Osho lovers find this website immensely valuable as it is one major source of all the current happenings.
L. – India – 1.6.2019

I do like the new look of Osho News! It really looks different, clear and clean. Compliments!
S. – Germany – 29.5.2019

Why there is always the need to change even things that are good? I do not like at all the new version, there is a sense of great confusion.
A. – email – 29.5.2019

Thank you so much for your so dedicated work with so much care and love! Warm greetings.
M. – Netherlands – 27.5.2019

Hello Osho News team,
thanks for keeping this site so beautifully alive over the years – and now presenting all the interesting and juicy content in this beautiful and more modern design! I really like it. Keep going and have fun!
K. – Germany – 27.5.2019

Congratulations to you all for this beautiful new look of Osho News! It is so inviting and embracing us all…
B. – UK – 26.5.2019

Your worship is SO BEAUTIFUL! Really greatful for you and your attention to details. Much love,
M. – 8.5.2019

I enjoy the new design of Oshonews very much, bigger fotos and a fresh arrangement of the articles, great design. Thanks from a grateful reader and lots of creativity and love for you,
N. – Germany – 1.6.2019

The new lay-out for Osho News:

M. – Netherlands – 25.5.2019

Loads of love, and keep up the good work … OshoNews has reached a new level of greatness lately!!
V. – USA – 22.5.2019
Lots of love and thanks for all what you are giving our community of fellow travelers – it is so so prescios!
P. – Denmark – 21.5.2019

Thank you so much again for doing it!
A. – Greece – 20.5.2019

Love and keep the good creativity with Osho News.
S. – France – 12.3.2019

So appreciate you for doing this, it keeps us all connected.
P. – USA – 18.5.2018

Your interviews are well done! Thanks for all what you do,
N. – Greece – 18.5.2018

Zuerst einmal herzlichen Dank für deine immer währende Präsenz, mit den multidimensionalen Aspekten um Osho und der Community.
P. – Switzerland – 18.5.2019

You are doing such good work. I keep enjoying the newsletter.
V. – 17.5.2019 – Canada

Thank you so much for creating and keeping alive Osho News!
G. – 17.5.2019 – Germany

It is beautiful that OshoNews is diverse and inclusive. With Love,
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Thanks for the amazing job you are doing. Your magazine always touches my heart!
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S. – Bali – 29.4.2019

Every time the OshoNews arrives at my desk it is a joyful happening. Thank you.
N. – Canada – 18.4.2019


The pick of the week just received

What a superb presentation of
living sannyas ~ sannyas life,
out of the sharings of Osho disciples with the Planet
in a manner, so in tune, so reflective of
the Beloved’s energy in everyway!

The first entry, Padma’s art gallery video presentation
is a fine example of how to be in the world yet not of it.
It is clear how one can purchase these works as prints;
it is clear how the sannyasin musician who supplies the background sound
that is playing can be part of your collection
and yet at no time is there a sense of salesmanship, overselling,
nor any manipulation happening.
The very ‘selling’ itself is clean and straightforward,
a simple sharing of what is available.
It shows that even ’selling’ can be a meditation, obviously.

What an immense pleasure and beauty everything
sannyasi who are walking the master’s talks can demonstrate!

Meera in the art therapy (as a bridge to meditation) in the second
video shows beautifully a course facilitation that mirrors
the master’s talks, with grace, calm and centeredness.

It is just beautiful and a wonder-full direct experience
of living-Osho through these disciples’
action through in-action.

Many thanks to Osho News for this timely sharing of
this weekly newsletter which we experience as demonstrating
the Rainbow that Osho’s people live, in this sannyas life,
this living-dying life of love and laughter.

Nothing Special

Everyday Zen

With Love,

N. – Canada – 13.3.2019

You’ve done such a magnificent job with the ongoing creation of Osho News. Big accomplishment of benefit to so many.
T. – USA – 17.1.2019

You guys have a nice site! Keep up the good work:) Love,
K. – Netherlands – 15.1.2018

Thanks again for all the work, energy and effort you put out for keeping as all informed and entertained… THANKS!!!
K. – USA – 8.1.2019

I am so grateful for all the work and love you have poured into Osho News. It is such a great creation. And now so many people write for you. Bravo! Sending love.
R. – USA – 7.1.2019

Time is running and already many more new editions of Osho News have passed, since you published my article. I always enjoy all the writers’ creations!
J. – T. – 9.12.2018

