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Buddha Nature

Padma's long-anticipated collection of Buddha images shown in a video, to the alluring music of Chaitanya Deuter.

Explorations in time and space

A slideshow of Rani's new creations.

Mystic art

Anand Kul Bhushan selected several paintings from Pratiksha Apurv’s recently published coffee table book, ‘The Mystic and her Colours’ - and commented on them.

New adventures in size

In these slide shows, Anando Arnold shows his most recent, very large, artwork together with his smaller work called Redux.

A mandala journey

Lani shows her mandalas, remembering that a mandala is a sacred circle with a center and a circumference, and that our job is to connect the two.

Obsessed with Painting

Sunita showcases her oil paintings she made these last three years in her adopted country, Bali.

Portraits of Osho

We publish Arhat's artwork in our Gallery on the occasion of his departure on 9th April 2018.

With Meera and beyond

Nirvi Bennich shows her paintings in our virtual Art Gallery and says, "I am feeling so lucky for having been part of Meera's creativity for so many years - now I feel I can [...]

Ecstatic Zero

Siddhena's new artwork shown in his exhibition in Kyoto, entitled 'Ecstatic Zero'. We asked him how he chose this name.

Then there was just looking…

Premyog shows a selection of artwork created during the past three years: “While painting or creating objects, there is no thinking, no pondering, no judging, no hesitating, no [...]

A world in 20×20

Our online gallery features artwork by Salia (Bernadette Baumgartner) with a short introduction by Punya. Salia said, “I can hardly stop painting, I am making those little square [...]

Prisms prove the dance is life

Kumari wrote a poem to accompany her artwork shown in our virtual Art Gallery.

Diving into the unknown

An online exhibition of Prabhu's artwork; "Art has to be made in such a way that the spectator and the artist can enter into a positive space of harmony and centering."

Everyday Buddhas

Rashid's ink drawings: "Every drawing is a different sort of failure. I offer them as milestones on the Way of Meditation."

Trees and leaves

Nirav's most recent creations exhibited in our online Art Gallery.

Squares and circles

Neeti shows a selection of her paintings in our online gallery. “When I am able to let go, a peaceful calm takes over and the painting flows through me.”

Chakras – guide maps on our spiritual path

Socrates shares his exquisite paintings in our art gallery: “The deepening of my meditation goes hand in hand with my artwork; as my own exploration deepens, new expressions of [...]

Happy monsters – how they happened

Madhuri's playful greeting cards and small paintings; "I can do everything as imperfectly as naturally it arises in me! Because it is utterly imperfect! Edges are not straight!"

Spontaneity and Spaciousness of Zen

Shunyo Mahom's calligraphies in our art gallery: Zen Pearls. He writes, "Each image of this series reflects the spontaneity and spaciousness of Zen as well as a natural sense of [...]

Paintings of Life

A video of Meera's paintings with music by Yoko.

Why not jump into the colour well?

Ragini shows her very colourful paintings in our art gallery.

An idea appears from nowhere…

A selection of artworks by Anandi. "I been drawn to the beauty of nature, mainly flowers in all shapes and colors, but now recently I have been attracted to abstract painting."

Shamanic Art Performance

Mega reports from his first art performance in Basel.

Surfing the quote-wave

Two slideshows of Shivananda's paintings around 'favourite quotes'.

Inspired by the beauty of nature

A slide show of Garimo's stunning artwork.

Stream in Flow

Sandipa shows her nature-inspired paintings in our art gallery.

Love for Transformation

Artist Magdalena shows her 'collection' of butterfly paintings.

Whirling Mandalas

Shashi's stunning mandalas (click on fullscreen).

No Words Running inside my Brain

Artist Peggy Sands talks on video about the 25.5' x 6' mural she painted for a bank in Boulder, CO.

Listening to the Wood

Many creative artists live on Bali with its fertile energy - Bhagawati introduces two of them: Sunder and Abir who talk about their art installations which they create by tuning [...]

Poems in a Landscape

Manfredo's stoneart from Dreamwoods (Selva di Sogno) in our online Art Gallery.

The Mole Story

Samhitta's delightful illustrated book.

Sacred Spaces

Aditi shows her artwork in our online gallery.

From Movement to Stillness

Satyam shows his reliefs in our virtual Art Gallery.

Silent Ceramics

Salia's exhibition of ceramics.

Not a flop: Flip-Flop Art

Shivananda's most recent artwork.

Carving Stone in Timeless Zone

A slideshow of Dhyananand's sculptures.

The Easel in the Dining Room

Archan Sukhita shows a video about her paintings.


Salia's inspiring workshops: drawing and writing on objects – in black!

No Need for Recognition

A selection from Turiya's abstract paintings.


Salia exhibits her ceramic urns.

Icons, Ganeshas and Angels

Atulya's second gallery show on Osho News.

Painting the Spirit

Shanti's exhibition of some of his work.

Creativity and Meditation – Together!

Siddhena shows us a selection of artworks inspired by Japanese techniques.

The Far Side of Tantra

Tantric lithographies and the poem 'All We Ever Wanted' by Rashid.

4-D Spheres

Samvado shows his 4-D scultpures in wood, glass, marble, bronze, and stainless steel.

Beyond the Veil of Appearances

Rashid shows a series of paintings.

Metal: Work of Imagination

Sculptor Samvado writes about working with metal.

Tigers, Lions and Elephants

Atulya presents her animal paintings.

Wood and Stone

Samvado showcases his sculptures and vessels.