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Osho Sannidhi: A tiny green island of love

Rashid stays at the Osho Sannidhi Meditation Centre near Mysore (officially called Mysuru) for a month's retreat.

Osho Prem Bindu in Amritsar

Ageh Bharti visits Ma Kusum Bharti at the Osho Prem Bindu meditation center - and also remembers Osho's early travels in the Punjab and a small event involving Kusum and Osho in [...]

Osho Junction in Ahmedabad

Vistar writes about the Osho Bookshop and Meditation Center in Ahmedabad that his father started in 1994.

Gyan and Gran Kuxtal: Osho Centers in Mexico

After Viramo reported last September about OshoFest in Mexico, we asked him to write about that retreat center, the “ranch,” and the one in nearby Ensenada called Osho Gyan, [...]

World’s first Death Parks in Nepal

After a recent visit to Osho Tapoban in Nepal, Deva Dosa writes that the parks are so compelling, one seeker no longer asks if there is life after death, but is there death after [...]

Aumm – a Buddhafield for healing

Dhyan Angelica writes about the Aumm Institute in the Netherlands; how she was attracted to visit and her experience in that Buddhafield.

What do I really need?

Bhagawati writes about Uma’s unique natural living project in Spain, Zero Unlimited.

Sattva Meditation Resort

Rashid recently visited the resort in Kakkadampoyil, a small village 2300 feet above sea level, located in Malappuram District, Kerala, India. The village has recently emerged as a [...]

Osho in Georgia

From Adhiraj we hear about the buddhafield in Georgia - with an invitation to come and visit. But where is this Georgia?

Osho Mauz Berlin

Chono and friends write about the opening party in spring 2016, and the centre's history.

Osho Risk Turns 30!

Sudas looks at the history of this successful therapy centre and community in the Danish countryside – and ponders over its future.

European Institute of Body Oriented Healing Arts (now called Integral Body Institute)

Kasia Patzelt visits the institute founded by Giten and Nisarga, in Poland.

Osho in London

Chetna and Swaram talk to Osho News about Love Osho.

Ozen Cocom Mexico: Creating a Paradise

Dhyanraj talks about the new project of Ozen Swami Rajneesh.

Who Is In at the Inn

Deva Prem writes about Kio-o, a new retreat center in Canada.

Osho Circle School

Sarjano writes about his visit to the Osho centre near Rimini, Italy

Shangri La & Karavanserai

Amar tells the story how she and Bhagat came to live in the Czech Republic, open a meditation centre, a holistic venue, a guest house and how the place became a sannyas community.

Visiting Osho Tapoban

Paritosho visits the main Osho centre in Nepal.

Zorba the Buddha

Jivan writes about the Zorba the Buddha Centre in New Delhi, India.

Osho Niranjana

A beautiful new Osho meditation centre has opened its doors in Valley Center, San Diego County, California.

Then and Now in the USA with Osho

Prateeksha writes from Osho Fort Worth in Texas ...

The Master is Always at Work

Satya Priya reveals how Osho Padma Meditation Center in New York mysteriously runs by itself.

Osho Galleria Oregon

Champak's meditation and information centre cum artifact and reading room to open soon..


Rashid writes about finding peace through Meditation, Celebration, Creativity and Nature.

Osho Meditation Oasis in Austria

Beautiful Osho meditation oasis situated among rolling hills in Styria...

Serendipity in Greece

Mridu and Marga talk about their Osho Institute near Athens.

The Satori Tree at Osho Moulshree

Bodhena visits Osho Moulshree near Bhopal

Osho Bali Retreat Center

...opening on 1st October 2012 (tomorrow!)

Il Bel Canto – The Beautiful Corner

Prartho and Bharatam's place in Tuscany is open for visitors!

Osho Leela: Full Immersion in Celebration & Meditation

Maneesha visits Osho Leela in Dorset, UK

Atitlan ArteVista: a creative art retreat

Deva Nirguna introduces us to a creative art retreat in the heart of the living Mayan culture - it is an invitation!

Cologne’s Osho UTA Turns 30

On 2nd June Osho UTA in Cologne, Germany, celebrates its 30th anniversary

Alexis Zorbas: A Corfu Experience

Anadi and Pari, directors of Alexis Zorbas in Arillas, Corfu (Greece), tell us the story of the place

Happy Birthday Miasto!

This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Miasto, the much loved Osho commune and holistic venue in Tuscany, Italy. Article by Punya.

Miasto, My Love!

A tribute by Devapath to the Osho centre in Tuscany for it's 30th anniversary

Sangha Lila Dreaming

Vidya introduces us to Sangha Lila, a small community in Costa Rica, where the most essential ingredient is nature!

Grateful Snapshots of Osho Sammasati in Chile

Maya Vati sends us from Chile a portrait of Osho Sammasati, run by Aseema, in the form of poems

Osho Risk in Denmark

A stroll through Osho Risk: the Buddhafield in the Heart of Denmark

Osho Gondwana

Osho Gondwana in Australia - a community of friends who are happy to welcome you for a visit

Osho Nisarga: A Haven for Meditators

Osho Meditation Centre at the foothills of the Himalayas near Dharamsala, India

Thailand: The Womb Meditation Center

Pranesh acquired a property in the north of Thailand and is turning it into a centre for meditation and workshops.

Corfu Buddha Hall

Interview with Vasanti who built the Buddha Hall in Magoulades near Arillas, on the Ionian island Corfu (Kerkyra).