Thank you for the beauful gift you give us in doing this precious work. I realy appreciate it. Love, biggest hugs,
S. – India – 9.12.2018

So schön, dass es das gibt [Osho News] und ich verbinde mich so immer ganz leicht mit dem was mich nährt.
A. – Germany – 8.12.2018

Thanks for the wonderful efforts that I know soothe the soul as surely as a salve heals old wounds. New friends are always touched by precious stories that helps bring the abstract into focus…
HD – India – 7.12.2018

Thanks for all the great work you do.
A. – UK – 6.12.2018

Read few articles/interviews on Osho News … feeling the nourishing sweetness and value of it all.
A. – Australia – 5.12.2018

Thank you for your ongoing love and great work.
HD – India – 24.11.2018

Your work with the Osho News it soo precious!! Thank you!
A. – Denmark – 21.11.2018

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Thank you for continuing to bring us the Osho News. I look forward to it each time I see it come up on my email.
K. – USA – 4.11.2018

Thanks for all you do. Love,
N. – Germany – 28.10.2018

What I love about Osho News is seeing and reading articles written by those dear familiar faces that I worked with in Poona 1, 40 some years ago bringing back memories that open the heart and when the heart is open those memories are not in the past anymore… at least for me… and whatever these memories are one learns from them now or laugh at them… enough of my blabbering… much love…
P. – USA 18.10.2018

And… Osho News is getting better and better, thank you!
V. – Germany – 11.10.2018

This is beyond “thank you ” already what you are sharing, Osho News Team… In deep gratefulness and celebration…
P. – USA – 11.10.2018

Thank you for all the work you all do to bring us Osho News. Much love,
A. – USA – 9.10.2018

I forgot to tell how much I appreciate your beautiful, interesting, balanced, moving, strange, fascinating and outrageous articles, leaving us to believe and think whatever we like or are able to grasp what it is all about. I often send links to people who I hope understand.
S. – USA – 8.10.2018

I am grateful to you both for all you’ve been doing for so many years to keep the heart of the community alive and beating. Blessings and love… and maybe, somehow, someday, an in-the-body hug in Corfu!
P. – USA – 6.9.2018

I love seeing the friends in Corfu and hearing your interviews. Thanks for all you keep doing for the Sangha.
A. Ecuador – 4.9.2017

First, thank you again, for the beautiful newsletter you put together twice a month! Amazing and pertinent. I eat it up every time.
P. – USA – 2.9.2018

I am still so grateful for you all doing the Osho News – it is such a gift and so important!
M. – USA – 25.8.2018

Many congratulations to all at Osho News.
N. – India – 25.8.2018

The content of this website is FABULOUS!
N. – USA – 23.8.2019

Thank you for the wonderful, wonderful Osho News. I devour it when it arrives. I love reading about Osho’s vision unfolding in the world!
P. – 21.8.2018 – New Zealand

And thank you for the amazing work you do… Much love
M. – UK – 19.8.2018

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Your newsletter is wonderful, so well done… Thank you for all the work.
V. – Germany – 1.6.2018

My appreciation for the OshoNews is great. Beautiful articles, photographs and a lot of information. Best wishes to you! With love,
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You are one of my heroes, with the way you take care of the family.
P. – USA – 29.5.2018

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W. – USA – 23.5.2018

And by the way, once again, thank you thank you for your site.
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Love your amazing effort
K. – Netherlands – 30.4.2018

All of you at Oshonews are doing a great job of riding the WWC tidal wave. We are delighted to tune in, grab our board, and surf along with you.
S. – USA – 29.4.2018

It is amazing. Love to see more and more…
B. – 23.4.2018

This email is just to say, I appreciate all you are doing and keeping up the Osho News site. It has been a valuable resource for me during this time. I am a web developer too, and have some sites I keep up pro-bono so I know what you do, it takes time and consideration. What you are doing with Osho News is wonderful and I just want you to know I appreciate you. And I am sure many others do too! But not everyone says so or understands what it takes to keep up a website.
R. – USA – 22.4.2018

Thank you for your great work! Love,
P. – Germany – 9.4.2018

And thank you for your continuing devotion to putting out Osho News and helping us feel connected. A huge gift to us all.
V. – USA – 5.4.2018

I’ve been loving reading your Osho News – especially the last one on Wild Wild Country – you are doing such a great job helping us to stay connected!
A. – USA – 4.4.2018


I often enjoy Osho News and most of all the great articles by people from the international community.

