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We will teach children to look at the floating clouds

Osho speaks on Chuang Tzu's parable of 'The Empty Boat' and makes a reference about his vision of teaching particularly children.

Podcasts: Upadhi and Divakar

Love Osho's podcasts: about Osho Prana Healing and growing up as a teenager in Osho's commune.

Playing the sarod for Osho

From Chinmaya's diary entries (1989) about playing for Osho in Pune. (Part 1 of 2). "Like any tribe, ours shares gossip and news quickly it seems, because out of the blue I find [...]

Three monks meet at a crossroads

"If you try to kill the ego you will become a very very humble man, but remember, 'very very' is important. You cannot be an ordinary humble man but very very humble – and that [...]

Flight of Fancy

Shobhana remembers an event while travelling with Osho; excerpted from Savita's book, 'Dinner with Osho: Intimate Tales of Two Women on the Path of Meditation'.

‘Bulleh Says’

Chinmaya Dunster shares a song he wrote recently - lyrics are a free translation of Bulleh Shah's poem, 'Bulleh ki jaana main kaun?'

Explorations in time and space

A slideshow of Rani's new creations.

The Mulla shooting arrows at a fair

Osho says, "In each situation, watch. When you fail, it is God, it is fate ... you don’t want to take the responsibility because it hurts the ego. But when you succeed, it is [...]

“Go there and make money…”

Part one of Shivananda's next selection of short stories, 'In the West': here he writes about returning to Switzerland to find a job as Osho had told him to do.

‘In the Eye of the Hurricane’

Veena reviews Devakant's recently published book: " well as being a positive antidote to the recent ugly misrepresentations in the ‘Wild Wild Country’ debacle, it is an [...]

Never before has any experiment of this kind been made

Osho answers one of Ma Yoga Pratima's questions in September 1985 in Jesus Grove, Rajneeshpuram.

Podcasts: Maneesha and Subhan

Two of Swaram's podcasts: Transformation through dance and Osho's vision.

Truth functioning through you

A meditation technique to find our inner voice, explained by Osho.

Test for a dangerous mission

"Move inch by inch, slowly – but move. And you will find that as far as you go, 'So far, I am alright.' You will go on finding ... that you are becoming an insider in this [...]

Mother Inside

A track on video from Miten's new EP, '4 Songs From a Well Lived Life'.

Playing in no-mind space (2)

Karunesh answers Punya's questions about his favourite albums, the way he composes, how Osho has influenced his life and why he has chosen Hawaii as his home. (Part 2 of 2)

Rajgir: meditation camp and sightseeing tour

Ageh Bharti travelled from Jabalpur to Rajgir in South Bihar, where an Osho Meditation Camp was held from January 6th to 9th, 2019.

I Will Live in a Small Hovel

A poem by Madhuri.

Bangkok exploration: microcosm of a city

In part 1 of his Bangkok explorations, Surendra focuses on the contrasts in parts of the city that he and Amrapali recently visited, with stunning photographs highlighting his keen [...]

The emperor’s wish: one minute of silence

"If just the outside noise stopping for one minute gives you such stillness, such sweet silence, what will happen when your inside mind stops making noise?" asks Osho.

The Circus

Anugraha shares a track from his newly released album, 'The Early Bird' and answers why it is his favourite.

Why Osho today

Swaram recollects Osho's life and writes about what Osho means to him; the eternal call of awakening.

Yesterday, I was almost ready to leave

Excerpt from 'The Cosmic Madhouse'; Satyananda has moved into the ashram to write his book and embarks with other sannyasins to Bombay for a media conference to neutralize the [...]

I Am

A rap song by Anatto.

Podcast: Karunesh, Vandan, Abhiyana

Swaram's podcasts of these past 3 weeks: How to 'meet' Osho, meditation in daily life and treating Osho's body with Acupuncture.

The wife comes back as a ghost

"The intelligent person stops creating, stops projecting and watches the mind so clearly that the mind cannot project anything. As the projections disappear, the world disappears," [...]

Playing in no-mind space (1)

World-renowned composer Karunesh talks about his love for music, meeting Osho and playing for him. (Part 1 of 2)

Path of Love Retreat

Indra writes about participating in the retreat held in Italy, saying it is the ultimate invitation to dive deep and grow.

50th Birthday

An excerpt from Anjee Gitte Carlsen's recently published book, 'To Live and to Die'.

Man and woman are more states of the mind

Osho answers a seeker’s question about how can there be any generalizations about the qualities of man and woman.

The condition: nobody to shake their head

"The duality has melted into oneness. The knower and the known are dissolved; there is only knowing," states Osho.

How to walk out of a rotten past

Chetna's thoughts about her transition between a life based on old habits, well in line with that of her friends, to a new, alcohol-free life filled with Osho's meditations.

Mysterious Night

A live recording on video at Mandali Centre in Italy of a piece included in Shastro's new album, 'Flute Meditations'.

We need a more enlightened technology

Beloved Osho, By using modern technology, I feel we are hurting this vibrating, juicy earth with the dead garbage of plastic, radioactivity, bad air and so on. Please would you [...]

A Zen stick – Thank you Meera!

Second part of chapter 5 from Modita's new book, 'Depression'. She writes about Failing and Inferiority, her experience with the Schema Therapy, and the Art Therapy Training with [...]

The Great Pilgrimage: from Here to Here (3)

The last part of Shanti's essay: How long is that road from the man we are to the man we can be, from our present state to our potential as a human being and as mankind?

My resolutions for the New Year

Kul Bhushan takes a look at overwhelming New Year's resolutions.

The musician in the jungle

Osho tells a joke before the evening Gibberish meditation: "The bamboos are asking for a few laughs. Even the clouds are not silent. A few laughs before we enter into our daily [...]

This pure space is the origin

Buddhists believe that the body is made of four elements, states Osho.


A poem by Abhi.

We have to choose the lesser evil

Q: Today at the lecture you extolled the virtues of Hasidism. But if they are so praiseworthy, so full of feeling of brotherhood, etc., why do they exclude women from their [...]

Podcast: Amiyo and Priya

Swaram's next two podcast: on Gurdjieff movements and growing up as a young sannyasin.

On greed and natural needs

Bhagawati writes on the importance of recognizing one’s true needs and to clearly see how society creates smokescreens and fuels false material needs to continue to enslave the [...]

Astrology with Osho

Our new astrologer - starting with January 2019 - introduces her monthly horoscope with reference to what Osho says about the subject.

Peanut butter sandwiches

Osho states, "The only cause of hell, the only cause of misery is you and nothing else. Except you, nobody can cause it. And it is not the past; you are creating it each moment."

White Robe Ripples

Dhyan Tarpan's beautiful melody on bansuri, a track nicely crafted as his first homework task for a Logic Pro software course.

From Astrology to Advaita Vedanta

Flying with the stars and disappearing into realization - Our long-time astrologer Sitara spoke with us about the new direction her life has taken and why she stopped writing [...]

Blissful experiments in the Samadhi tank

In chapter 31 (Samadhi Tank) of ‘Blessed Moments with Osho’, Laherubhai writes about his experiments in the flotation tank and includes an excerpt from a discourse where Osho [...]

Gyan and Gran Kuxtal: Osho Centers in Mexico

After Viramo reported last September about OshoFest in Mexico, we asked him to write about that retreat center, the “ranch,” and the one in nearby Ensenada called Osho Gyan, [...]

Experiment mimicking volcanic eruption in attempt to reverse ‘global warming’ or is that ‘climate change’?

Latest news about a planned scientific experiment in geoengineering by Harvard researchers, is yet another shocking example of how far scientists will got to test their 'ideas' on [...]