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The whole existence consists of light

"There is only light, an immense ocean of light," says Osho.

Death is an illusion

Osho answers the question of a disciple, "Is there another way without death and insecurity?"

Straight to the Point of Enlightenment

Mahaparinirvana — the Great Enlightenment

When You Reach The Seventh Chakra

When you came to say farewell to Dadaji on the podium in Buddha Hall, suddenly the area where you and Dadaji's body were became like a film. You both seemed to be without [...]

Mahaparinirvana Day

Osho World released this video in memory of Devateerth Bharti, Osho's father, who left his body on September 8, 1979 in Pune. Osho declared him enlightened and this date became the [...]

8th September 1979: The first Mahaparinirvana Day

Nirvano remembers the day Osho's father died and became enlightened.