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Earth is a Living Entity

John Trudell is an American Indian philosopher, poet, musician, actor, and outspoken activist.

Speak with Conviction!

Listening to people speak, I have often wondered why so many make random, commonplace statements and query them at the same time. Their voice ups and the sentence becomes a [...]

Atlantis: Truth or Myth and So What

A subject that appears to be firmly embedded in our collective unconscious is the story about a vast island empire that disappeared.

Modern Times

Einstein once said, "Have we reached that day?"

Existence Does Not Care About Your Viewpoint

This video shows the tip of the iceberg – a compilation of just some of the recent catastrophes on our planet that made people worry, restive and all over very afraid.

The Last 4,5 Billion Years Or So In Two Minutes

This remarkable documentary of the development of planet Earth from its very beginnings was created by a high school student for his video productions class.

Listen to Your Heart

Mike Rowland's music enhances this touching documentary about Emperor penguins by Ruedi & Priska Abbühl.

Politics of Hope

The satirical magazine The Onion's in-depth voter's guide to Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

Terrorist ID Chart

The hunt for terrorists hasn't ebbed even though the main character, bin Laden, is no longer on the scene. On the contrary, some agencies are coming up with more and more creative [...]

One In Five Americans Has No Religion

Ambika alerted us about a recent survey that shows the fastest growing 'religious' group in America is made up of people with no religion at all.

A Tune of Death

Abhiyana sent us this chilling video created by Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto, currently working as a curator for Lalique Museum, Hakone, Japan.

Dolphin Giving Birth

Incredible footage of a dolphin giving birth at Dolphin Quest, Hawaii. The baby was born on September 12, 2012, and the birth took little more than an hour.

One More Term

A political parody on the upcoming elections in the USA, based on the book and musical of 'Les Miserables'.

The Mayan Countdown

Via Zen Gardner we received this interesting take on the Mayan Calendar.

We Are One

An inspiring call to face and embrace the challenges before us, to create a field of love to surround our planet, to meditate, to awaken: "We can create love on this earth - all [...]

BPA – Invisible Poison

A recent article by Nicholas D. Kristof in the New York Times finally addresses the fact that common chemicals in our environment “may be even more harmful than previously [...]


An Indie film inspired by true events shows the destructive consequences of blind obedience.

The Butterflies of Fukushima

Nature is giving us another warning about nuclear reactors (and nuclear warfare).

Noah’s Ark in Holland

Dutch creationist and millionaire building contractor Johan Huibers built a reproduction of Noah’s ark after he dreamt that Holland would be flooded once again.

12 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Zen Gardner publishes thought-provoking and revealing articles on global and spiritual matters. Thank you for this one, Zen!


The majority of well-informed folks interested in maintaining a healthy body know about Monsanto. This is an urgent call to all those on this planet (who might be still in the [...]

The Newsroom

The new HBO series called 'The Newsroom' has a captivating beginning...

Earth at Tipping Point

A group of scientists warns that Earth is rapidly headed toward a catastrophic breakdown if humans don’t get their act together.

Fukushima and Marine Life

Latest news is that Japan decided to restart two of their nuclear reactors.

Japan without Nuclear Power

The last active nuclear reactor in Japan was switched off on May 5th and thousands of Japanese marched on the streets to celebrate this event, shaking "koinobori", carp-shaped [...]

Death Can Take Over This Earth Any Moment

Are we ready for the next disaster?

No More Nuclear Power!

The Japanese music band Frying Dutchman organised an anti-nuclear power march on the anniversary of the Fukushima disaster. They were performing “HumanERROR”, an album they had [...]

Epitaph – or a New Sunrise?

Destruction is all around us and it appears that the next war is just one step away - or is it? In this video he calls 'Epitaph', Zen Gardner describes a possible future humanity [...]

Spectacular Effects of Solar Wind and Fire

The Daily Mail published on February 20, 2012 these spectacular images taken by photographer James Appleton on Iceland: Northern lights and molten lava come together in a landscape [...]

Dazed Lemmings Can’t Bridge the Reality Gap

Recently I have been reading articles by a writer who calls himself Zen Gardner, a name I find intriguing.

Bizarre White Cobweb Found on Nuclear Waste

A bizarre finding on nuclear waste - inexplicable white cobwebs - shows again how recklessly nuclear materials and waste are being used and stored without much thought or slightest [...]

My Interview With The Earth On Its 4.5 Billion Birthday

A disgruntled Earth speaks up on its birthday

Protesters Instill Fear in Leaders

Politicians react with fear to protests in Canberra, Australia

Advice From Life’s Graying Edge

Elderly people share their common sense advice about living

7 Facts You’re Not Supposed To Know About Religion

Huffington Post article presents Osho as 'Creating a 'religion' without religion

Doomsday Clock

Looking at the recently reset Doomsday Clock, is there a way out?

This is my story

18 year-old Ben Breedlove's inspiring video before leaving his body on Christmas Day

Freedom from Oppression

A spontaneous music mix by Amareesh for Iranian friends

The Elders Speak (Part 2)

Another indigenous elder speaks about his understanding about the world now


Ami Steinberg's inspiring song: a good reminder

What is God?

Responses to the eternal question 'What is God' from people around the globe

Playing for Change

Playing for Change results in creative renderings of music themes

The Elders Speak (Part 1)

Indigineous elder speaks his vision

Timelapse of a Brinicle

Fantastic footage of an icy finger of water in timelapse mode

Timelapse of the International Space Station flying over Earth

Stunning footage of Earth taken from the International Space Station

Sunspots Reaching Peak of 11-Year Cycle

Sunspot activity coming to a peak and Osho's insight into this phenomenon