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Divine Global Academy – dedicated to Osho’s vision

Ageh Bharti's impressions gathered during his visit to the institute last year: "Swami Alok (K. K. Tyagi) has silently done such amazing work that it was a great joy for me to [...]

Laozi House: a gorgeous place in the Algarve

A small community and holistic venue in Portugal for health, relaxation and meditation, run by Pujari and Luisa.

The more he kills me, the more grateful I become

An interview Maneesha conducted with Yoga Chinmaya approximately in 1977, which was published in the darshan diary, The Buddha Disease.

Osho Sannidhi: A tiny green island of love

Rashid stays at the Osho Sannidhi Meditation Centre near Mysore (officially called Mysuru) for a month's retreat.

Osho Prem Bindu in Amritsar

Ageh Bharti visits Ma Kusum Bharti at the Osho Prem Bindu meditation center - and also remembers Osho's early travels in the Punjab and a small event involving Kusum and Osho in [...]

‘Osho marble’ – marble from Osho’s room

Dhyanraj's personal story of how he came to purchase marble slabs from Osho's bedroom and bathroom, from which - almost thirty years later - he is making pendants and wands.

Osho Junction in Ahmedabad

Vistar writes about the Osho Bookshop and Meditation Center in Ahmedabad that his father started in 1994.

Playing in no-mind space (2)

Karunesh answers Punya's questions about his favourite albums, the way he composes, how Osho has influenced his life and why he has chosen Hawaii as his home. (Part 2 of 2)

Playing in no-mind space (1)

World-renowned composer Karunesh talks about his love for music, meeting Osho and playing for him. (Part 1 of 2)

From Astrology to Advaita Vedanta

Flying with the stars and disappearing into realization - Our long-time astrologer Sitara spoke with us about the new direction her life has taken and why she stopped writing [...]

Gyan and Gran Kuxtal: Osho Centers in Mexico

After Viramo reported last September about OshoFest in Mexico, we asked him to write about that retreat center, the “ranch,” and the one in nearby Ensenada called Osho Gyan, [...]

Miracles happen

The life story of Kamala, a sannyasin who is now running two Osho Meditation centres in Mexico - by Viramo.

World’s first Death Parks in Nepal

After a recent visit to Osho Tapoban in Nepal, Deva Dosa writes that the parks are so compelling, one seeker no longer asks if there is life after death, but is there death after [...]

Becoming one with Osho and the canvas

Pratiksha Apurv’s life and vision in colour - by Anand Kul Bhushan. “Listening to Osho, I get lost. I’m not here, then painting just happens; I’m not painting but [...]

My India

Majid reflects on his life as a sannyasin and former head of the Osho Miasto commune in Tuscany, and also on his role as Osho's Ambassador for Italy and as editor in chief of the [...]

Ticking the bucket list

In this interview Pedro talks to Punya about his life as a teacher and musician.

The life of a wanderer

Suruchi tells Punya her life story on a leisurely afternoon, fortified with tea and biscuits; “This man [Osho] was saying things that I knew really deep in my heart.”

Aumm – a Buddhafield for healing

Dhyan Angelica writes about the Aumm Institute in the Netherlands; how she was attracted to visit and her experience in that Buddhafield.

Dancing and Celebrating

In the last part of our interview, Gayan talks about the time she danced around Osho in the big meditation hall, the Mandir, during the Festivals in Rajneeshpuram. (Part 4 of 4)

That’s my name!

Shivananda takes sannyas in February 1978, and Osho gives him his new name.

A winding approach

On a mild autumn’s afternoon, in Corfu, Shivananda tells Punya how he came to Osho.

In Osho’s sewing room

With Gayan we move from Pune to Osho's stopover at Chidvilas - nicknamed ‘The Castle’ - in New Jersey where she starts sewing the robes for him, and then on to Rajneeshpuram.

Living in a supercharger

Niranjano’s stenographic notes and wonderful photos depicting 15 years of commune life in Germany.

What do I really need?

Bhagawati writes about Uma’s unique natural living project in Spain, Zero Unlimited.

