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How to Make Mandalas

Lani, an expert mandala painter, shares on this video all the details on how to make a mandala.

Thirteen Steps for a Successful Therapist

Article by Nisarga, for all those who have asked themselves the question: “What makes one a successful therapist?”

Verbal Skills for Bodyworkers

Anekant highlights the importance of using the voice as a tool during sessions.

Special Effects

Shivananda's fourth tutorial: coloured ink, kitchen towel and sponge cloths

Spring Cleaning!

Mahabha's input and suggestions for this yearly ritual.

Vinegar & Baking Soda

Ready for Spring Cleaning? Tips from Daya.

Create Objects with Stencils

Shivananda's tutorials continue with another technique: using cut-out stencils

Newspaper Masks

Second painting tutorial about one of Shivananda's favourite techniques.

Paper-wrinkle with Acrylics

Session 1 of a series of tutorials by designer and painter Shivananda.

The 10 e-Commandments

Suggestions by Kaiyum about writing e-mails with awareness and care.

The Pomodoro Spiel

Punya on a work technique she has been using recently.

Apologise, Yes! Explain, No!

Kaiyum examines our ways with apologising, for changing a scheduled appointment or a delay.

Go Ahead and Get it Written!

This is the final part of Kaiyum's article on writing...

The Zen of Sales

Inspirational notes on selling by Kaiyum (David Bloch).

Keep on Writing…

More tips from Kaiyum about writing.

Just Write It!

Kaiyum takes us through the sometimes daunting prospect of writing...

Fear of Public Speaking: Fact or Fantasy?

Kaiyum (David Bloch), international expert in presenting and communicating, looks more closely at the subject and provides some valuable insights.