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Reclaiming Venice

Increased tourism is overwhelming Venice, Italy. Bruno Boelpaep's video shows the alarming trend that forces much of the native population to move away. Published on BBC on October [...]

Prehistoric art hints at lost Indian civilisation

The discovery of rock carvings believed to be tens of thousands of years old in India's western state of Maharashtra has greatly excited archaeologists who believe they hold clues [...]

Special words that don’t exist in English (yet)

September 30 is International Translation Day - on this occasion, the BBC published a video about some languages that have words and phrases that English speakers never knew they [...]

An ancient engineering feat harnesses the wind

Iran’s wind catchers stand as a reminder of how ancient civilisations have adapted to the region’s harsh desert environment, writes Shervin Abdolhamidi on September 27 on BBC.

Hyderabad homes and pavements made from used plastic bags

Plastic waste is a serious problem not only in India but all over the globe. We encourage word to be spread far and wide about these two new inventions. Published by BBC on [...]

Rebuilding a relationship between father and son

The ever-ongoing struggle between generations and the effort to understand each other shown here between father and son from Ghana. Published on BBC on December 16, 2017.

No such thing as stuck

Delayed orchestra launches into an impromptu airport gig.

Malana: a Himalayan village shrouded in myth

If you look beyond the hashish haze, you’ll find a treasure trove of legends, intrigue and unanswered questions, writes Mehk Chakraborty. Published on BBC on August 22, 2018.

Plogging Mumbaikars

Meet Mumbai's singing and dancing plogging club; these litter-picking joggers collect plastic waste in a Mumbai park.

Are You Listening? Hear What Uninterrupted Silence Sounds Like

Samir S. Patel follows Matt Mikkelsen through the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington to record the 'uncontaminated' natural sounds of the dawn chorus (audio sample). Published in NPR on [...]

Hindu temple in Malaysia gets stunning paint job

... with the 272 steps leading up to the Batu Caves (a limestone hill that has a series of caves and cave temples in Gombak, Selangor) painted in a dazzling array of colours. [...]

Talking about sex to my Punjabi mom

Sex still being a touchy and often even taboo subject in many cultures and religions to this day, a mother and daughter from the Punjab have the courage to ask each other various [...]

The body’s natural state is health, not disease, as we’ve been led to believe

"There is a reason for every disease state. It is the body’s attempt at restoring balance," writes Marco Torres. Published on Wake Up World, on July 31, 2018.

Millions of Hindu devotees walking across India

Every year, northern India is flooded with men and women in saffron clothes walking through the streets carrying pots suspended on a stick, reports the BBC on August 9, 2018.

Where’s the gap?

Millions of commuters descend on India's railway in Mumbai every day. A special feature of carriages solely dedicated to women, helps avoid male groping, which is still widespread [...]

Monsoon in Delhi

Just in time for the heatwave in Europe and elsewhere, a refreshing view: video taken recently at Osho Dham in New Delhi.

How to hide your house from Google street maps [Infographic]

Although street maps by satellite can be a very helpful thing, nobody wants their open entrance or garage visible to those who might plan an unannounced visit with questionable [...]

The death of Anthony Bourdain and the choice between mundane or spiritual suicide

Arjuna (John Hogue) writes about mundane and spiritual suicide on the occasion of Anthony Bourdain's demise. Excerpted from Part 1 of his essay published on on [...]

Mumbai slum gets colourful make-over

Khar Danda, a tiny fishing village in India’s bustling city of Mumbai, has had a major makeover. Published on BBC on July 16, 2018.

Ten ways to gain control over your chaotic inbox

To finally gain mastery over our inboxes, we have to deal with the root causes and not just the symptoms that frequently flare up, writes Paul Levy, University of Brighton, on BBC. [...]

Google allows 3rd-party app developers read your emails

Big brother alive and well. A new report throws a damper on their claims that they protect their users' privacy. Published in SOTT and RT on July 4, 2018.

It’s not a conspiracy theory – your phone is really watching and listening to you, research finds

If you've ever had the sneaking suspicion that your phone might be watching you, new research suggests you're not being paranoid. Published on SOTT and RT on July 4, 2018.

The Power of Determination

If we want transformation to happen, it can take place in a moment. Just one moment of will, of complete determination is enough. writes Naina in The Sentinel, Assam, on June 24, [...]

