General Information

The advertisements appear on ALL pages and are linked to a web page of your choice (please send URL).

The adverts will rotate position on a daily basis.

The adverts will also be included in the summaries (newsletter) we send out to our subscribers.

Square adverts

Square advert

Square adverts 125x125px

Image file: best .png, size 375×375 pixels, 72 dpi (it should come below 100 KB)

Send to
web (at) oshonews (dot) com
(replace ‘at’ with @ and ‘dot’ with a dot)

Events pages

If you are running workshops you will also be included in the Events Pages (max 7 events) which are scheduled during the time of advertising contract (+1 month). These are the details we will need to make this entry:

name of event (not all capitals):
date: e.g. 5 – 6 November 2019
centre, location, country:
short description (1 sentence):
URL of webpage for further info:
image: pls send good quality image which we will cut to size


If you do not have a designer we can create the ad for you if you send us text and photo (€60).


1 month: €90
2 months: €175
3 months: €250
4 months: €325
5 months: €385
6 months: €410

For all enquiries regarding advertisements please write to us via the contact form.


Pageviews: 100,000-<150,000/month
Mailings: <3500 validated addresses – up to 50% opening rate


Wide banner

Banner advert 270×125 px

Before planning to produce the design for this format please contact us first to check for availability.

Image file: best .png, size 810×375 pixels, 72 dpi (it should be below 200 KB)

The banner adverts cost double the fee for the square ones (see prices above).

All other details are same as for square adverts (see above).

These banners will be placed alternatively on top or below the square adverts.

Important: Advert for Mailing

In order for us to include your advert also in our summary, you will need to provide us also with a square advert.


If you do not have a designer we can create the ad for you if you send us text and photo (€75).