The “voyages-section” has a very special meaning for me, so many friends close to my heart have passed into eternity recently. It is valuable for our community as the only place where we can connect with beloved friends even in the face of impermanence, and celebrate in our unique ways. Devopama was someone close to my being since Pune 1.

Thank you for all that, too.

Veetman – Germany – 4.4.2018


You have excelled yourselves this month with your bumper WWC edition. Thanks so much for collating all that great material.

Harp’s piece is especially good, but Puroshottama, Punya, Dhiren and Roshani… they all shine with their different perspectives. And the interview with the boys who made it… fascinating!

S. – India – 2.4.2018


Amazing! you people! can’t wait to dive into it all. Thank you so much for Osho News
P. – D. – 1.4.18

Thank you so much for all the wonderful articles on this docu-series. Excellent, excellent work.
R. – USA – 31.3.18

Thanks so much- I very much appreciate all that you do for our Sangha…
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Thanks for all the good work!
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Un grand merci pour Osho News.
B. – France – 16.3.18

First of all, thank you for the wonderful service you provide our community. Obviously it is “worship” you are drawn to but it requires a dedicated effort and I want you to know it is greatly appreciated.
Q – USA – 15.3.18

In deep gratefulness and celebration for what you do and share and most especially for making the heart expand with and in joy reading, feeling and remembering wonder-full times and being in tune with everyone here and now. Much love…
P. – USA – 16.2.2018

I am very happy to receive the newsletter, and enjoy it immensely – especially the jokes! With love,
F. – Norway – 2.3.2018

Osho News has soooooo many stories. I’m really impressed how you keep up with all of it. Congratulations and gutes Gelingen. xo
M-C. – Australia – 23.2.18

Much Love for all your effort and thank you so much for your sensitive caring.
M. – Switzerland – 18.2.18

K. – France – 18.2.18

Posted on FB: OshoNews is a full-spectrum, amazingly colorful magazine for new and old sannyasins and Osho lovers around the world! I am deeply grateful for this and although I don’t manage to read all the interesting articles I have this treasure box always available. SO precious and dear. Thank you!
P. – Denmark – 18.2.2020

In deep gratefulness and celebration for what you do and share and most especially for making the heart expand with and in joy reading, feeling and remembering wonder-full times and being in tune with everyone here and now… Much love…
P. – USA – 16.2.18

I keep enjoying the beautiful Osho News, each time a new edition appears… Thanks for your beautiful work and persistence!
P. – Holland – 14.2.2018

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do! oxoxo
S. – USA – 13.2.2018

FAB OshoNews as usual!
C. – New Zealand – 1.2.2018

Voyages: And thanks to you for keeping all this connected!
A. – USA – 31.1.2018

Thank you, Yoga Punya! You always find so much time, energy and love to keep the OshoNews going with so much beautiful and rich content. It is lovely to be featured on your page again 🙂 Loads of love and hugs to you…
Dhyan Chetna – Singapore – 30.1.18

Thank you for your precious work bringing friends together.
V.M. – India – 25.1.2018

Just wanted to say one more time, thank you so much for doing this work, it is wonderful for the Sangha.
B. – USA – 24.1.18

Danke für diese Arbeit, die du tust!
S. – Switzerland – 10.1.2018

Liebe Punya, wollte Dir und Euch mal danke sagen für die oshonews! Ich fand da heute den Artikel von Ageh Bharti über Osho in Ludhiania und die ganze Geschichte – auch schön mit den Fotos dazwischen – und dann zum Schluß noch den Brief von Osho, der so wunderschön ist! – ja, sowas liest man selten – höchstens mal bei Euch. Einen ganz lieben Gruß an Dich, schön das es Euch gibt!
G. – Germany – 5.1.2018

Thank you for this amazing work.
R. – UK.- 2.1.2018

Thank you… for another magnificent newsletter! Happy all-that-you-want… Love,
K. – The Netherlands – 1.1.2018

Beautiful articles and happy a new Osho center in N.Y. will be opening. I loved the features and appreciate this publication that keeps us in touch with the rest of the world. Thanks and love,
S. – Indonesia – 1.1.2018

Thank you all! Osho is all with the Arabs too!
M. – Lebanon – 16.12.17

Beloveds…thank you for yet another incredibly wonder-full edition of Osho News… in deep gratefulness…
P. – USA – 16.12.17

