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ADHD: ‘It’s my superpower’

An ADHD parents' support group asks the BBC why ADHD is often seen as negative. Published on BBC Stories on March 20, 2019.

ADHD – a difference in cognition, not a disorder

Stephen Tonti's primary focus is writing and directing for film and various other multimedia projects; he also tours as a public speaker advocating for men and women diagnosed with [...]

The joy of having ADHD

In this video, business developer, youth mentor and blogger Penny Jarrett says having ADHD definitely has a positive side - if you know how to manage it. Published on BBC Ideas on [...]

7 ways EMF technology seriously threatens entire populations

The new 5G, if allowed to roll out, is a health crisis waiting to happen and the harmful ubiquitous EM frequencies produced will be everywhere, writes Paul A. Philips.

Fast rising awareness about 5G abolishment

People worldwide are engaged and committed to stop implementation of 5G. Bhagawati has an update based on latest news from Brussels, Belgium.

Accepting uniqueness

Drag artist and theatre maker The Nightbus connecting kids with LGBTQ+ role models of colour. Published on BBC on March 28, 2019.

Human scars on earth

Edward Burtynsky’s images show ‘the indelible marks left by humankind on the geological face of our planet’. They are surreal and glorious at first sight, writes Cameron [...]

A thousand faces for life

What is usually reported about the Gaza Strip, the self-governing Palestinian territory on the east coast of the Mediterranean, is war and death, general mayhem and destruction. [...]

The Inter-Parliamentary Union: are they running the planet?

Apparently there's a rather unknown world government group that was established in 1889 and in operation since then; its background and implications are explained by Aaron Dykes in [...]

The new ‘freedom’ and the tyranny of convenience

Freedom once meant something significant for mankind, writes Sir Julian Rose. Published on SOTT on November 5, 2018.

Way out there…

Being transported from our globe to space - way out there - and back into the human body with Google Earth video.

Reclaiming Venice

Increased tourism is overwhelming Venice, Italy. Bruno Boelpaep's video shows the alarming trend that forces much of the native population to move away. Published on BBC on October [...]

Hyderabad homes and pavements made from used plastic bags

Plastic waste is a serious problem not only in India but all over the globe. We encourage word to be spread far and wide about these two new inventions. Published by BBC on [...]

Plogging Mumbaikars

Meet Mumbai's singing and dancing plogging club; these litter-picking joggers collect plastic waste in a Mumbai park.

Are You Listening? Hear What Uninterrupted Silence Sounds Like

Samir S. Patel follows Matt Mikkelsen through the Hoh Rain Forest in Washington to record the 'uncontaminated' natural sounds of the dawn chorus (audio sample). Published in NPR on [...]

The green death revolution

Inspiring and illuminating presentation of how to bypass the conservative funeral industry and how to come to terms with the reality of having one's dead body disposed of. [...]

Seven-plus wonders of sustainability

Here is Alan Durning's list - and some more - put together by Donella H. Meadows.

World’s first ‘plastic-free’ supermarket aisle

In this supermarket in the Netherlands, consumers don't have to pay an additional price for getting their food in environment friendly packaging. Shown on BBC on March 3, 2018.

Japanese electric toilet symbols now global standard

Is this one of the first tentative steps towards a one world government?

We don’t have to eat animals

Joey Carbstrong (aka Joey Armstrong) is a 31 year-old Australian vegan activist, currently on tour of the UK and Ireland. We are showing a video of him having touched down in [...]

Un espresso per favore!

Why Italians say no to takeaway coffee in paper and plastic cups (video).

Adressing the flaws in the education system

A look at the current education system in India but similarities can be found world-wide. An inspiring and challenging video that calls upon all those concerned to bring out the [...]

If we’re living in a virtual reality, why care about anything?

Whether your head is in the sand or not, you are no more or less a part of the same One Consciousness, and what happens to one, happens to all, writes Nanice Ellis in Wakeup-World [...]

Carl Sagan’s eerily accurate prediction about the demise of America

Towards the end of his life, Carl Sagan expressed deep concern about the 'dumbing down of America'. Buck Rogers writes in the Waking Times and SOTT.

Where there’s a will…

Mumbai matriarch, Amla Ruia, is one of the most prolific dam builders in the world, writes Aamir Rafiq Peerzeda on BBC on December 12, 2017.

