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All joy has been contaminated

Osho says people don't see that they are poisoning the joy of the children and states that a human kind of education must be found in the world.

Trial run of mindfulness practice in UK schools scheduled until 2021

Mindfulness at school: Thousands of pupils will be given meditation lessons to help them 'cope with pressure', writes Eleanor Harding. Published in Mail Online on February 3, 2019.

Are people trying to dim you down?

Inspirational speech by Lisa Nichols (video).

A stolen life: the ‘civilization’ of a child

Parents who maintain their socially-given identity cannot be the true guardians of the child, asserts Harry Krueger. Published in Wake-up World on June 7, 2016.

The trouble with our way of educating

A quote by Thomas Alva Edison.

The people vs the school system

Prince EA's poignant rap lyrics on the outdatedness of our schooling system.

‘How to be Happy’ now taught in Delhi’s schools

Over a million children in 1,000+ government schools in New Delhi are learning about ‘Happiness’, reports Kul Bhushan.

Children… are natural mystics

Osho is asked, "Surely meditation is for mystics. Why do you propose it for ordinary people and their children?"

Making the child too ambitious is dangerous

Pratiksha Apurv writes on the dangers of instilling ambition into children. Published in The Times of India, March 16, 2018.

Adressing the flaws in the education system

A look at the current education system in India but similarities can be found world-wide. An inspiring and challenging video that calls upon all those concerned to bring out the [...]

The chain reaction

Our beloved master, I imagined that our tendency to put ourselves down was a product of our conditioning, and something peculiar to modern man. But even in Rinzai's time it [...]

Graceful steps in pink to literacy

Every afternoon, the grandmothers of Phangane village wrap pink saris around themselves and slip abacuses and chalkboard into their backpacks. They are going to school. Satyaki [...]

We Must Teach Creativity At Schools

Tham Khai Meng urgently calls for children to be allowed creativity and the freedom to explore and experiment. Published in 'The Guardian' on May 18, 2016.

Elementary School has Kids Meditate Instead of Punishment

For one year now, a Baltimore school implemented a new and holistic approach to disciplining students, writes John Vibes at the 'Free Thought Project' and 'SOTT' on September 18, [...]

Osho Ko Hsuan – or Ko Hsuan

In part 5 of 5 Surendra looks at the adults' roles at Osho Ko Hsuan and the conflict if the school ought to remain an organisation under the name of Osho or, if adults didn't want [...]

Real Education

Osho talks on 'Education': "A real education will not teach you to compete; it will teach you to cooperate."

Osho Ko Hsuan – The Art of Living

In part 4 of 5, Surendra recollects the interaction between adults/teachers and kids and the importance of the kids' individuation.

Osho Ko Hsuan – Sexuality

In part 3 of 5, Surendra writes about how sex and sexuality was approached at Osho Ko Hsuan school.

Help Them to Be More Creative

Osho talks on 'Education'

Osho Ko Hsuan – Learning our Lessons

Part 2 of 5: Surendra writes about how the school was run, how children participated and the task to prepare the kids for life in the world.

Stuffing everybody with ideas

Osho talks on 'Education'

Osho Ko Hsuan – An Adventure in Education

In Part 1 of 5, Surendra recalls the captivating years at Osho Ko Hsuan School in Devon, England.