It’s great for ourselves and our sannyas ancestors to have this platform [voyages section]. Also it brings to our awareness that life is limited.
A. – Germany – 4.12.17

Beloved Osho News Team, Love.
The warmth, of the space for balance and harmony that I sense in receiving the bimonthly online newsletter and in my direct experience in corresponding with Punya is encouraging, warm and for me reflective of Osho’s suggesting to us of relating as a meditation being a “liquid friendliness” among his people.
N. – Canada – 11.11.17

What a treat to get to read the self-reflections and meditation experiences of other people on the path, like Rafia, Rashid, Sattha….
S. – E. – 26.9.2017

Thanks for your stellar magazine.
L. – Portugal – 24.9.2017

It is amazing how Osho News grows and grows and is more and more juicy… I am impressed by your immense energy to get this going… wow wow! That’s nice. Thank you…
K. – France – 22.9.2017

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S. – USA – 4.9.2017

By the way, I want to tell you, you are doing a fabulous job there and I am very grateful to receive the newsletter every month, even gratis.
N. – Germany – 3.9.2017

Trust that you are well and thank you for your fabulous Oshonews!
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Thank you again, loved ones leaving… Love you, you do such wonderful work! Highly appreciated…
A. – India – 26.8.17

Es freut mich immer wieder, deine Internetseite zu sehen, viel Arbeit dahinter!
P. – Switzerland – 20.8.17

Wonderful Osho excerpt next to the Hinkley Point story, says it all. I have to give you guys another compliment. I Googled Nirvano’s death as I was checking the date for something I was writing. I came across a whole verbal punch-up that went on in Sannyas News – quite shocking. Someone was threatening to kick somebody else’s fat arse. Wow! You guys at Osho News publish all kinds of viewpoints and opinions without ever denigrating anybody. It is quite an art to present the vastness of the sannyas world from a neutral, loving and inclusive perpective. Well done to you and the Osho News team. With love and thanks,
S. – Japan – 19.8.17

Great appreciation for the work you are doing with Osho News.
A – Australia – 19.8.17

I always love receiving Osho News – makes my day!
S. – England – 15.8.17

I really love all the articles which you continue to present in the Osho News online magazine. It also helps us to feel more connected around the globe. Many thanks and blessings…
D. – Australia – 6.8.2017

Gratitude… The moment I read these news the infectious smile and his beautiful laughing face flashes. Well-lived, dear. I thank you for all the fun and joy you shared with me and Samadhi in the commune. Well come … well gone … celebrating your life’s finesse…
J. – India – 1.8.2017

Dear Osho News Team, Thank you for your work in making the Osho News – it gives me so much heartfelt delight in reading the stories, especially about our Beloved Osho. I am reminded of my days in the ashram and the wonderful experiences shared in the presence of Osho who continues to saturate my life. With love and gratitude,
A. D. – Australia – 1.8.2017

I want to thank you and your staff for putting Osho’s work out so beautifully. Enjoy!
S.M. – USA – 27.7.2017

Immer wieder geniesse ich die toll aufbereiteten News aus dem Osho Umfeld.
(I enjoy again and again the stunningly prepared news from the world of Osho.)
L. – Switzerland – 21.7.17

Thank you so much for your fantastic juicy essential work……
K. – France – 29.5.17

Wow, a great issue.
S. – Bali, Indonesia – 17.5.17

How marvelous this magazine is. Love,
T. – Brazil – 4.4.17

M. – Lebanon – 3.4.17

Beloved Osho News Team, another beautiful edition of Osho News. Thank you for all you do. Much love,
P. – USA – 3.4.17

Thanks for sending Osho News. Love it.
S. – Indonesia, 1.4.17

To receive the Osho News is always like receiving a precious wave of richness on so many levels…..humour, intelligence, discoveries, inspiration, love. Please receive a wave of gratefulness from me. Bon week-end,
K. – France – 1.4.17

E continua il tuo bellissimo lavoro di Osho News. Sei grande a mettere insieme ogni volta una ricchezza di articoli e di contenuti.
S. – France – 23.3.17

I read almost all new articles in ON – great stuff! Thanks so much for all this wonderful work!
S. – Germany – 20.3.17

…just to let you know how MUCHO I enjoy Osho News.
…first thing I read online over my porridge in the morning!
J. – Germany – 12.3.17

Congratulations again for the fantastic job you do with Osho News.
M. – France – 8.3.2017

