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Definitely not the retiring type!

Shazar, aged 67, is active in India: working at a children's shelter and engaged with an Australian foundation to harvest water.

Zen Archery with Bodhihanna

Pankaja films Zen Archer Bodhihanna at Osho Teerth Park and talks to her about her life as a child during WWII.

Osho in London

Chetna and Swaram talk to Osho News about Love Osho.

Ozen Cocom Mexico: Creating a Paradise

Dhyanraj talks about the new project of Ozen Swami Rajneesh.

Aesthetic and Creative Eco-Design

Samudra's life as an eco-designer and environmental activist.

Heart Time

Bhagawati interviews Nirava en route from Bali to Corfu.

Not the Retiring Type: Kaiyum

Kaiyum replies to the invitation in our last newsletter.

Graphic Design with Intuition

Dhyana Vargas' graphic design studio.

Sharing Osho while Planting Trees

Kul Bhushan interviews Prem Parivartan for World Environment Day, June 5, 2015.


Known worldwide as Kitarō 喜多郎 aka Masanori Takahashi, he is lesser known as Deva Setu, having become a sannyasin during the seventies.

Swami Abhay (aka Dilip): Our Coconut Wallah

Pankaja's latest video is a portrait of a young man from Pune.

Rebel from Brittany

Mahakavi writes about his rebellious sannyas life.

My Life with Yoga

Chetna discovers Yoga and travels through Patanjali's Eightfold Path to Liberation

Radio Magico

Khirad and Shantidharm reply to our questions about their online radio station.

Zen Brush Strokes

Suha, who has just published a poetry book, talks about her life.

Who Is In at the Inn

Deva Prem writes about Kio-o, a new retreat center in Canada.

Nigam’s Step-by-Step Approach to Sannyas

Nigam's path to sannyas and his life at present.

Osho Circle School

Sarjano writes about his visit to the Osho centre near Rimini, Italy

My Life in #Hash Notes

Chetna, who grew up as a sannyasin kid and turned 40 this year, writes about her life.

When the Disciple is Ready…

Atmo's start of his inner journey and the 'plop!' in Osho's place in Poona.

Love, Sex and Prayer

Conscious 2, a TV channel focused on awakening in daily life, interviews Rafia about exploring the role of sex and relationships in our spiritual development.

Hit a Brick Wall, Turn Left

The story of how Suchita started her new business that creates DVDs for celebrations, birthdays, funerals, websites, Facebook.

Swami Prem Tarun Turns 50!

We asked Roshani how Tarun was doing, and this is what she wrote:

Nisarga: From Engineering to Bodywork

Interview with Nisarga, co-founder of the Europen Institute of Body Oriented Healing Arts in Poland

Handing Over the Torch – Radicalism Without Violence

Portrait of Praharsha’s life and work. The DVD of his life story 'Video Vertov ' is being released today.

“Nivedano, Beat the Drum!”

Nivedano talks to Punya about his life as a gardener and musician in Osho's communes.

In the Groove

Teerth talks to Punya about rhythm, drumming and playing for Osho.

Interview with Satyananda

Ishu from the German Osho Times interviews Satyananda.

Meditation in Hospital

Bali from Italian OTI interviews Sudha about her job.

Mantra Love

Nitya and Ninad share their story about Mantra singing.

Shangri La & Karavanserai

Amar tells the story how she and Bhagat came to live in the Czech Republic, open a meditation centre, a holistic venue, a guest house and how the place became a sannyas community.

Visiting Osho Tapoban

Paritosho visits the main Osho centre in Nepal.

The Gift of Freedom

A candid interview with Prem Gayan.

Sing, Narayani, Sing!

Singer Narayani tells Punya about her life with music...

Zorba the Buddha

Jivan writes about the Zorba the Buddha Centre in New Delhi, India.

Osho Niranjana

A beautiful new Osho meditation centre has opened its doors in Valley Center, San Diego County, California.

A Sannyas Life in Texas

Prateeksha speaks about her life growing up in Texas...

Then and Now in the USA with Osho

Prateeksha writes from Osho Fort Worth in Texas ...

When My Life Really Began

Dharm Jyoti speaks about the search for her master.

Music, Family Life and … Osho

Marga's interview with musician Chinmaya Dunster.

Music to Tickle the Heart

An interview with Chaitanya Deuter by S W Madhunad, made in the late eighties in Pune, India.

Oshoba & The Italian Osho Times

The tight-rope dance to bring Osho into the Italian consciousness...

The Master is Always at Work

Satya Priya reveals how Osho Padma Meditation Center in New York mysteriously runs by itself.

Songs in the Key of Osho

Punya asks Sarlo to tell us how it all started with his Osho Songs Collection.

Osho Galleria Oregon

Champak's meditation and information centre cum artifact and reading room to open soon..

Traveling to the Place of the Heart

Shazar makes a difference...and her entire world changed...


Rashid writes about finding peace through Meditation, Celebration, Creativity and Nature.

Still Singing After All these Years!

Punya meets Peter Makena (Anubhava) and Aneeta

Osho Meditation Oasis in Austria

Beautiful Osho meditation oasis situated among rolling hills in Styria...

Unconditional Love for Mystic Rose

Jagran's plunge into sannyas and Mystic Rose