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106 year-old Indian woman stars in cooking videos

Mastanamma from Andhra Pradesh doesn't have a birth certificate to prove her 106 years but has millions of followers who can't have enough of her recipes and #GrannyWisdom.

Bend it like granny

Feeling stiff when you get out of bed? And you are not even 'that' old? Here's an inspirational woman who hasn't even been to consult a doctor her entire life.

The Dao of Aging

Madhura speaks about her life, health, creativity and aging to Pankaja who recorded it on video.

8 Surprising Advantages of Going Bald

Here's an exclusive for our male readers!

Age: An Issue Of Mind Over Matter

Our generation is crazy about staying young forever, writes Sadhana in The Asian Age on November 16, 2015.

An Ageless Campus

Q: A visitor here observed that there is an agelessness in the people around you. What is the explanation for this?

Beyond a Certain Age

We have been receiving many fabulous bits of news and video links about women of a certain age who through their attitude and love for life have moved miles away from the [...]

Just Do It!

Ruth Coban, by now more than one hundred years-old, attributes her looks and health to - exercise! She says, "Get up and go - just do it!"