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Sannyas Wiki

Kaiyum presents one of the most successful platforms for information relevant to the World of Osho.

Radio Magico

Khirad and Shantidharm reply to our questions about their online radio station.

Oshoba & The Italian Osho Times

The tight-rope dance to bring Osho into the Italian consciousness...

Songs in the Key of Osho

Punya asks Sarlo to tell us how it all started with his Osho Songs Collection.


Anadi, founder of the UK-based Heart, Body and Soul portal, talks about his creation.

Find Your Nose: A Virtual Buddhafield

How Samarpan found her nose while creating

Osho on Cable in The Netherlands

Osho's discourses being broadcast on Cable TV in Holland

Where to Meditate in France?

Shantidharm and Khirad tell us the story of how their web portal came into being

Viha Connection: For Our Community at Large

Avinasho and Dhanyam at Viha Connection connecting our worldwide community since 1986