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Eye of the Storm

Our experience of social reality is becoming progressively intense... When we are being in the moment, we begin to calm our inner storm, states Iam Saums.

Wild Wild Rajneeshpuram, a collective responsibility

In this essay, Marc explores responsibility and groupthink in the wake of the events in Rajneeshpuram, shown in the docuseries Wild Wild Country.

Huffing and puffing after happiness

Kul Bhushan looks at the elusive search for happiness.

Patterns in the flow

Sarlo writes about a unique discovery in Osho's Hindi books - hidden messages in subtitles that Shailendra helped to find.


Humanity’s way of life has become lethal to itself and nature, writes Iam Saums. He also insists that we are not victims of our circumstances but have extraordinary opportunities [...]

Merry Christmas! Merry Krishna!

Kul Bhushan looks into the mounting evidence of many curious similarities between Jesus Christ and Krishna.

Oh Lord in Heaven

Marc's rude awakening when he found out as a child that he was duped to believe in the existence of a Father in heaven.


In these times of fake news, gossip and chatter on Twitter and Facebook I am reminded of what Osho said on gossip in the ‘good old commune times’, writes Marc.

Indians’ uneasiness with sex

Prof. V. Santhakumar tries to fathom the origins of this, for women, very uncomfortable trait of Indian culture, that does not seem to die off even after years of modernisation and [...]

Lack of wisdom among world leaders and governments

When looking at the world today, one gets the impression of living on a sick planet, with sick world leaders in an ailing democracy. Peter van Els looks at the situation and [...]


To be or not to be, to act or not to act, to re-act or not to re-act; those are questions for all of us. Marc delves into the topic of decision-making.

A source of energy

As essay by Iam Saums; "Energy is not produced from what we do, it is created by who we are. Energy is our soul's currency."

The halo – vibrations from the third body

The halo is a universal symbol, having been depicted in various art forms for millenia. Marc has a look at the history and what Osho says about it.

From the Five Senses to the Sixth

Antar Marc comments on moving from the five senses to the sixth, consciousness.

Bees, Light and Shadow and the Kali Yuga

Sarita says that if we find a harmonious alignment between all aspects of our being (conscious, subconscious and unconscious) we will live a balanced life, even during Kali Yuga.

The Extravert and the Introvert

Marc looks at Carl Gustav Jung's division of humanity.

Cult of Spirituality

Spirituality is an expression of our ego, writes Iam Saums.


Marc explores self-compassion in order to overcome his self-criticism and judgements.

Earworms and Meditation

Purushottama writes about a frequent experience many people have and offers some good advice.

Inner Ecology: The Only Way to Building a Healthy Humanity

Full transcript of Satya Vedant's speech at the International Medical Conference and Health Festival in Poland on April 16, 2016 in Wroclaw, Poland.


Prem Geet explores stillpower vs. willpower

Row, Row Your Boat

Srajan reflects on nursery rhymes in general and one in particular...

Surrender – the Disappearing Act

Leela relates how surrender can happen in many ways.

Celebrate Life – Celebrate Death

On the occasion of celebrated Indian classical dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai's death, Kul Bhushan reflects on Osho's vision about celebrating death as much as life.

The Lie We Live

En essay by Iam Saums.


In this three-part series, Kaiyum clarifies widespread confusion about the difference between feelings and emotions. Part 3: Expanding on the one key feeling and some additional [...]

False Feelings

In this three-part series, Kaiyum clarifies widespread confusion about the difference between feelings and emotions. Part 2: More facets of the subject of feelings and emotions [...]

Feelings and Emotions

In this three-part series, Kaiyum clarifies widespread confusion about the difference between feelings and emotions. Part 1: Providing the essential answer about the part played [...]

Celebrating Togetherness

Kul Bhushan on the outdatedness of marriage per se.

Still Interested In Enlightenment?

Sitara tackles what is rather widely considered a hot potato in our sangha.

Full Independence with Total Dependence

Kul Bhushan explains the 'Mad Game' of total surrender.


Marc explores power in social actions and concepts.

Take Jesus Down From the Cross

Sarmad writes about a morbid Christianity.

Waking up is not enough!

An essay by Avikal.

A Love Catharsis

A scrapbook page by Sajjad.

Hate of the Machos: The Nerd

Sajjad takes us on a ride from macho to nerd – and suggests a catharsis of love as a solution.

The Path of Joy

Mridu analyses what lies beneath the joyful role that many meditators display.

Pointers for Nourishing and Energising the Ego

Shanti's tongue-in-cheek guide for the ego.

The Evolution of Human Consciousness

Devageet explains Osho's Akashic Transmission

Organisational Spirituality

Spirit at Work: Not a far-flung notion at all... - an essay by Jane Harris.

On Motivation

An essay by Marc.


Khabira on current approaches to mindfulness in Western medicine and psychology.

On Modern Music

Bodhisagar examines and experiments with various types of modern music.


Flow is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of [...]

Truth: A Matter of Doubt

Kaiyum's essay on challenging conventional wisdom in marketing and in our private lives.

The Religious Pyramid

Marc looks at religion with reference to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

The Hierarchy of Needs

A new look at this psychological theory proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’

The X and Y Theories

Theory X and Theory Y are theories of human motivation created and developed by Douglas McGregor at the MIT Sloan School of Management in the 1960s.

Science and Consciousness

Anando suggests neuroscientists to experiment with techniques of meditation in order to understand mind and consciousness.