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Bangkok: Wat Hua Lamphong

In part 2 of his explorations, Surendra describes his visit to Wat Hua Lamphong, a Royal Buddhist temple, third class, in the Bang Rak District of Bangkok.

The Bhakti Garden of Osho Upaban

Closer to heaven at the gateway to the Annapurna Range, Osho Upaban’s Bhakti Park in Nepal is a very special place that honors Osho and his early disciples, writes Deva Dosa.

Rajgir: meditation camp and sightseeing tour

Ageh Bharti travelled from Jabalpur to Rajgir in South Bihar, where an Osho Meditation Camp was held from January 6th to 9th, 2019.

Bangkok: Microcosm of a city

In part 1 of his Bangkok explorations, Surendra focuses on the contrasts in parts of the city that he and Amrapali recently visited, with stunning photographs highlighting his keen [...]

A visit to Japan

Shantidharm and Deepa sent us captioned photographs of their visit to Japan: Osaka, Kyoto, Lake Biwa, Nagahama, Arashiyama, Fushimi-inari, Uji.

Beyond the high passes – Oshofields in the Trans-Himalayas

Jayadip writes about his love for the Himalayan regions, which began when he was a teenager. Today, he feels deeply bonded to the region and leads Taiwanese seekers on meditative [...]

Kennin-ji zen temple in Kyoto

A video by Shantidharm he took while visiting the Kennin-ji temple and its gardens in Kyoto, Japan.

Mr. Singh’s Adventure

A delightful true story by Shastro, January 1996.

Intermezzo in Kashmir

Ageh Bharti visited Kashmir from May 23–29, 2018, and had a surprising experience.

Mild Mild Country – Run! Run!

A promising-looking four-month retreat at the late Swami Satchidananda's Yogaville in Buckingham, Virginia, USA, presented surprising obstacles to Mahika Mahiya.

This is my Kevin!

Shivananda talks about his first trip to Africa and his adventures with his new, intrepid friend.

Eternal song – played on a bana

Atul visits Madhya Pradesh, to meet Gond tribal artists and an elusive bana player.

Dance of Nature

A superb nature video by Mahendra taken in the Alps during his many mountain hikes, accompanied by a short essay on the significance mountains have for him and how they are [...]

Om Mane Padme Hum

A call from heaven – that’s Tibet to me, writes Urvashi after her recent journey together with Anuragi to the top of the world. (You can view the three slideshows of photos [...]

A visit with the dead

During his travels in Eastern Europe, Subhuti visits the cave of the mummified saints in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Monastery, Ukraine.

Dozō Kura, a unique tradition in Japanese architecture

Dotted around rural Japan are black and white buildings known as dozō kura, writes Surendra. Most of these pictures come from the Azumino area of Nagano, where he lives.

Herat – what a beautiful little town!

From chapter three (Adventures in Afghanistan) of Devika's recently published book, 'The Road East to India', a diary of her journey in 1976 that eventually brought her to Osho.

Impressions from Sanchi

A video by Mahendra from an ancient place of Buddhist worship in Central India.

Where everything is music

Magic India is well and alive, says Videha after his latest visit during which he also participated in the 2017 World Sacred Music Festival in Jodhpur.

Dardedel in the desert of Sonora

Srajan and Pravina explore the meaning of Dardedel and travel through the Saguaro National Park in Arizona to find saguaro cacti.

Travel notebook: Brittany

Suha visits the north-west tip of France in winter.

Buddhas and Friends

Surendra continues his recollections of his search for ancient Buddhist and Shinto sites in Japan, visiting the island of Sado, Nara and Kamakura, and Kyoto.

Five Hundred Buddhas

Surendra recalls his journey setting out to find a legendary site in Japan called 'Go Hyakyu Rakan'.

Meditation Camp at Osho Tirth, Kuchwada

Amano Samarpan joins the “Never Born” Osho Meditation Camp, December 8-11, 2016, conducted by Chaitanya Keerti at Osho Tirth near Kuchwada, Madhya Pradesh, the village where [...]

In a Dancing Bubble

Meera participates in the Osho Golden Childhood Tour 2016, visiting the places where Osho grew up, studied and gave lectures as a professor.

Notes from Song Mountain

Presently enjoying another visit to Song Mountain in China, Veena sent us an email and photographs documenting her experiences.

My Roman Holiday

Towards the end of the nineties, after leaving Ko Hsuan in Devon, England, Surendra found himself in Rome, Italy.

The Very Special Boots

About a love affair with a pair of boots. Srajan sent the story shown in two e-mails.

The Art of Wandering

Navyo shows a small selection of images captured in the manner of the flâneur, the perfect mood for taking stunning photos 'on the go'.

The Jeep, or How I Came to Love Darts

Srajan writes about his and Pravina’s search for a new home, starting with a visit to north Florida, full of various surprises.

Captivating Rishikesh

Situated close to Haridwar, Rishikesh invites for an extended stay, writes Bhagawati.

Travelling in India B.S. (Before Sarod)

An extract from a diary by Chinmaya Dunster, dated 1979.

Islamic Art and Culture in Iran

Part 3 of Mahendra's journey notes and photos in Iran.

The Rug

In the early nineties, Srajan set out to visit Almora, located in the foothills of the Himalaya.

Ancient Sites in Iran

Mahendra continues his journey in Iran, this time not as a hiker but as an art lover.

By Train from Beijing to Lhasa

A photo-video by Pankaja from her journey by train with two friends from the Chinese capital to Lhasa in Tibet.

The Fez Experience

Srajan writes about the Sacred Music Festival of Fez, Morocco, that takes place every year in May. He had traveled, in 1997, together with Pravina and, as a surprise, met Sadhana [...]

Visiting the Motherland

Bhagawati writes: At times India hauntingly calls to come again and stay for a while...

Hiking in the Snow

Leeladhar writes about the pleasure of hiking in the snow.

On Top of Iran: a Journey to the Alburz Mountains

Mahendra's video shows his mountaineering trip to northern Iran.

Song Mountain Revisited

Veena talks about her recent stay in China.

Berlin Impressions

Notes from Punya's visit to the German capital.

The Calais Jungle: The Story So Far

Smita's recent visit to the migrant camp at the Port of Calais, France.

Three Reasons to Go to Church

Ghoshen's contemplations while travelling through Scotland.

The Eden Centre

Ganja sent a photo of an intriguing poster…


Navyo's visit to Amalfi, then back to Sorrento and Napoli. Goodbye to Italia!

Pizza, Statues and New Friends

Navyo visits Sorrento and Positano (south of Napoli, Italy).

St. Tropez Film Festival 2015

Vandana travels with Pankaja to St. Tropez for the International Film Festival 2015.

Osho Castle in New York

Excerpted from a report by the New York Times on May 13, 2015.