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The Cuckoo’s Call

A track on video from Tanmayo's recently released album 'In Quetitude'.

‘Bulleh Says’

Chinmaya Dunster shares a song he wrote recently - lyrics are a free translation of Bulleh Shah's poem, 'Bulleh ki jaana main kaun?'

Mother Inside

A track on video from Miten's new EP, '4 Songs From a Well Lived Life'.

The Circus

Anugraha shares a track from his newly released album, 'The Early Bird' and answers why it is his favourite.

I Am

A rap song by Anatto.

Mysterious Night

A live recording on video at Mandali Centre in Italy of a piece included in Shastro's new album, 'Flute Meditations'.

White Robe Ripples

Dhyan Tarpan's beautiful melody on bansuri, a track nicely crafted as his first homework task for a Logic Pro software course.

Flight of the Swans

A soulful improvisation by Shastro on bansuri and Suyana on vocals, based on Raga Hamsadwani. Soothing to the soul, this is music to travel on a mystical inner journey...

Watching Your Vision & Blown Away

Miten sings two of his devotional songs - recorded on video by Rishi in an old chapel in Peru.

A meeting by the bamboos

Chinmaya and Shastro improvise on Rag Bhairagi while meeting in New Zealand (video).


A music track by Amareesh, with Simant on keyboard.

‘Mosquito Song’

A song composed and written by Raji.

The Spirit of Arillas

Paul Prem Nadama sings (on video) one of his compositions from his last album 'There are Times': "This song was written last year in gratitude to everything Arillas has given and [...]

We Are One Heart

Track 5 from Sudhananda's new album 'Celebrate': "I wrote 'We Are One Heart' in 1982 in Santa Cruz, California shortly after taking sannyas at the Ranch."

Face of a Flower

The title track of the first album by the band Ascension, lead by Amano Manish with his compositions on slide guitar.

‘After the storm has gone’

A taster of a track on video from Tanmayo's newly-released album '...I Lay Me Down'.


Nandin introduces a track from her album 'Blessings'.

No Separation

Listen to the first track of Diti's recently released CD, 'One world, one love, one heart'.

Title track of ‘The Fall of Winter’

Sambodhi Prem shares with our readers the title track of his recently released album.

Sweet Lotus

Shastro shares on video the first track of his newly released album 'Satsang'.

Flute Invocation

The first track (on video) of Nandin's latest album 'Reiki Meditations'.

Left the world to be the universe

Ragini shares one of her songs, written for Sakal.

Rainy Days In Rio

A track from Anando Bharti's new album 'Psychedelic Love Fest'

Artists of the Heart

A track, part of an online album by Chinmaya Dunster, 'Sat-Sang: Chinmaya Dunster's Songs'


Karunesh presents the first track of his new album ‘Sun Within’.

Shambu Shankara

Prem Paras shares 'Shambu Shankara' recorded and filmed on top of the Swiss Alps (with some shots of Kailash).

‘Intimacy’ from Rarities

Listen to track 9 of Chinmaya Dunster's newly released album.

Hey Woman

A song by Marga Jee.


Manish Vyas shares the first track from his new album 'Healing Ragas III'.

The Guru

Sarita sings one of her songs.

‘Sri Rudram’ from Mantrica

The first track of the album 'Mantrica' by Anant Jesse.

Whirling Flames: a Love-Affair with Whirling

Shastro, musician and whirling lover, tells the story of the creation of this video.

Atma Bhakti: Vedic Chanting

Listen to the third track of Manish Vyas's newly released album.

Seven Tales from the River (trailer)

Ishu shares three excerpts from the newly released album.

Narasimha: Mantra for Protection

Deva Premal shares a track where she sings the protection mantra.

‘Matamua’ from Illumination of the Heart

The first track from Chaitanya's (aka Georg Deuter) latest album.

Playing the Horn Again!

Video of Chandra playing Mozart on the natural horn.

Drehtanz (Whirling) by Om Prakash

Om Prakash shares the title track of his album Shams.

Om Parama

Mantra singer Sudha shares a track from her latest album 'In Her Name' and replies to a few questions.

Joy of Silence

Listen to Deuter's relaxing music and watch a video of his photos from travelling all over the world.

In the Bleak Mid-Winter

Song on video from the album 'Celtic Christmas' by Tanmayo.

The Great Eastern Sun

Om Prakash shares the first track of his album 'Pilgrimage' where he plays the kyo taku, a Japanese flute.

Title Track: Lost and Found

Tanmayo comments on the title track of her newest album.

‘We Are’ by Ravi

...from his latest album 'Songs for the Golden Age'.

Dance Your Way to God

A song by Chinmaya Dunster where the lyrics are all titles from books by Osho.

The Eyes of a Miracle

Praful shares a track (and a remix) from his latest Sufi-infused album 'Mirror of the Heart'

Skyline of Poona

First track from Bindu's newly released album 'Plain Tales from Poona' - with lyrics...

Modal Meditations

Tales from The Woodshed - by Dinraj

Sohum by Manish

Manish Vyas shares with us a track from his latest CD ‘Shivoham’ and tells us the story behind it.

Up and Dancing at India My Love! Festival

Praful and Manish on video snippets from a concert given at a recent festival at Osho Leela UK.