Osho News is all the time more and more beautiful and rich–what an archive! Love,
A. – USA – 3.3.17

Thank you so much for the beautiful newsletter with so much news from Osho’s people all over the world. It is much appreciated. Big big hugh for you all. Love,
S. – The Netherlands – 3.3.17

Many thanks to you both for Osho News! I hope people tell you how much it means to us all. With love,
Y. – Ireland – 1.3.17

I greatly appreciate what you’re doing with Osho News. It’s a wonderful publication,
S. USA – 25.2.17

Thank you so much for Osho News online. It’s always good. Love from me –
S.- Australia – 19.2.17

Thank you one more time for this well-made magazine.
V. – Canada – 20.2.17

I (along with the entire Osho family) owe YOU thanks for the amazing newsletter you put out each month. Bravo! and love,
P. ISA – 19.2.17

Great newsletter! Thanks very much. Much love,
S. – England – 16.2.17

Thank you so much for your elegant tribute page for Samudaya. Osho’s love and compassion flow throughout the presentation. I am very grateful for how you and your staff are showering Osho’s blessings.
S. – USA – 7.2.17

I love to receive and read Osho News and to post items on the FB pages.
D. – Netherlands – 2.1.17

Comment by a new subscriber: Thanks for the newsletter. I can finally see again many well-known faces.
V. – Germany – 21.1.17

Love and thanks for your work. It is really needed to have stories about [friends who have left their bodies].
M. – Italy – 19.1.17

I am very happy to get the Osho News. Every time I have tears in my eyes, laughter, missed challenges, sadness. Everything comes up. Thank you all!
A. – Germany – 18.1.17

W. – UK – 18.1.17

Dear friends, thank for all the good ideas and jokes you brought me this year. Have a good Christmas time (or whatever name you choose) and a good next year!
P. (A. A.) – Germany – 16.12.17

Thank you very much and love to all of you who are creating Osho News that beautiful!!
J. – Germany – 15.1.17

Thank you so much for the wonderful Osho News website.
D. – UK – 15.1.17

I have always enjoyed reading Osho News and have marveled at the rich presentation and coverage it always contains. Please accept my gratitude.
S. – India. – 5.1.17

Thank your providing us constantly with so much! Love,
R. – Germany – 5.1.17

Thank you for your work, your dance.
S. – India – 2.1.17

Osho News online is always welcome and this New Year’s Eve edition is really especially delicious and juicy. Thank you all for your welcome and appreciated contribution to the planetary Oshofield.
All the best. With Love,
N. – Canada – 1.1.2017

So many thanks to you, especially for the great job you do with the Osho News and keeping the connection alive. Wishing you love and laughter,
N. – Portugal – 28.12.16

Thank you for Osho’s rememberance, not only on 11th December but again and again with the Osho News. I keep being amazed at the immense energy you and your friends are putting into that marvellous project. Like Premdas’ farewell talk in Byron Bay – incredibly touching. So again, many many thanks and all our best wishes for the coming New Year with a big hug,
L&T – Switzerland – 21.12.16

Euch allen eine schöne Zeit und vielen lieben Dank für Eure tolle Arbeit! Love,
A. – Germany – 21.12.16

Many thanks for your highly-skilled and correctly critical cooperation in getting this article together!
K. – Netherlands – 20.12.16

Thanks for all you do with the Osho News, it is lovely to have it there to visit from time to time. Love,
N. – Portugal – 29.10.16

I just want to say I LOVE what you guys are doing and find it exactly of my taste the way you promote sannyasins and their creativity, their businesses, their work in the world, reporting in the true spirit of a reporter, neutral and correct and at the same time super heartful, open and available. Well done to you both and everyone else who is involved. And thank you so much!
D. – Germany – 23.10.16

Thanks for all your work with Osho News. I always enjoy reading what others in our ‘clan’ are up to these days.
N. – USA – 8.10.16

I am getting very fond of the magazine, as you can tell! Thanks for all the work/play you do to create such an alive and worthwhile publication… so rich!! A real gift! Much love and hugs,
N. – USA – 3.10.16

This marvellous email magazine is so good, so beautiful, so truthful… I love that.
T. – Brazil – 16.9.16

Hey, the jokes you post are out of the world! Keep up the good work! You are the best! Thanks,
S.V. – India – 3.9.16

Thanks, beautiful issue with lots of interesting articles. Well-done. Love,
S. – Indonesia – 1.9.16

