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Bald eagle experiences frozen undercarriage

A bald eagle was unable to fly, after a huge ice ball grew on his tail while it was hunting in the blistering cold winds of Michigan, USA. Published on BBC, February 15, 2019.

Animals and humans

Bhagawati writes about love for animals and love for humans.

I count my blessings every day

Andy, a former homeless man in Britain and now in temporary accommodation, speaks on video about how his life changed after he bought a puppy off a beggar. They bonded and through [...]

Silently tracking wild wolves

Swaram’s adventure in Białowieża, a primeval forest in Poland.

Pufferfish Holds Vigil Until Help Arrives

Article with video by White Wolf Pack, published on, 25th March 2016.

Oneness Expressing in Millions of Ways

"In existence you cannot make clear-cut divisions, everything melts into each other, " states Osho.

At a Beach in Brazil

A penguin and a fisherman show how animals and humans interrelate. Alison Lynch reports in, published on March 9, 2016

Osho’s View on Cow Slaughter

Secondly, you want to know my view on cow slaughter.

Animals Are Part Of The Cosmic Whole

Osho says: "Animals should be loved, should be respected, because somewhere at some time they will also reach to the same consciousness as you."

Spirit, not Diabolo

Watch an incredible transformation happen when Anna Breytenbach communicates with an abused black leopard.

A Street Cat Named Bob

Punya reviews a bestseller by James Bowen

Animals Have Spiritual Experiences Too

New findings show that spiritual experiences originate deep within primitive areas of the human brain, areas shared by other animals