Archive for Inexplicable Moments

The shocking news

In the third and final part, Svagito organises the transport of Meera's body and hears a first report from the police investigation.

Saying goodbye to Meera

In the first part of Svagito’s recollections, we followed him and Meera on their adventure in South Africa up to the fatal dive. In this part Svagito tells of the many decisions [...]

When my life stopped

Svagito on the events that lead to Meera’s leaving her body (Part 1 of 3): "Nothing warned me of any danger. Everything happened suddenly and unexpectedly."

From Whinge to Wings

Madhuri experiences a change in energy after she stopped complaining and being "so whiny and sad and forlorn and exhausted and unashamed to gasp and groan and be miserable..."

Flying high in the toolshed

During a building crunch in Rajneeshpuram, something beyond words happened, writes Bhagawati.

A brush with death

Allan searching for and finding ways to experience the ongoing bliss of the Buddhafield and profound acceptance of the facts of death.

Have a little courage

A day with Chintan in an encounter group, in late 70's Poona.

Dreaming: The Moonwork of Winter

As winter covers the Earth in the Northern hemisphere, Prem Geet focuses on the dreamtime and transformational dreamwork.

My Day of Ashes

Excerpt from Arjuna’s (John Hogue’s) recently released book, ‘Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9/11’.

What Is Osho Doing These Days?

Karunesh writes that the real meaning of darshan is the transmission of samadhi through the grace of a master.

The Second Zen Stick

Purushottama's inexplicable experience when facing a raging Zen master.

The Airplane Game

When Madhuri quit the game...

Light was Matter and Matter was Light

Karunesh writes about an experience that occurred in Pune, 1978.

Death Knocks in India

Deva remembers the time he almost lost his daughter Gyana.

The Breathless State

Karunesh speaks of his intense meditation experiences and also asserts that if something takes your breath away, not to worry.

A Midsummer Day’s Dream

Niskriya discovers Nature while taking care of a garden.

Amy is a Pig – No, I am That

Amelia's (Dhyan Ji) amazing insights as a child.

A Tale of Two Statues in Hawaii

Srajan tells the story of him and Pravino finding their home - and the role of a few statues.

It Happened in Pune

Doug's amazing, inexplicable story.

The Master’s Call: How I Met Osho

Karunesh 'meets' Osho.

The Ultimate Moment

Naina recalls: Year - 2003, Month - July, Occasion - Guru Purnima, Place - Oshodham, New Delhi…

The Face in the Corner of the Room

Yuri recollects his travels and how he met Osho.

A Strange Experience

An out of body experience by Madhuri