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To be or not to be, to act or not to act, to re-act or not to re-act; those are questions for all of us. Marc delves into the topic of decision-making.

The Emotional Center in Human Design

Shantamo explains the significance of the Emotional Center, be it Defined, Undefined or Open. He also talks about decision-making according to Emotional Authority, as an individual [...]

If a decision arises from your totality…

During a darshan Osho says, "Whenever you start thinking of the future and the past too much, just relax and pay attention to your breathing."

Why do our decisions fail?

The future depends upon decisions made in the present, whether of the company, or of life, so it better be the right one, writes Amrit Sadhana in the Deccan Chronicle, India, on [...]

Intuition’s important role in guiding our decisions

Intuition's most important role is that it alerts us to the path, people, and circumstances that we will uniquely find fulfilling, writes Julie Eakin in Spirituality & Health.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

In this article Kaiyum looks closely at the decision-making process.

Decision-making – what’s your way?

“Follow your guts” say many psychologists who have understood that to “follow your mind” is not the solution. But is “follow your guts” the correct way for you?