Wild Wild Journeys of the Heart

The making of the documentary 'Rajneeshpuram, an Experiment to Provoke God', the events that led to it and that followed. Viramo interviewed the filmmaker, actor and stunt [...]

Dancing for Osho and his disciples

Gayan shares moments with Osho...showing robes and dancing in darshan...being a vehicle for Osho's energy. (Part 2 of 4)

Witnessing is the key

Ojas wrote about his life-changing experiences, from his first Dynamic Meditation, living in the ashram in Pune and commune in Rajneeshpuram, to the recent interviews he gave after [...]

Through twists and turns to find my real passion

Maria-Carin's life story; from Czechoslovakia to Germany, Ko Hsuan in England; on to India, Italy and Australia, her home now where she cooks and dances - and is writing a [...]

Dancing in darshan

Gayan shares her moments when she danced in darshan for Osho and his disciples – and talks about her studies as a professional dancer. ('My Story' - part 1 of 4)

My journey through Touch

Anugyan writes about his life as a bodyworker, Rebalancing trainer and father.

Sannyas Wiki

Kaiyum presents one of the most successful platforms for information relevant to the World of Osho.

Sattva Meditation Resort

Rashid recently visited the resort in Kakkadampoyil, a small village 2300 feet above sea level, located in Malappuram District, Kerala, India. The village has recently emerged as a [...]

Jeru Kabbal and his ClarityProcess

A detailed biography of hypnotherapist Anand Santosh, aka Jeru Kabbal (1930-2000) written by Nishkam, the author of a new book about his life and work, published in Germany, to [...]

Osho in Georgia

From Adhiraj we hear about the buddhafield in Georgia - with an invitation to come and visit. But where is this Georgia?

Rejoicing in two worlds

Paul Prem Nadama talks to Punya about his life as a television director and singer-songwriter, and what taking on a new name means to him.

One world, one love, one heart

Veet Diti writes about her life, always devoted to singing and playing music in various settings, the many travels from Australia across the globe and finding Osho.

Jamies Cafe Galerie

How musician and web designer Jamie St Clair came to run a cafe-cum-art-gallery in Northern Germany. "I love that my place also exhibits art; it attracts creative people for coffee [...]

Charlotte, Sedona, Corfu, Ibiza, Pune, Tel Aviv

In the last part of this interview, Lani talks about her life after Pune 2, and her mother Hanya's death. "As his ambassador I never think, 'Now I have to do…' Osho had answered [...]

Vinod’s spiritual safari

What transformed a Bollywood superstar, Vinod Khanna, into Osho’s sannyasin, Swami Vinod Bharti? Kul Bhushan traces his bumpy journey.

That Haunting Sound

Flutist Manose answers questions at a gathering during the Gayatri Festival on Corfu in July 2016. "When I was eight, one night I heard a sound come from Boudhanath, the stupa [...]

Osho’s World Ambassador – Ma Shantam Lani

Lani speaks about her life after leaving Rajneeshpuram; her travels (Israel, Greece, India, Korea and Russia during Gorbachev's time), to promote Osho's books at fairs and to find [...]

My time with Osho

Nandin tells her story: how she first came to Rajneeshpuram, played for Osho in Pune and became a street musician.

Ants in My Pants

Lani talks to Punya about events during her young adulthood and seeing Osho for the first time. "The newsletter had an article about David working on the farm in Rajneeshpuram. I [...]

Dropping the Mask

Deva Indra’s journey inside.

In the master’s buddhafield

In the second part of the interview, Maneesha talks to Bhagawati about her time in Pune 2 and Sedona.

Maneesha, dance for me!

In this first part of an interview with Bhagawati, Maneesha talks about how she came to hear about Osho, the period in Oregon and her move to Europe.

Eternal youth in the here and now

An interview with Sam (aka Samvado), a sannyasin in his eighties, with a very special life story.

The Oolong Tea Ambassador

San-bao's journey on video about discovering the mystery and joy of preparing and drinking Oolong tea.

An Invitation from Existence

Devapria writes about her mother, Kumud Gokani, author of two cookbooks and presenter of cooking classes on US TV.

Jesus was a Ghostwriter … and so am I

Viramo talks about his professional life as a writer.