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I enjoy my afternoon sleep

Osho answers personal questions by Nathan Wood, The Rogers Cable System, Portland, Oregon about his typical day: "I have always slept from eleven till two for the simple reason [...]

America is one of the greatest destructive powers in the world

In a press interview in Rajneeshpuram, on 26 July 1985, Osho replies to a question by Swami Shanti Prabhu of the Rajneesh Times.

Twenty-four hours I am in love

Osho answers a question by freelance journalist Penny Allen from Sisters, Oregon, USA: "What happened to your glasses?"

Just Witnessing – Not Interfering, Not Even Judging

Q: You say the whole world is a mess. What is it that you're trying to create in man, in the world?

I Want Death To Disappear From The Earth

In an interview with Mike Wolfe of KBND Radio, Bend, Oregon, Osho answers about the construction of a genealogical, bionic person, about superman, and the evolutionary process, [...]

Violence is the Religion of America

Osho, it has been said that violence is as American as apple pie. Why is the United States - a country that prides itself as a land of freedom - such a violent place? Is there a [...]

Unless You Wake Up

Q: A couple of years ago, you talked about the world coming to an end - earthquakes, floods and wars and things. Is that still happening? Do you still see that coming to happen?

Don’t Become An Organisation

A question asked by Don Lattin, San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco, California, USA, in Rajneeshpuram:

Each Sannyasin Has To Be My Successor

Nobody should try to make any guidelines for the future.

On the Other Side of the Door

Q: If I could ask you a question about your past: you spent a year – when you were a student in India – mad; in which you couldn’t formulate a sentence, and you lost your [...]

A Day in the Life of Osho

Q: What exactly do you do in the bathroom for three hours a day? Or should we not discuss that on videotape?

Enlightenment Is Only A Door

Osho interviewed by Penny Allen, Freelance Journalist, Sisters, Oregon, USA

Osho Driving Rolls Royces

In December 1979, for the first time, a Rolls Royce is used to drive Osho to Buddha Hall for his discourse. An in an interview, Osho explains the difference between driving a Rolls [...]

Osho Driving in Oregon

Osho speaks about getting his Oregon driving license and being stopped by the police while driving on the county road in Oregon.

Nobody Can Make a Dogma Out of Me

Osho Interviewed by Willem Sheer from Pers Unie, The Hague, Netherlands