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Small is truly beautiful: A tiny organic set-up and lessons in minimalism

Small, sustainable and serene, SOS Organics workshop in the hills offers salvation of a kind to the locals it touches, writes Anjuli Bhargava. Published in Business Standard, [...]

We exist with the trees

Osho talks on the topic of 'trees' and tells the story of the Taoist woodcutter: "Either man has to turn back and drop the Western aggressive attitude or man has to get ready to [...]

Where there’s a will…

Mumbai matriarch, Amla Ruia, is one of the most prolific dam builders in the world, writes Aamir Rafiq Peerzeda on BBC on December 12, 2017.

Our whole approach… is destructive

"This whole life is geared around wrong things. Money is more important than meditation," says Osho, answering a disciple's question.

Flooding impact and consequences

While the mass media are outdoing each other with reports from Texas about the massive destructive impact of hurricane Harvey, little is being said about what is happening in Asia. [...]

Hinkley Point: a nuclear mystery

Further to his article on the impact of the Fukushima disaster, Surendra addresses the ongoing dramatic concerns about the global nuclear industry which are widely being kept mum [...]

Times of disaster are very revealing

Osho answers a question about the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster that happened at the time he was in Uruguay during the World Tour.

Rivers no longer considered living entities

In an unexpected turn of events, India's Supreme Court has ruled that the Ganges and Yamuna rivers are not 'living entities', revoking a recent decision by a High Court in [...]

Climate change – not for the first time

Climate change has become a huge catchphrase. Concerned individuals and environmental groups, politicians, big businesses and the often anonymous ‘stakeholders’ have joined the [...]

Every day is an Earth day

Does Earth Day really mean anything to the 7,5 billion people who crowd this planet? - asks Bhagawati.

Reverence for life: rivers are declared human

Whanganui River in NZ, Ganges and Yamuna in India have been granted legal status of a person, writes Bhagawati.

The Fukushima disaster will never go away

Surendra's chilling update on the continuous radiation poisoning of the entire globe.

The Forest Man of India

Naina interviews and writes about the life of Jadav 'Molai' Payeng, an exceptional and compassionate man who surrendered his life to giving.

Share your Buddhahood to Save this Planet!

Surendra looks at radiation poisoning unleashed onto humanity and ponders the end of Kali Yuga and Osho's vision of a possible buddhahood outcome. Part 2 of 2 of his essay, [...]

‘Atoms for Peace’

With humankind now being constantly exposed to radiation, Surendra looks into the chilling status quo. Part 1 of 2 of his essay, 'Radiation and the Nuclear Nightmare'.

Pope Francis Speaks Up on World Food Day

World Food Day was held on October 16, 2016. In a letter to Professor José Graziano da Silva, Director General of the FAO, Pope Francis made his stance on GMOs and the Biotech [...]

Every Planet Has To Die One Day

Prem Gaffar, a new sannyasin, says: "I've started to stand off and observe things and it looks as if... people are destroying themselves... The world is destroying itself."

103-Year-Old Woman Planted And Cared For 384 Trees

Thimmakka is not a book-inspired environmentalist. She did not go to school or get any formal education. She worked as a labourer and like most voiceless Indian women, took life [...]

We are All a Connected Whole

Life is an organic unity. If there is only giving and no receiving, to whom are you going to give?

People, Ever More Greedy and Stupid, Destroy the World

Stephen Hawking speaks to Larry King about the rather grim status quo of mankind. Published in Russia Today on June 27, 2016.

Elegy for the Arctic

On video: Greenpeace holds a historic performance with pianist Ludovico Einaudi on the Arctic Ocean. It is going to take more, so much more...

Coral Restoration Technique Is ‘Electrifying’ Balinese Village

Report on a unique and successful coral restoration project on Bali, initially facilitated by Narayanadeva and Prem Rani. Reported by Steve Baragona on May 25, 2016, on [...]

Inner Ecology: The Only Way to Building a Healthy Humanity

Full transcript of Satya Vedant's speech at the International Medical Conference and Health Festival in Poland on April 16, 2016 in Wroclaw, Poland.

A New Paper Flapped Into Our Face

Arjuna shares some thoughts, reflections and prophecies about what should be the most significant Earth Day Celebration in its 46 years long history.

The Death Of This Earth Is Not Far Away

Beloved Osho, Why have human beings gone through this struggle since the very beginning? Were there not already highly developed civilizations living on this earth? And yet [...]

The Man Who Planted Trees

A very touching and profound story of a young traveler meeting Elzeard Bouffier, who took it on himself to plant tree seeds in a desolate area in France.

One Seed Makes the Whole Earth Green

A single buddha can make the whole world afire with a new consciousness and a new humanity.

You, Me and the Planet

Shastro ponders on ecology and the state of our planet.

Ecoside Is Suicide

Chapter contributed by Rashid Maxwell to the recently published book, 'Ecolibrium Now'...

War Games?

Bombing the Great Barrier Reef.

In Tune with Nature

To be in tune with nature is to be religious, to me.

Meditation and Ecology

Anando's insight: when at peace with herself she is also in harmony with everything around her