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Putting the Om in Chromosome

The results of a study on 60 meditators show improved performance and attention but also changes on chromosomal level

Animals Have Spiritual Experiences Too

New findings show that spiritual experiences originate deep within primitive areas of the human brain, areas shared by other animals

Falling in Love – or Head, Heart, Being

Study of the neuroimaging of love reveals the process of falling in love

Water Infused with ‘Love and Gratefulness’

Dr. Masuru Emoto's inspiring water study

Silent Formless Observer

Biology Lesson for Enlightenment

The Mind and What Happens After Death

Since the beginning of time man has been desperately seeking answers about what happens when the body dies.

Does your mind wander?

Carl Zimmer of Discovery Magazine talks about Zoning Out as a crucial mental state

Expansion of Brain, Mind and Matter

Physicist Stephen Hawking made a rather revolutionary statement: “God did not create the universe and the Big Bang”...

Brain Changes after Body-Mind Meditation

Positive brain changes take hold after just 11 hours of practicing a form of meditation, the results of a new study suggest.