Archive for Photography

Tel Aviv

New photos by Prabhat (Nimi Getter): "It is an alive and busy town trying to conjure a normal reality, such as known from any other big city in the western world."

Inside Rome

"Rome is a place of extremes where everything coexists in a pulsing, passionate chaos of life and art. It’s an explosion of the senses," writes Navyo as he presents his latest [...]

Searching for the Light

On a recent visit to Manhattan, New York, Sudheer captured black and white impression of new buildings.

Moments with a mountain

Rarely a day goes by without a glance at Mt Ariake. It is not fully visible from our house but towers majestically over the whole surrounding village and beyond, says Surendra.

Mystical Manifestations

Navyo visits (with his camera) the Gloucester Cathedral in England. "The cloisters are a masterpiece, a manifestation in stone of the mystical realms of the spirit," he asserts.

Autumn paddies in Japan

Surendra observed the growing of the rice in Nagano, Japan and documented his findings with his new digital camera, saying that "This year has seen a leap from many years of black [...]

A dance that follows the tickle of inspiration

Devesh shares a mixed selection of photographs; "I rarely go looking for images, rather I find myself surprised and inspired by the things I see around me, almost all the time."

Autumn: a time of golden leaves and delicate mushrooms

Two photo slide shows by Allan to celebrate the present season.

Impressions from the Painted Hills

A selection of photos taken by Natyam in Oregon, USA, the evening before the total eclipse.

Playing with the camera

A series of Avinasho's playful photographs. "I never wanted to portray the world as a postcard and so started to 'play' with my camera without ever reading the instruction [...]


Petra Huber's photographs of olive trees and others that grow on the Greek island Corfu. "Trees give me a feeling of peace and protection..."

Summer festival: colourful drive-by

Subodhi's photographs taken during the 1984 World Festival in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon.

Surrounded by Water

Petra Huber's love for water shows in these stunning photographs she took in Corfu, Greece.

Across the Pond & South Africa

Sudheer's two photo-videos from recent journeys to England and South Africa.

Strolling through the Eternal City

Prabhat with his camera in Rome, Italy.


Shastro's photos he took flying over Australia.

Gran Torino

Navyo invites with words and photographs to visit the capital of Piedmont region in northern Italy.

Scale Italiane

Navyo's collection of b/w photos of staircases he took in Italy. "The curve of a spiral stair echoing the feminine, the angled corners of a boxed stairwell the masculine. It's a [...]

Japanese Architecture: Buildings in Decline

Surendra explores the Japanese countryside for abandoned buildings and sees that death really is at the heart of life.

Rainforest in Canada

Allan's collection of photographs from the Pacific Coast of British Columbia.

Hidden Venice

Prabhat visits Venice, Italy in July 2016 - with his camera, of course...

Much-loved Dartmoor

Surendra shares his love affair with Dartmoor, an area of moorland covering almost 1,000 square kilometres, located in southern Devon, England.

Bordeaux in Black & White

Navyo writes, "Bordeaux shows herself like her wine - rooted in history, mature and nourishing, inviting and distinctly sophisticated, she is a city not to be overlooked. "

Is That So?

Photo exhibition of Prabhat's work in Tel Aviv, 28th April till 5th May 2016. Introduction by Nayana.

Sacred Space

Navyo's photo collection of cathedral interiors from Italy, France, Germany and the UK.

Earth Meets Sky

Surendra displays some of his rare landscape photography.

Rice Fields in Winter

Surendra's photos of rice crops in Japan during the winter.

In Love with Trees

A slideshow of Berthold Kusy's photos.

Patterns and Hydrangeas

Two photo slideshows by musician Sandesh.

Organic Forms

Surendra shows his very special photo series celebrating the beauty of plants and vegetables and speak about his joy for photography.

The Art of Reflection

Anand shows a series of photographs taken in nature.

The Enchanted Forest: Blurring the Lines

Natyam shares a selection of autumn photos.


While Toby waits for one of his flights...

The Grand Canyon Lightshow

Chandra’s Sedona Landscape photographs – and ‘the famous’ ones.

You’re the Enemy – Welcome Back!

Pankaja filmed her latest documentary in Vietnam.

On MG Road

A slideshow of photos by Allan taken in the late 70s in Pune.

Where I Live

Navyo shares his photos he took last autumn in Fairfax, California, USA.


Photos by Ghyaneshwar

Nature Close-up

Tara's stunning photographs introduce us to the tiny details in her garden path and beyond...

Cloud Watching

A selection of instagrams by Sanjiva.

See Here! And Here! And….

Maneesha discovers the world through photography.

Silent Summer in Tomioka

Toby visits with his camera an abandoned town in the nuclear exclusion zone around Fukushima.

The Tribal People of Gujarat

This year, Premgit and Sandhya traveled to Gujarat in India; we show a collection of spectacular black-and-white photos developed by hand.

Portraits of Presence by Devesh

Devesh Komaromi shows his portraits and talks about his way of finding 'the presence.'

Corfu My Love!

Sumano's shots during her 'alone-time' on this beautiful Greek island.

Impressions from the Appenzell

Naman treks through an unspoilt area in Switzerland with his camera.

Sadhvi’s World of Springtime Flowers

Introducing Sadhvi's marvelous world of flowers.

Open spaces and great silence

Tuscany seen through eyes of meditation and contemplation - photographs by Muni.

Autumnal Reverie…

As autumn moves out, a poem and photos by Maneesha to celebrate its grandeur

Passionate About Nature

Natyam's latest series of photographs taken in California state parks