I love Osho News and am so grateful for what you and your staff does; it is information central for Western sannyasins.
B. – USA – 27.8.15

I recently checked your website. I loved it! I read the articles and news; they all were really good. Your work for spreading the message of Osho is Great. Thank you, Friends, for making and
maintaining this beautiful Website. Thank you so much 🙂
A. – India – 15.8.16

You are doing an a-mazing job. Today I studied finally the whole Osho News for about 3 hours. Congratulations! This is truly fabulous for the Osho community at large.
M. – USA – 12.8.15

Hi, just to say how much I appreciate the great job you’re doing with the Osho News.
N. – Scotland – 23.7.16

Your is so great…it has so much in it…what a wonderful creation.
S. – USA – 19.7.16

Es berührt mich sehr wie sehr du dich einsetzt. Ich möchte dir dafür danken. Es ist sehr bedeutungsvoll was du machst. Herzliche Grüsse,
M. – Switzerland – 8.7.16

Just felt to thank you for the wonderful work that you are doing to keep all the friends and family connected, love,
S. – Australia – 24.6.16

The magazine looks so great and is so jam-packed with goodness. A vital news and feature product.
MPG – USA – 3.6.16

Osho News is a really well put together publication. I hope you feel very proud of what you have put together.
P.H. – USA – 2.6.16

Another Masterpiece!
C.D. – New Zealand – 2.6.16

Thank you for the good service you are doing with the Osho News.
Ch. – Canada – 29.4.16

Hi there, I just wanted to write (for once) and say how much I appreciate the OSHO NEWS dropping into my inbox whenever it does. This morning it was like spoonfuls of sannyas silence and celebration arriving on this sunny Sunday morning. I love ALL the articles. I love reading about friends I have lived and worked with over many years. I love reading about other sannyasins I don’t know and their journeys. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes having read about the life of a lovely workmate, Suha, who I worked with in Pune 2 at OTI. And every issue, there is more. I know the work involved putting together publications, and absolutely love that this keeps on and on. Grateful thanks. XXXXX
Garimo – Australia – 17.4.16

You are so productive. I am amazed. The magazine has been so full of beautiful stories, quotes and poems these days.
S – UK – 5.4.16

And thank you SO much for the Osho News pages! Like very much! Thank you!
D. – Germany – 1.4.16

Love the poetry issue, Deva Geet’s poem marvellous.
V. – Australia – 3.4.16

This [poetry issue] is my favorite issue! But of course all the others come in as hairline close.
P. – USA – 1.4.16

Thanks for all your hard, heart-felt work. You do it all so gracefully!
P.S. – USA – 30.3.16

I had noticed that you were at issue 100 and must congratulate and thank you for your dedication to the task. I had not noticed the changes to the site but I have now looked at them and like what you have done very much.
G. – P. – 5.3.16

Congrats on 100 issues, that is nothing short of amazing –
M. – UK – 3.3.16

Kudos! I am a big fan of! Been a regular reader for years… Keep up the good work of posting the latest from all the Osho sannyasis from across the globe!
P.A. – India – 23.2.16

What a wonderful resource ON is for the world!
S. – USA – 1.3.16

I enjoy reading the Osho News, the jokes are great. Keep up the good work. Love,
S. – Netherlands – 13.2.16

Great work that you are doing! And this is only a small thank you compared to all the love that you bring to this world!
B. – Germany – 2.2.16

Just wanted to say that I am awed at what you accomplish with each newsletter. It is my favorite “read” all month… better than the New Yorker! Luv… and thank you!
P. – 1.2.16 – USA

Es ist einfach phänomenal, was Du und Deine Leute im Dauereinsatz leisten! Und Alles so liebevoll ästhetisch und locker. Ganz herzlichen Dank,
L. – 1.2.16 – Switzerland

Once more many thanks for sending me regularly the ever so interesting Osho News newsletter.
L. – Switzerland – 18.1.16

Thank you very much for everything: this opportunity to be in Osho News, the care you put in the work, the competence and the patience. It has been a great pleasure to work with you. Love and a big hug,
S. (artist) – Italy – 23.1.16

Thank you for the wonderful publication… great how it has grown. It is an important read.
N. – Guatemala – 18.1.16

And I also feel big thanks for your continued work with the Osho News, always refreshing to get it in my inbox.
K. – 17.1.16 – Bali, Indonesia

