Sannyas darshans

Das Anudas’s sannyas darshan on 27 June 1978, “I am giving you one of the most significant names: a slave of slaves. This is a Sufi approach. Wherever you find anybody – a tree, a man, a woman, a rock – feel worshipful.”

Osho in darshan

During sannyas darshan, Osho says to Anand Maria (Praveeta), “Rebel against all that is untrue, rebel against that which is imposed by others. Rebel against the status quo, rebel against all the vested interests. Rebel against the past.”

Osho darshan 26 Feat

Sarito has just come too; he’s the architect from America. He is grey-haired, has glasses; his energy feels young, in touch.


Having given sannyas to a man from England, the twin brother of a sannyasin, Osho explained the meaning of his name – Anand Bhagwata – to him, and then went on to talk about the significance of having a new name….