Archive for Creativity

Morocco in a Moment

Laurie Kuntz recites one of her poems.

Some Beasties

A poem by Madhuri.

Some of the last words

An excerpt from Anjee Gitte Carlsen’s recently published book, ‘To Live and to Die’.

Buddha Nature

Padma's long-anticipated collection of Buddha images shown in a video, to the alluring music of Chaitanya Deuter.

The Cuckoo’s Call

A track on video from Tanmayo's recently released album 'In Quetitude'.

When you welcome a man

A Poem by Kumari.

‘Bulleh Says’

Chinmaya Dunster shares a song he wrote recently - lyrics are a free translation of Bulleh Shah's poem, 'Bulleh ki jaana main kaun?'

Explorations in time and space

A slideshow of Rani's new creations.

Mother Inside

A track on video from Miten's new EP, '4 Songs From a Well Lived Life'.

I Will Live in a Small Hovel

A poem by Madhuri.

The Circus

Anugraha shares a track from his newly released album, 'The Early Bird' and answers why it is his favourite.

I Am

A rap song by Anatto.

50th Birthday

An excerpt from Anjee Gitte Carlsen's recently published book, 'To Live and to Die'.

Mysterious Night

A live recording on video at Mandali Centre in Italy of a piece included in Shastro's new album, 'Flute Meditations'.


A poem by Abhi.

White Robe Ripples

Dhyan Tarpan's beautiful melody on bansuri, a track nicely crafted as his first homework task for a Logic Pro software course.

Inside the fir forest

A poem by Michael Graber.

Mystic art

Anand Kul Bhushan selected several paintings from Pratiksha Apurv’s recently published coffee table book, ‘The Mystic and her Colours’ - and commented on them.


A poem by Laurie Kuntz.

Tel Aviv

New photos by Prabhat (Nimi Getter): "It is an alive and busy town trying to conjure a normal reality, such as known from any other big city in the western world."

Evening Walk, Late September

A poem by Madhuri.

State of Grace

A poem by Abhi.

New adventures in size

In these slide shows, Anando Arnold shows his most recent, very large, artwork together with his smaller work called Redux.

“Make a move. Speak! Be a man!”

Excerpt from Devaraj's book, 'Ashram, ashram': "Ed could think about a woman for literally years without saying a single word to her."

Useful Jobs for Poets

A poem by Madhuri.


A poem by Chris Roe

Inside Rome

"Rome is a place of extremes where everything coexists in a pulsing, passionate chaos of life and art. It’s an explosion of the senses," writes Navyo as he presents his latest [...]

A mandala journey

Lani shows her mandalas, remembering that a mandala is a sacred circle with a center and a circumference, and that our job is to connect the two.

Flight of the Swans

A soulful improvisation by Shastro on bansuri and Suyana on vocals, based on Raga Hamsadwani. Soothing to the soul, this is music to travel on a mystical inner journey...

Searching for the Light

On a recent visit to Manhattan, New York, Sudheer captured black and white impression of new buildings.

Obsessed with Painting

Sunita showcases her oil paintings she made these last three years in her adopted country, Bali.

When my eye catches a bird

Excerpt from Anand Ragini's (aka Ragini Michaels) new book, The Jewels Of Here And Now.

At Dimitri’s Restaurant

A poem by Madhuri.

Watching Your Vision & Blown Away

Miten sings two of his devotional songs - recorded on video by Rishi in an old chapel in Peru.

Donna, at Cassie’s Milk Party

An excerpt from Anugyan's latest book 'Quality Time: The Equivocal Return of Lizzie Borden'.

Summer Solstice: In the Air

A poem by Laurie.

My love story with India

From Suha's series 'Beware: Slippery.... Sacred Ground': "I understand the thrill I experience when I get off the plane, that feeling of mystery that surrounds the visitor and sets [...]

Arrival in gaol

Excerpt from the book, Busted in India, by Mark O'Brien, aka Swami Alok Preetam.

You want a meaning to life?

A poem by Jeff Foster.

A meeting by the bamboos

Chinmaya and Shastro improvise on Rag Bhairagi while meeting in New Zealand (video).

Le Conquet

Eco-designer Samudra writes about growing up in Brittany (Northern France) - from her memoir ‘The Freedom of Having Nothing’: "There was never really a time when I wasn’t [...]

Reality beyond the obvious

A poem by Amareesh.


A music track by Amareesh, with Simant on keyboard.

‘Mosquito Song’

A song composed and written by Raji.

Portraits of Osho

We publish Arhat's artwork in our Gallery on the occasion of his departure on 9th April 2018.

The Spirit of Arillas

Paul Prem Nadama sings (on video) one of his compositions from his last album 'There are Times': "This song was written last year in gratitude to everything Arillas has given and [...]

With Meera and beyond

Nirvi Bennich shows her paintings in our virtual Art Gallery and says, "I am feeling so lucky for having been part of Meera's creativity for so many years - now I feel I can [...]

Moments with a mountain

Rarely a day goes by without a glance at Mt Ariake. It is not fully visible from our house but towers majestically over the whole surrounding village and beyond, says Surendra.

Fashion made from trash?

Excerpts from Samudra's book ‘The Freedom of Having Nothing’ - now available as paperback: Moments in Kyoto, Milan and Hamburg.

Ecstatic Zero

Siddhena's new artwork shown in his exhibition in Kyoto, entitled 'Ecstatic Zero'. We asked him how he chose this name.