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The psychology of the buddhas

Osho explains that the psychology of the buddhas does not work with the mind, it's uniqueness is meditation, watchfulness, witnessing, leading to transcendence.

Pretty Woman and Consequences

An excerpt from Madhuri's soon-to-be-launched book, 'Mistakes on the Path'.

Mind is ambitious and ambition is the root of politics

"Out of the mind and you are out of politics; otherwise, whatsoever you do is politics," states Osho.

The maulvi and Omar Khayyam

"If there is justice, compassion is impossible. Both cannot exist together," asserts Osho.

The more he kills me, the more grateful I become

An interview Maneesha conducted with Yoga Chinmaya approximately in 1977, which was published in the darshan diary, The Buddha Disease.

ADHD and uniqueness

Every incarnation is wide open to total fulfilment in whatever form it can be experienced, and this is what every child’s caretaker must be aware of, writes Bhagawati.

Osho’s slow withdrawal

Urmila realizes that she has moved from the head to the heart and is now ready to take sannyas - from Savita's book 'Dinner with Osho'.

Unless you are a little crazy, you won’t come to Zen

Osho says, "Maneesha has asked... Choosing the sutras for these discourses she is getting a little taste of Zen."

Podcasts: Sugit and Anadi

Swaram interviews two sannyasins on: Sannyas Wiki and using light for therapy and meditation.

Osho Sannidhi: A tiny green island of love

Rashid stays at the Osho Sannidhi Meditation Centre near Mysore (officially called Mysuru) for a month's retreat.

A storm on the lake

"No need to hide, no need to cover oneself. No need to be afraid: God is love and God is the judge," says Osho to an initiate in darshan.

Morocco in a Moment

Laurie Kuntz recites one of her poems.

Gibberish lessons: practicals first

Tarpan recalls events in his childhood and in his working years as an engineer, when he did the Gibberish meditation for the first time at the Osho Meditation Resort.

One for all

Iam Saums states, "The universe, our soul, intuition, heart, mind and body are all essential aspects of our existence. Our consciousness emanates from the entirety of our being."

The master-and-disciple game

Osho declares, "I am absolutely non-serious. This is a play. And I would like to call this play 'the mad game'."

Osho Prem Bindu in Amritsar

Ageh Bharti visits Ma Kusum Bharti at the Osho Prem Bindu meditation center - and also remembers Osho's early travels in the Punjab and a small event involving Kusum and Osho in [...]

How Ganesha was ‘born’

Osho's comment: "How many temples are there on the earth, of how many religions? And how many different kinds of gods have they imagined?"

Make it a reality, throw out all your garbage

Maneesha has asked: Our beloved Master, Those diamond thunderbolts you hurtle around you when you dance with us each evening - at the rate we're going, someone could be knocked [...]

Some Beasties

A poem by Madhuri.

Podcasts: Turiya and Kavisho

Two further podcasts by Love Osho; on death, therapy, not falling asleep and working in Osho's library.

Just solitary souls travelling across the Universe

Another excerpt from Steve Small’s book, ‘Mind the Gap’; his question to Osho is read in discourse, Primal group and lessons taken on from the therapists.

The young tiger’s roar

The story of the Master as a catalytic agent to remind us who we are.

Obedience and surrender

Final part of 'In the West': Shivananda continues his storytelling while Punya asks the questions.

Some of the last words

An excerpt from Anjee Gitte Carlsen’s recently published book, ‘To Live and to Die’.

Enlightenment is beyond mind

Osho answers to the question if scientists are contributing to a science of enlightenment, and can one do so without being enlightened.

The March Event that shook up London in 1981

Kul Bhushan writes about the time when sannyasins took over the London Hotel Café Royal on Regent Street for a weekend of song and dance, meditations and exhibitions.

Ten thousand gold coins

Quoting a Zen story Osho talks about sharing, thankfulness and expectation.

Living in consciousness

Purushottama emphasizes that in order for the transformation of consciousness to take place, we have to look directly at the mind. It is not enough to know about meditation; we [...]

‘Osho marble’ – marble from Osho’s room

Dhyanraj's personal story of how he came to purchase marble slabs from Osho's bedroom and bathroom, from which - almost thirty years later - he is making pendants and wands.

Initiation as Sadhak

Chapter 21 from Laherubhai's book 'Blessed Moments with Osho', about a special one-day-only sannyas initiation during the camp at Matheran.

A Sannyasin’s point of view

An interview with Devakrishna published in 'Wild Wild Sheela' by Roberta Lippi, researcher and presenter of SOLI, the recently released interviews of sannyasin children on [...]

Partner Painting

An excerpt from Meera's book, 'Dancing into the Unknown' where she explains a healing technique: painting with a partner - illustrated by a video from a workshop.

Alice in Wonderland – confused

Osho tells a story to illustrate "...'this' means the known and the knowable, and “That” means the unknown and the unknowable. The known plus the unknown is the Truth: this [...]

“Just stay right with it!”

From Chinmaya's diary entries (1989) about playing for Osho in Pune. (Part 2 of 2)

Buddha Nature

Padma's long-anticipated collection of Buddha images shown in a video, to the alluring music of Chaitanya Deuter.

The work of a buddha is always going to be incomplete

Answering a question about a connection between Buddha and him because both of them having been poisoned, Osho states: "The poisoning has been a great purification for me. This [...]

Freedom and responsibility

From Savita's book 'Dinner with Osho': a story told by Shobhana about learning to appreciate what is beautiful in life.

The Irish house of prostitution

"Not being able to see one’s prejudices, clingings, attachments and addictions, is stupidity," says Osho in a discourse.

Music Group in the bunker

Part three of 'In the West': Shivananda makes the best out his compulsory three weeks in the Swiss military service.

Intimate Relationships

In this essay, Marc explores the meanings of intimate relationships people find themselves in and adds Osho's insight to all relationships but in particular, the ultimate intimacy [...]

Release your unhappiness in solitude

"...we don't collect happiness, we collect suffering. Why? Why does man dwell on his sufferings so much?" - a discourse excerpt from Osho.

A sack of gold in the middle of a bridge

Osho says, "Man carries the seed of his misery or bliss, hell or heaven, within himself. Whatsoever happens to you, it happens because of you. Outside causes are secondary; inside [...]

One love will change this world

Nirvan writes, "When you learn to love yourself, you will naturally love everyone."

Bangkok: Wat Hua Lamphong

In part 2 of his explorations, Surendra describes his visit to Wat Hua Lamphong, a Royal Buddhist temple, third class, in the Bang Rak District of Bangkok.

Nothing should be in the control of the government

While in Kulu Manali, Osho answers a question by M. Achana of Nawabanath, India: "Have you a message for the press?"

Broken bones and broken trust

Nirav tells a story as it happened a few years ago in Goa, a traumatic experience that went deep and that he never really managed to deal with. As the 'me too' movement started, [...]

Osho Junction in Ahmedabad

Vistar writes about the Osho Bookshop and Meditation Center in Ahmedabad that his father started in 1994.

Space wars

Bhagawati writes about the implications of the race to Moon and Mars undertaken by the USA, Russia and China, and shows Osho's incredible insight into the status quo.

Emperor Akabar hears Haridas play outside his hut

"The song of a poet, the music of a musician, will go on echoing down the corridors of time. It belongs to eternity," states Osho.

In the Swiss Army

Part two of chapter 'In the West': Shivananda is court-martialled when he shows up for the mandatory annual Swiss army service dressed in orange and wearing the mala.