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The Proterozoic Period, cradle of early life

Article 19: Many of the most exciting events during the history of the Earth and of life occur during the Proterozoic. Stable continents first appear as well as the first living [...]

The Archean Period, the era of the bacteria

Article 18: If you were able to travel back, in order to visit the Earth during the Archean, you would likely not recognize it as the same planet we inhabit today.

The Hadean Period, the birth pangs of our Planet Earth

Article 17: The name ‘Hadean' comes from Hades, the underworld of the Greek mythology. It refers to the hellish conditions of the Earth during the earliest part of its history.

Big History in 25 Volumes, volumes 17 – 25

Article 16: In volume 17, page 350 - at about 2/3 of the distance between the Big Bang and Now - we come across the birth of our Sun, of our Solar System and of our planet Earth.

Big History in 25 Volumes, volumes 1 – 16

Article 15: Visit E-bay and buy yourself a 25 volumes Encyclopedia.

The Cosmic Calendar

Part 14: The Cosmic Calendar is a method to visualize the vast history of the universe, in which its 13,8 billion year lifetime is condensed down into a single year.

The Galactic context of our Solar System

Part 13: The Solar System's location in the Milky Way is a factor of great importance in the evolutionary history of life on Earth. It has given the Earth long periods of stability [...]

The discovery, the composition and the structure of our Solar System

Part 12: The vast majority of our Solar System's mass, 99,9 %, is in the Sun, with most of the remaining mass contained in Jupiter. For the four terrestrial planets together, [...]

The formation, evolution and death of our Solar System

Part 11: Just like you and me, our Sun and all the other stars have a life cycle of conception, embryo, birth, childhood, adulthood, old age and death. Crucial is how massive they [...]

How to Make Iron?

Part 10: And the gold and the silver in the ring around your finger or in your neckless, have also been ‘cooked’ in a supernova explosion.

We Are Stardust!

Part 9: Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus: they are all ‘cooked’ in the stars!

The 59 ‘Milky Way Year’-Old Astronomer’s Story

Part 7: The universe is not only 'big in space', it's 'big in time' as well. Consequently, studying the universe makes us travel both space and time.

Chronology of the Universe

Part 6: From a few millionths of a second after the Big Bang onwards, the chronology of the development of the universe is being studied, understood and mapped by modern physics.

Doubters, Agitators, Dissidents and Rebels, e.g. the Cyclic Universe

Part 5: According to the dissident Cyclic Universe theory, the Big Bang was not the beginning of time, but the bridge to a past, filled with endlessly repeating cycles of [...]

Neither Big Nor a Bang

Part 4: The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model of the birth and the expansion of the universe. However, it still is a challenge to modern cosmology to understand [...]

In Search of a Birthday

Part 3: Homo sapiens has produced a great diversity of wonderful guesswork about the birth of the universe. Or has the universe no distinct starting point? Has each beginning [...]

Pale Blue Dot

Part 2. Photographed from a far away vantage point, the Earth might not seem of any particular interest. But for us, it’s different. That pale blue dot, that’s here, that’s [...]

Like Messages in a Bottle

Part 1: Like messages in a bottle, stones can tell us wonderful stories. They whisper of the mysteries of deep time and deep space and introduce us into our own Big History.

Supermoon – the Last of Four Blood Moons

to appear on September 27/28, 2015


And just when you think you've got enough gadgets, here the latest invention!

The Extraordinary Peepal Tree

Intriguing facts about this unique and sacred tree.

Kindle Under Your Nose

Niyam Bhushan talks about how using design surpassed his experience of reading a book.

Autobiography of an Android Yogi

Niyam Bhushan on why he has stopped using a smartphone, and why we will do so too.

Knowledge-based Trust?

The internet is abuzz with news that Google wants to change the way it ranks website pages in its search engine.

Linguistic Family Tree

Where do all our many languages come from? There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today yet about 2,000 of them are spoken by less than 1,000 people.

Red Moon on October 8, 2014

The second of four lunar eclipses (2014 -2015) that cause the moon to turn red.

The Baby Elephant

Naina remembers an incident from her childhood when she was living in Assam.

Popularity and Danger of Nano-Particles

A look at the latest scientific excitement about nano-particles and their side effects on the human body.

Being Now is Being at the Turning Point

Shanti shares his insights about time, history, and the universe.

Global Wind Patterns

A new interactive map of global wind patterns is mind blowing (pun intended).

Smart Bra

As reported widely in the media recently, Microsoft is developing a ‘smart bra’ that will be able to detect women’s moods and combat overeating.

Sun About to Flip Magnetic Field

According to measurements from NASA-supported observatories, the sun's vast magnetic field is about to flip.

Now You Are Really Being Hacked

Osho News attemps to give a picture of what is happening with Microsoft, NSA, Prism, etc... and how it affects us all.

Osho Facebook Page Statistics

Antar Mark examines the statistics and wonders about some of the countries' numbers

Sound is the Cosmic Language

A study of brain scans of people listening to music reveals similar patterns.

Designer Babies

Healthy and upgraded babies from the lab may soon be commonplace.

Eyes Emit Light

Firmly embedded in our collective subconscious is the belief that eyes are the windows to the soul.

Strange Sounds

Over the last year or so, there have been increasingly reports by people about ‘strange sounds’ they heard - and that globally.

Soul exists in microtubules

Scientists to have found the location of the soul.

Memory Is Just Like Telephone Game

As a child, my friends and I used to love playing the telephone game.

Cancer is Purely Man-made

Science confirms that cancer is a man-made disease, fuelled by the excesses of modern life