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Then there was just looking…

Premyog shows a selection of artwork created during the past three years: “While painting or creating objects, there is no thinking, no pondering, no judging, no hesitating, no [...]

We Are One Heart

Track 5 from Sudhananda's new album 'Celebrate': "I wrote 'We Are One Heart' in 1982 in Santa Cruz, California shortly after taking sannyas at the Ranch."

Sunrise of my heart

A poem Abhi.

The Weight of Silence

Laurie Kuntz recites one of her poems.

A world in 20×20

Our online gallery features artwork by Salia (Bernadette Baumgartner) with a short introduction by Punya. Salia said, “I can hardly stop painting, I am making those little square [...]

Prisms prove the dance is life

Kumari wrote a poem to accompany her artwork shown in our virtual Art Gallery.

The wind and the wizard

A poem by Madhuri.

For the Drifters

A poem by Prartho.

Laxmi is not in America now

Excerpt from the recently published book by Rashid Maxwell, The Only Life: Osho, Laxmi and a Journey of the Heart.

Autumn in Kharkiv

An excerpt from Chapter 12 entitled 'Ukrainian partnership' of ecodesigner Samudra's new book, 'The Freedom of Having Nothing'.

Diving into the unknown

An online exhibition of Prabhu's artwork; "Art has to be made in such a way that the spectator and the artist can enter into a positive space of harmony and centering."

The ultimate time of human crisis

Excerpt from Arjuna's (John Hogue) newly released book, 'A Spiritual Rebel's Manifesto': "A gathering of meditators and a spread of consciousness around the world has never been [...]

Everyday Buddhas

Rashid's ink drawings: "Every drawing is a different sort of failure. I offer them as milestones on the Way of Meditation."

Face of a Flower

The title track of the first album by the band Ascension, lead by Amano Manish with his compositions on slide guitar.

Kansha Sai

A poem by Laurie Kuntz: "Kansha Sai - That’s Japanese for Thanksgiving."


A poem by Prem Geet.

Autumn paddies in Japan

Surendra observed the growing of the rice in Nagano, Japan and documented his findings with his new digital camera, saying that "This year has seen a leap from many years of black [...]

A dance that follows the tickle of inspiration

Devesh shares a mixed selection of photographs; "I rarely go looking for images, rather I find myself surprised and inspired by the things I see around me, almost all the time."

‘After the storm has gone’

A taster of a track on video from Tanmayo's newly-released album '...I Lay Me Down'.


Nandin introduces a track from her album 'Blessings'.


Priya Huffman reads one of her poems from her book 'of Bone and Breath'.

Debussy at Dusk

A poem by Laurie Kuntz.

When People Walk

A poem by Madhuri.


A poem by Priya Huffman.

Trees and leaves

Nirav's most recent creations exhibited in our online Art Gallery.

Autumn: a time of golden leaves and delicate mushrooms

Two photo slide shows by Allan to celebrate the present season.

Impressions from the Painted Hills

A selection of photos taken by Natyam in Oregon, USA, the evening before the total eclipse.


A poem by Jeff Foster.

Eight days of love

A poem by Uma Ruser.

Squares and circles

Neeti shows a selection of her paintings in our online gallery. “When I am able to let go, a peaceful calm takes over and the painting flows through me.”

The Best Death

An ode for Swami Devopama, by Rashid


A poem by Prartho.

By Invitation Only

A poem by Laurie Kuntz.

The Man I Walk With

A poem by Rashid.

Chakras – guide maps on our spiritual path

Socrates shares his exquisite paintings in our art gallery: “The deepening of my meditation goes hand in hand with my artwork; as my own exploration deepens, new expressions of [...]

Infinity Lessons

TJ Chill featuring Prem C (video and lyrics).

Dear Human

A poem by Courtney A. Walsh

No Separation

Listen to the first track of Diti's recently released CD, 'One world, one love, one heart'.

Happy monsters – how they happened

Madhuri's playful greeting cards and small paintings; "I can do everything as imperfectly as naturally it arises in me! Because it is utterly imperfect! Edges are not straight!"

Spontaneity and Spaciousness of Zen

Shunyo Mahom's calligraphies in our art gallery: Zen Pearls. He writes, "Each image of this series reflects the spontaneity and spaciousness of Zen as well as a natural sense of [...]

The Fullness of Things

A poem by Jeff Foster.

Title track of ‘The Fall of Winter’

Sambodhi Prem shares with our readers the title track of his recently released album.

Playing with the camera

A series of Avinasho's playful photographs. "I never wanted to portray the world as a postcard and so started to 'play' with my camera without ever reading the instruction [...]

Warm Planet

A fable by Madhuri. "When we look out from our open houses into the forest, the brightest of birds have come back to us; and our labours are gentle, and enough to feed us; but we [...]


Petra Huber's photographs of olive trees and others that grow on the Greek island Corfu. "Trees give me a feeling of peace and protection..."

Come for the Singing

Poet Prartho sings one of her lyrics.

Everything is waiting for you

A poem spoken by David Whyte from his collection 'River Flow: New & Selected Poems'.

Surrounded by Water

Petra Huber's love for water shows in these stunning photographs she took in Corfu, Greece.

Anandipa Took Sannyas Today

A poem by Madhuri.