I love that you’re doing the Osho News. It’s so rich!
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Keep up the wonderful work on Osho News, it’s such a treat to open that up and see what’s there.
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Hi Osho News team, thanks for doing a wonderful job with creating Osho News. It’s ever so inspiring and makes me feel connected. There are always gems to discover… With love,
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Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 5jährigen Bestehen Deiner vorzüglichen, nett aufgemachten und informativen Osho News. Ich lese immer gerne darin und entdecke immer interessante Aussagen von und über Osho und Eure Zeit mit ihm – und nach ihm bis jetzt. Das ist schon wirklich erstaunlich.
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About the Voyages section:
Thanks again for doing this beautiful service so we can remember and appreciate our friends when they go.
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This is a comment from a sannyasin I met on Saturday. He didn’t know about Osho News (where has he been, under a stone?) and I sent him the link: “Looked up the Osho news website. Wow… great work and certainly will look more often into it. Well done indeed!!”
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Thanks for this wonderful website.
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Thank you for the cornucopia of invigorating flowers.
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I am so grateful for all your efforts in making it such a success. This publication is such a blessing and delight to all of us. Love,
S. – Bali – 2.1.2015

After having read of Veeresh’s leaving the body I feel it is high time for a big THANK YOU for the inspiration, information and the possibility to stay in touch with fellow-travellers that I have received through this site over the years. So here it is! With a warm hug,
J. – Germany – 31.1.2015

I also want to thank you for the beautiful work you do with this journeying [voyages]. It is a real blessing that we can share our friends’ parting wherever we are bringing our beautiful sannyas hearts together. SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU much love and hugs
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…thank you for your efforts to keep us connected.
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I love getting your Osho News. I think it is getting better and better…really juicy and insightful and inspiring. You guys are doing such a wonderful job and I feel through reading and receiving the online messages that you are really enjoying creating it… It’s great! Thank you!

Thought that this issue was extremely good. There are many things written here that I have never heard before, including the part about NIvedano as well as many others.
H. – September 2014

Wow – what a WONDERFUL edition!
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Un abbraccio e grazie dell’Osho News, è davvero un must!
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nice job you are doing with
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How immensely lucky are we (and how lovely that you are doing the work that you are)
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Wow the Rashid story was so beautiful!!
Thanks for bringing that one to my attention.
And Happy New Year to you. Love
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Beloved Bhagawati, Thank you for the Osho News. My travel news came up good thanks to you and Punya for the edit. Happy New Year.
Sh. – Australia – 1.1.2011

This is awesome!  What energy… very nice….
Congratulations and keep it up…. love it!
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Punya, it’s a treasure trove, you’re a genius! (and thanks for posting Stephen Fry!)
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Beloved Punya, What a beautiful, elegant, joy to behold – your online Osho website.
Thank you for bringing some Swiss design into the sannyas world and keeping up the grand reputation of visual beauty set by
I send you flowers of love and emptiness for the new year and forever…
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I like very much your osho news which I have been promoting in FB.
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In reply to a newsletter: “What a delightful new year gift this has been – totally wonderful. Thanks so much.”
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I must say that after looking at this website I immidiatley fell in love with it. I am now addicted to it and read it almost everyday like a newspaper. Comparing with all other osho website that I have seen so far, this one I find complete in itself with the best from every field. I must congratulate you and feel very grateful. Something like this fits so well in today’s modern Sannyas world. Much love,
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Lots of Love and all my Very Best Wishes for 2011.
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I am always amazed and delighted at your ingenuity, inventiveness and clarity in Osho News. Not only that, but you guys link us all together in a material way that anchors the metaphysical links we have through our beloved master. I hope you are aware of the gratitude so many of us feel

Thank you again for a very interesting Osho News.
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It is certain that the Osho News is the best online magazine in the world! You cover the full spectrum of interesting topics. It is awesome how much you manage to pack in to each edition and each article beautifully presented. I know how much effort must go into it! I really acknowledge and honour this offering of love you bring to the world. Love,
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Keep up the good work! Love,

I have so much admiration for you putting together Osho News every month.

Love it. Thank you for all the love that you put into putting these articles together.

This is the first time I write to you. It’s to express my love and appreciation.

Thank you for this beautiful Osho News magazine.

