Archive for Autobiography

Osho and a Professional Beggar

Trust is never conditional. I trust you, not because you are trustworthy; I trust you because I cannot distrust.

This World Is Not to Be Renounced

Osho visits the white marble rocks in Jabalpur with Dr. S.K. Saxena.

Indebted To My River

In my childhood I used to love swimming, and my village river becomes very dangerous in rainy season, it becomes flooded.

My Fight Has Been Universal

Beloved Osho, What did you do in those years immediately after your enlightenment?

Journey of a Book

Video documentary about Osho’s library at Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India.

If You Accept Death, There is No Fear

I was telling you yesterday about one astrologer who had promised to work on my life's birth chart.

Video of Osho’s Birthday in 1972

Rare video footage of Osho's birthday celebration on 11th December 1972 in Mumbai.

The Second Satori

Osho's story when he sat on, and fell from, a mahua tree...

A Day in the Life of Osho

Q: What exactly do you do in the bathroom for three hours a day? Or should we not discuss that on videotape?

Osho Driving in India

Osho speaks about the time when he learned how to drive and about a trip he made during which his car broke down.

Osho Driving in Oregon

Osho speaks about getting his Oregon driving license and being stopped by the police while driving on the county road in Oregon.

700 Year Gap

Osho talks about what 'happened' between his last and his present life

How Osho Started to Sign His Books

An excerpt from a discourse by Osho.