The start of a new series by Shanti, titled Humans Are Still Young. “Every carbon atom in every living thing on the planet was produced in the heart of a dying star,” says Brian Cox in Wonders of the Universe.

An essay by S D Anugyan. “With astrology I have moved through near-wholesale acceptance at the beginning… to a letting go of it in favour of the accepted science of astronomy; and finally to an interesting hybrid of the two, where I practise a certain detachment in favour of observation.”

Ponderings by Punya with plenty of input from Madhuri; “Let the original inspiration that led you to write your book carry you through the inevitable labour pains of producing it.”

A true story by Chintan about two holy Zen characters, a possible cure for mental illness, a terrifying rooster, and a horror story starring Jack DeCoster.

It’s time to police the police with an inner education that checks reactions like anger, fear, violence and suppressed hatred. New contributor Rona Ramesh offers her perspective on a quiet form of police brutality.