Playing the piano for a century

Colette Maze is a French pianist of classical music. In this video, she speaks on how much music matters to her (French with English subtitles).

The woman with an unspeakable name

I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful old woman whose age is indeterminable and whose name is unspeakable, writes Mike Eveleigh on BBC on June 20, 2018.

How social media ruins your life

Jaron Lanier, Silicone Valley's ‘computer philosopher', explains why.

FB patents system that can use your phone’s mic to monitor TV habits

System would allow Facebook to identify what adults and children are watching based on ambient noise. Published in The Guardian on June 29, 2018.

More reasons why you should take a nap

Who doesn't know the feeling of an intense tiredness descending on one's body - for example just after lunch? The head droops slightly, the eyelids struggle to remain open and the [...]

Leaving India and the best shave in the world

Justin Rowlatt, frequently also featured on Osho News, looks back on his three years on assignment reporting for the BBC from South Asia and, in particular, India. Published on [...]

Behold the noble pigeon

...because they are not as stupid as we think. This video shows there is much more to them.

Tsunami from heaven

Mother Nature's beautiful and mysterious ways shown in time-lapse footage. Published by RT on June 17, 2018.

‘Kindly adjust’ to our English

Indian English is a living, practical language, used by millions every day, writes Shashi Tharoor in The Week. Published on June 3, 2018.

The man who ​thinks trees talk to each other

Beech trees are bullies​ and​ willows are loners, says forester Peter Wohlleben, author of a new book claiming that trees have personalities and communicate ​via a [...]

Alan Watts: Business

A lecture (audio) by Alan Watts: "If you can’t trust other people you cannot have a community, not even a corporation."

The green death revolution

Inspiring and illuminating presentation of how to bypass the conservative funeral industry and how to come to terms with the reality of having one's dead body disposed of. [...]

My soul is from elsewhere

A deeply reflective poem by Rumi (1207-1273) exploring the soul is read to accompany the Bagong Silang documentary about a community that inhabits a cemetery in Manila, [...]

Murals of Tibet

A thousand years of Tibetan masterpieces revealed for the first time. Writer and photographer Thomas Laird’s 10-year project records crumbling Buddhist murals before they are [...]

Stephen Hawking’s multiverse finale

Prof Stephen Hawking's final research paper suggests that our Universe may be one of many similar to our own, writes Pallab Ghosh on BBC News. Published on May 2, 2018.

Losing their religion

Young Turkish people are rejecting Islam, writes Selin Girit, BBC News, Istanbul. Published on May 10, 2018.

Losing my religion

Official video of the Grammy Award-winning 'Losing My Religion' from R.E.M.’s critically-acclaimed, 1991 album, 'Out Of Time'.

The dark side of positive thinking

"Positive thinking is like the New Age version of believing in Santa Claus," writes Rudá Iandé in Huffpost.

Ain’t the way to die

A remixed Eminem/Rihanna song parody on the right to die according to a person's wishes by ZDoggMD (Dr Zubin Damania).

Spectacular dance of two galaxies merging

NASA has published a photo of two spiral galaxies twisting and embracing each other until they ultimately collide. Published on SOTT on March 12, 2018.

Be aware, consciousness is listening!

Michael Roads, Guest Writer for Wake Up World, looks at the impact that regularly repeated words and statements have on people's lives.

Vada pav: move over, McDonald’s

Vada pav is synonymous with the city of Mumbai, with almost every resident, from factory workers to Bollywood stars, unabashed in declaring their love for it, writes Charukesi [...]

Postcards from Afghanistan

Along with his team, Ershad Honaryar from BBC Persian made the five-day trek to the Wakhan province in the far east of Afghanistan. Published on BBC on February 27, 2018.

“You cannot make a person happy”

Relationship wisdom from Will Smith - on video.

After 100 hours in Tibet I knew it was time to leave

Writer Pico Iyer understands that by keeping an outer journey short, you can make the inner journey that follows echo across a lifetime. Published on BBC on March 8, 2018.

You gotta believe

Nina Paley's new animated music video from her upcoming film, 'Seder-Masochism'.

Seven-plus wonders of sustainability

Here is Alan Durning's list - and some more - put together by Donella H. Meadows.