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Osho’s slow withdrawal

Urmila realizes that she has moved from the head to the heart and is now ready to take sannyas - from Savita's book 'Dinner with Osho'.

Freedom and responsibility

From Savita's book 'Dinner with Osho': a story told by Shobhana about learning to appreciate what is beautiful in life.

‘Dinner with Osho’

Roshani reviews Savita's recently published book: "If you wish to partake in the intimacy with Osho afforded to early Indian sannyasins, this is the book for you."

Flight of Fancy

Shobhana remembers an event while travelling with Osho; excerpted from Savita's book, 'Dinner with Osho: Intimate Tales of Two Women on the Path of Meditation'.

Savita launches her new book

'Dinner with Osho' was launched on Thursday, January 18, at a celebration in the Yogi Tree Restaurant, in Koregaon Park, near the Osho Meditation Resort, writes Subhuti.