A non-binary, gender fluid creature of indeterminate sexuality

If you don't know what that means, Piers Morgan lays out the widely discussed insufferable gender issue that is flooding the world; he got our ear. Published in Mailonline on [...]

Something extraordinary is happening in the world

... and most of us haven’t quite realized there is something extraordinary happening, writes Gustavo Tanaka in Wake-Up World.

The supernatural weapons of the Mahabharata and their world destroying power

In view of the ever erupting tensions and threats between countries who hold nuclear weapons, it is interesting to note that we've been there before. Wu Mingren explains the [...]

Addiction to economic growth is killing us

Anthropologist Dr Jason Hickel questions if economic growth really makes our lives better. He is the author of 'The Divide: A Brief Guide to Global Inequality and its Solutions'. [...]


Always long-awaited, a collective sigh is heard once monsoon starts in India. The rains are an annual blessing yet often resulting in floods, hardship and death.

An Open Letter from Guam to America

Following the increasing political war speeches on this planet, it is obvious that we, the people, are forgotten in all those grand schemes and threats. Victoria-Lola M. Leon [...]

French supermarket chain celebrates inglorious produce

Carolanne Wright reports stunning results in the campaign against food waste. Published in WakeUp World.

Remember oneness

Examining the role that stories play in how we think about ourselves and each other, offering a glimpse at a new emerging story that can help bring about a more sustainable world. [...]

Transforming anger into disarming

Syrian artist Abdalla Al Omari is the creator of the 'Vulnerability Series', that brings awareness to the plight of five million refugees that fled from Syria. A number that [...]

Passionate call by Pope Francis

In our present time, rife with conflict, war, political madness, increasing poverty, health issues and hardship for so many on our planet, we haven’t been blessed being exposed [...]

Graceful steps in pink to literacy

Every afternoon, the grandmothers of Phangane village wrap pink saris around themselves and slip abacuses and chalkboard into their backpacks. They are going to school. Satyaki [...]


A very special video by Neal Howland with a surprise commentary.

Astroturf and manipulation of media messages

'Fake news' is the latest catchword describing manipulative and false stories that are presented so real that many people believe them. Published on TED February 6, 2015

“Fake News”

The latest catchword and current manifestation of global manipulation. Glenn Greenwald puts it in a nutshell.

A Russian Warning

From Russians living in the U.S.: Russia will NOT attack, but she WILL retaliate. Published on June 1, 2016 in The Saker and SOTT.

Pope Francis Speaks Up on World Food Day

World Food Day was held on October 16, 2016. In a letter to Professor José Graziano da Silva, Director General of the FAO, Pope Francis made his stance on GMOs and the Biotech [...]

103-Year-Old Woman Planted And Cared For 384 Trees

Thimmakka is not a book-inspired environmentalist. She did not go to school or get any formal education. She worked as a labourer and like most voiceless Indian women, took life [...]

People, Ever More Greedy and Stupid, Destroy the World

Stephen Hawking speaks to Larry King about the rather grim status quo of mankind. Published in Russia Today on June 27, 2016.

Livelihoods Have Changed into Deadlihoods

Why do we wait so restlessly for the workday to end and for the weekend to come? And this is not only true in India. Ashish Kothari writes on; published on SOTT, June 17, [...]

Elegy for the Arctic

On video: Greenpeace holds a historic performance with pianist Ludovico Einaudi on the Arctic Ocean. It is going to take more, so much more...

Coral Restoration Technique Is ‘Electrifying’ Balinese Village

Report on a unique and successful coral restoration project on Bali, initially facilitated by Narayanadeva and Prem Rani. Reported by Steve Baragona on May 25, 2016, on [...]

Rabbi’s Powerful Speech

As a representative of American Jews, Rabbi Michael Lerner held a significant and courageous speech at Muhammad Ali's funeral.

Howard Zinn on Memorial Day

Howard Zinn (August 24, 1922 – January 27, 2010) was an eminent American historian, playwright, social activist and political science professor at Boston University.

Migrant Crisis: Omar Draws his Journey from Syria to Calais

Sixteen-year-old Omar is one of many unaccompanied minors living in the Calais "Jungle" camp. Published by BBC on May 24, 2016.

When They Killed JFK They Killed America

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts states that John F. Kennedy was assassinated because of anti-communist hysteria in the military and security agencies. Published on Global Research on May 7, [...]