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Human Design – humbled by truth

Rina writes about her experiences as a Manifestor and her inner journey with the help of Osho's wisdom and Human Design; “It seems our cultural mindset is set out to improve, to [...]

The Emotional Center in Human Design

Shantamo explains the significance of the Emotional Center, be it Defined, Undefined or Open. He also talks about decision-making according to Emotional Authority, as an individual [...]

Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be

Melika reviews Chetan Parkyn's book.

Osho’s Human Design Chart

Shantamo examines Osho's Human Design chart, on the occasion of his birthday.


Human Design expert Chetan on his journey guided by the Shadow Reader

HD: Emma Watson

Shantamo examines the Human Design 5/2 profile chart of actor Emma Watson.

The Fixed Personality Profile

Human Design practitioner Shantamo gives a reading of a 4/1 Profile.

HD: Vladimir Putin

Shantamo examines the Human Design chart of Russia's leader

HD: Nelson Mandela

Shantamo's chart of the South African freedom-fighter and politician who died 5th December 2013.

Decision-making – what’s your way?

“Follow your guts” say many psychologists who have understood that to “follow your mind” is not the solution. But is “follow your guts” the correct way for you?

First Steps of an Emotional Manifestor

Rina encounters Human Design and experiments with the 'strategy' and learns to follow her 'authority'

Uniquely So

Kumud talks about Human Design and how it has affected her life and that of others

What is Human Design?

Kumud's detailed info-sheet about Human Design