I wanted to express my gratitude for all that you do with this site and keeping the news of Osho and his sannyasins alive. It has brought me such great pleasure on so many levels to read and learn from your online magazine. I send much love to all who contribute through the writing, photos, and production of this special site. Deepest Love and His Blessings,

Well done. Thank you again for every effort you made and make in your online love for us and for Osho. I am deeply in there every issue! You create an invisible love-connection for us all to come visit and celebrate in Osho News, and for me it is one of the few sacred spaces in cyberspace. It is a digital prayer-wheel – like maybe for that past-life, Tibetan-ensouled aspect of the diamond of our caravanserai – as we travel in our continual spiral, whirling, laughing, learning… right off the wheel! And into the Eternal. For tea!

I just want to thank you for the lovely job you do. Much love,

The online paper is really becoming a substantial presence! So many great articles and such a wonderful forum for sharing and connecting. You guys are doing such a marvelous job! Thanks for that too!

I am grateful for the time and energy you put into helping us all connect and keeping Osho in everyone’s consciousness! Love to you!
S. S.

Osho News is such a wonderful website, so many things to discover, such interesting articles – I am very happy that it exists.

I love the magazine and it is clearly a major effort and well done, for what that’s worth. I always look forward to it and read every word. I hope it has ‘some effect’ in spreading our amazing and most beloved master’s words and message to new people… bringing them relief and insight.

What a joyous package of great, uplifting reading! Hug,

I always appreciate what you are doing with this web site. Keep up the good work beloved!

Moechte Dir meine herzlichen Gruesse schicken und viel Dankbarkeit fuer Deine Arbeit. Ich sehe taeglich in Osho News hinein und werde bereichert, erfreut, nachdenklich….

I love your website and, every time I look at it, a strong Osho energy is driven to me from it. Thank you,

Auguri (e complimenti) per il tuo lavoro…

Keep up the great work. I love Osho News!

Osho News online magazine: this is wonderful great work!
B.Y. from Japan

Oshonews is the site I never tire to read – I am very grateful for you gathering all these wonderful articles in one place. I also want to say thank you for raising awareness about the topics of the day, in this instance Edward Snowden. I ‘liked’ it on Facebook, so that you know, even if it does not show. Go on, beloved, and may you continue burning bright! Love,

Enjoying this newsletter very much. Thank you for making Osho News available to us and thank you for all you do. Much love,
Puneeta (Little Punya)

Congratulations on achieving the second anniversary of Osho News Online. It’s a great presence in my life, and it’s brilliant that, time-consuming as it must be to produce, it is ever-expanding!

Thank you Osho News for all the information you give on your website, everything is beautifully and creatively presented. My salutations to all Osho sanyasins who are participating in this project. May this get bigger and more successful. Keep up the good work. Love,
N. (USA)

We are really happy that you are doing this wonderful website and newsletter and that you are! Love,
Chandra and Veeno

What an amazing smorgasbord your latest issue offers! Congrats a million!

I am immensely grateful to you for founding the Osho News. It feels so right to connect with each other again after quite a distance on one’s own. Lots of love,

Just want to give my deep respect to you, you are doing a great job! Wonderful website Osho News, so colorful and alive and aesthetic and celebrative. You really got Osho’s message! Lots of love to you,

Ti ringrazio per il lavoro che svolgi per noi tutti e l’amore che ci metti nel farlo. A risentirci presto, con amore,

Beloveds, I’ve just spent a few hours of delight on this May issue. You gals are blessed with your choices, your tastes, the format – the whole ball of wax. Incredible! More fascinating than any day on Facebook for me. I love the ease in finding what I want, and the accessibility of including websites of some of the chosen friends. This is just a huge thank you for all you give, including my own sharings which I love to see. With love from

May Osho News flower and expand into the world even more!

Thank you for your devotion. You present a beautiful e-newsletter! Love,

So much awesomeness in just one newsletter – you guys rock! Much love,
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I came across Osho News, which I read like a menu at a five-star restaurant. So glad about the discovery…

Let me tell you that I am very happy that I came in contact with Osho News and with you people. Your work is very important to keep contact with the sannyas commune, which is spread now all over the world. Many friends might feel a little bit isolated in their lives without contact to other sannyasins. So this is a good way to continue Osho’s work in times of the internet. It gives me the feeling that he is still alive in the electronic vibrations of this media. Maybe he is sitting somewhere above the clouds, smiling at us and pulling silently the strings…what a wonderful imagination.

I am immensely grateful to you for founding the Osho News; it feels so right to connect with each other again after quite a distance on one’s own. Lots of love,