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‘Osho marble’ – marble from Osho’s room

Dhyanraj's personal story of how he came to purchase marble slabs from Osho's bedroom and bathroom, from which - almost thirty years later - he is making pendants and wands.

Jamies Cafe Galerie

How musician and web designer Jamie St Clair came to run a cafe-cum-art-gallery in Northern Germany. "I love that my place also exhibits art; it attracts creative people for coffee [...]

The Oolong Tea Ambassador

San-bao's journey on video about discovering the mystery and joy of preparing and drinking Oolong tea.

Jesus was a Ghostwriter … and so am I

Viramo talks about his professional life as a writer.

Following the Flow

Savitri talks to Punya about her poi 'business'.

Editing in the Flow

Sangeet presents her so very valuable editing business.

Retreats on the Riviera Maya

Shaida talks to Punya about her new business that organises events and meditation retreats in Tulum, Mexico, and further afield.

Aesthetic and Creative Eco-Design

Samudra's life as an eco-designer and environmental activist.

Graphic Design with Intuition

Dhyana Vargas' graphic design studio.

Hit a Brick Wall, Turn Left

The story of how Suchita started her new business that creates DVDs for celebrations, birthdays, funerals, websites, Facebook.

Swim with Dolphins in Bimini

A day at WildQuest on video!

Osho Communes and the Here-Now Management

Fascinated by the concept of Osho communes that were established over the last three decades, Antar Marc was astonished to find that the public knows very little about their [...]

Basho Zen Meditation Chair

... to support your body and deepen your meditation...

Spice Cosmos

The Hamburger Abendblatt (Germany) visited Osho Ayu-Leela Restaurant in Hamburg, Germany.

Avani: NGO in the Himalayas

Vote for Avani to win an award for a grant to further the new pine needle gasification project - article by Chinmaya Dunster.

The Heart and the Heart Beat

Premen's beautiful heart jewels are waiting to be filled with Tachyon cells - any in your drawers?

Taking the Jump into a New Way of Life

Veet Karen writes about her passion for vegetarian food, how she became a vegetarian caterer and author of a vegetarian cook book

Peggy: Graphic design, Watercolours and Murals

Artist and graphic designer Peggy, living in Sedona at present, is looking for new ventures...

Buddha Sounds by Ojas

Ojas sells and ships worldwide all sorts of percussion instruments, some even decorated by himself. A treasure trove!

Gopa & Ted2

Gopa & Ted2's work encompasses book design - both covers and interiors - and paintings.

Song Mountain Editing by Veena

Veena's editing services for websites, brochures, articles, reports, theses and books.