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Sequel to ‘Rebellious Flower’ planned

After the international success of the first film about Osho's childhood, Jagdish Bharti is ready to produce the second: “A sequel will be a challenge... but we are determined to [...]

Making music for Osho

Slide guitarist Amano Manish's score for the film, Rebellious Flower, earned the Alex North Award for Best Original Score at the Tenerife International Film Music Festival. Article [...]

Rebellious Flower – Going International

Movie now available for rent and in the cinemas in Kenya.

Osho’s Unhurried Rustic, Sensitive Childhood

Kul Bhushan reviews the movie 'Rebellious Flower', released on January 15, 2016 in India.

Rebellious Flower: A sincere biopic

A review by IANS about the newly released film on Osho's early years, in Indian Express, 15th January 2016

The Making of a Godman

The first part of a film on Osho promises to be a realistic depiction of the controversial guru’s formative years, writes Sankhayan Ghosh in The Hindu, India on December 23, [...]

Film on Osho Rajneesh to Release in January

Reported by Business Standard, India, November 11, 2015.

Rebellious Flower – the Trailer

The official trailer of the movie about Osho's early life.

Film on Osho gets Special Mention Jury Award at Salento International Film Festival

'Rebellious Flower' directed by Krishan Hooda was shown at the Salento Film Festival in Italy.

Rebellious Flower Official Selection at Film Festival

Siddharth Dhongle reports in Bollywood on July 14, 2015.

The Rebellious Flower – Final Stage

As reported a little more than a year ago, Jagdish Bharti’s feature film on Osho has been produced in a timely fashion and is about to be released.

‘Rebellious Flower’ – the Movie

Sageer Kimani interviews Jagdish Bharti on his movie project inspired by Osho's early life.