Artists’, sculptors’ and photographers’ window

Photographs by Surendra: “In the Japanese winter, colours in the landscape fade and sometimes disappear altogether… Going around with my camera, I was happy to explore this world of muted colours in nature. “

Photographs by Surendra taken last year, some as late as November and December. “After a number of warm, sunny days, the bright reds, oranges and golds suddenly appeared. The leaves slowly reached their peak around the middle of the month and some were still glowing beautifully in December.”

New photos by Prabhat (Nimi Getter): “It is an alive and busy town trying to conjure a normal reality, such as known from any other big city in the western world.”

“Rome is a place of extremes where everything coexists in a pulsing, passionate chaos of life and art. It’s an explosion of the senses,” writes Navyo as he presents his latest photos from the Eternal City.

Surendra observed the growing of the rice in Nagano, Japan and documented his findings with his new digital camera, saying that “This year has seen a leap from many years of black and white photography into colour.”

A series of Avinasho’s playful photographs. “I never wanted to portray the world as a postcard and so started to ‘play’ with my camera without ever reading the instruction manual…”

Petra Huber’s photographs of olive trees and others that grow on the Greek island Corfu. “Trees give me a feeling of peace and protection…”