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Coping with the media coverage

An excerpt from Punya's book On the Edge recounting the time she was filing press clippings: "Most of my friends had no idea of what was going on in the media and would not have [...]

Lakes, dams and new buildings in a ‘non-existent’ town

On her second visit to Rajneeshpuram, Punya discovers the many changes that were made during her 9-month absence, and wonders how suddenly a city could be disincorporated and [...]

Remembering Laxmi

Several friends share moments with Laxmi.

Not everybody is as courageous as Satyananda

As a tribute for Satyananda, a few excerpts from Punya’s book On the Edge related to him.

Narendra with his Orange Tibetan Hat

Punya remembers working as a bus driver in Rajneeshpuram.

To Be Available, That’s the Way to Go

Punya remembers the times when, together with Gayatri, she was running the Osho Meditation Centre in Geneva.

The Waterfall

Punya and Madhuri share their memories of Tamo-san.

On the Edge by Punya

Madhuri reviews Punya's recently released book about living with Osho.

An Unusual Trio

An excerpt from Punya's just published book, On the Edge.

Oh My Lord, You Are the Fire…

Punya remembers the Music Groups in Buddha Hall

In the Girls’ Room with Big Prem

from Punya's memories in Saswad...

Osho’s Rolls in the US Press

Punya remembers filing hundreds of press clippings with the photos of Osho's Rolls Royces


In 'Jesus Crucified Again, This Time in Ronald Reagan’s America' Osho tells us his journey from one jail to the next

A Photographer's Breakthrough

Visitors and press photographers at a summer festival in Rajeeshpuram, Oregon