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Some of the last words

An excerpt from Anjee Gitte Carlsen’s recently published book, ‘To Live and to Die’.

50th Birthday

An excerpt from Anjee Gitte Carlsen's recently published book, 'To Live and to Die'.

“Make a move. Speak! Be a man!”

Excerpt from Devaraj's book, 'Ashram, ashram': "Ed could think about a woman for literally years without saying a single word to her."

Donna, at Cassie’s Milk Party

An excerpt from Anugyan's latest book 'Quality Time: The Equivocal Return of Lizzie Borden'.

My love story with India

From Suha's series 'Beware: Slippery.... Sacred Ground': "I understand the thrill I experience when I get off the plane, that feeling of mystery that surrounds the visitor and sets [...]

Arrival in gaol

Excerpt from the book, Busted in India, by Mark O'Brien, aka Swami Alok Preetam.

Le Conquet

Eco-designer Samudra writes about growing up in Brittany (Northern France) - from her memoir ‘The Freedom of Having Nothing’: "There was never really a time when I wasn’t [...]

Fashion made from trash?

Excerpts from Samudra's book ‘The Freedom of Having Nothing’ - now available as paperback: Moments in Kyoto, Milan and Hamburg.

I did not expect to be long

An excerpt from the autobiographical book, 'Sometimes Brilliant' by Larry Brilliant, were he recounts a meeting with Maharaji (Neem Karoli Baba).

Laxmi is not in America now

Excerpt from the recently published book by Rashid Maxwell, The Only Life: Osho, Laxmi and a Journey of the Heart.

Autumn in Kharkiv

An excerpt from Chapter 12 entitled 'Ukrainian partnership' of ecodesigner Samudra's new book, 'The Freedom of Having Nothing'.

Am I perhaps a poet?

"Or is it the poetry of life that is painting my eyes and heart with its mystery and beauty?" asks Suha.

Everything is completed in the right time and way

Suha visits, in autumn and winter, the Bagatelle park in Paris.

Mysteries About My Father

Naina discovers her late father’s diaries and finds out about unknown events in his life that have had an impact on her life.

Another Series of Dilemmas

An excerpt from Anugyan's book, 'Wrecking Ball'.

Time Capsule Opened in Year 2215

Spirit fiction envisioned by Prem Geet: Dancing People on a Mad Planet.

Fuck It! The Mantra of Purification

An excerpt from Dayal's recently published ebook 'I Don't Give a Fuck!'.

The Great Day

In 1988, Chinmaya (Dunster) had a Utopian vision -

A Prayer of Another Kind

An excerpt from Anil Sehti's recently published book The Rebel of Benaras.

Sitting on the Roof

Madhuri on leaving her beloved....

When Zorba Met Buddha

Leela was about to write an article on the qualities of balancing our Zorba and Buddha energies when the following emerged.

Alarming Responsibility

Excerpt from Paripurn's latest book.

Pirates in My PC

A true story from Madhuri.

Operation Charavedi – Part 2

From Svarup and Premartha's forthcoming book 'The Little Buddha and the Cosmos'.

Operation Charavedi – Part 1

From Svarup and Premartha's forthcoming book 'The Little Buddha and the Cosmos'.

In a Strange Land

A story by Madhuri...

A Present for My Mother

I was on Koh-Pi-Pi, an island off the southern tip of Thailand...

Another Bloody Division

Part 3 of 'The Great division between Old and Young', from Sarjano's book 491 Questions and Not a Single Answer

How Many Gods?

Sarjano's book, The Great division between Old and Young, sample reading Part 2 of 3

The Great Division between Old and Young (Part 1 of 3)

Sarjano's book, The Great division between Old and Young, sample reading Part 1 of 3


A fable that came to Chinmaya in 1991 during the Mystic Rose silent sitting in the Lao Tsu walkway at the Meditation Resort in Pune

The Two Princesses

Part 1 of a fictional 'real' story: two princesses leave their desert town for an adventure (or two)