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Nature’s Ecstasy and Wings of Life

Science meets the mystical

Women Are a Complete Mystery

The male mind and the mystery about women

The Power of Imagination in Meditation

Anando finds out that also scientists have 'proven' the power of imagination

The smallest blade of grass…

Veena got a glimpse of how science could provide a clear and definite validation of what Osho was about

Stargazing with Prof. Brian Cox

The new series 'Stargazing Live' shown by the BBC promises to be inspiring

It’s A Wonderful World

A short video clip showing the beauty of our planet

How to follow your heart

Scientists in California found that meditation improves bodily awareness and the connection between physiological and emotional reactions, crucial for intuition

The New Science: We are made of Energy, not Matter

Scientists explain what makes 'good' and 'bad vibes' - article by Anando

Neutrinos (aka Ghost Particles) Beat Speed of Light

CERN test results suggest that subatomic particles move faster than the speed of light and Osho's take on this science

What Happens To Our Body at the End of Life

Detailed description how the physical body shuts down and dies

Hope and the Optimism Bias

Science investigating consciousness by going through the mind and brain

Free Will and Meditation

Satyananda comments on the discovery by two scientists of the 'inner witness' as crucial for brain development

The Quarterlife Crisis

New research shows profound crisis among people in their twenties

Radiation Impact On Our Planet

Dr. Helen Caldicott speaks on the impact of radiation from the nuclear power plant meltdowns in Japan

Pop a Pill and Become More Moral – Really!

Researchers say morality treatments (pills) could be used instead of prison and might even help humanity tackle global issues

Meditation Has Deep Chemical Effects On the Body

Research finds meditators have more activity of enzyme telomerase which possibly stops cell aging

Do You Have Your Real Face On Facebook?

Kul Bhushan provokes us with questions like: "Do You Have Your Real Face On Facebook? What is your real face?"

Intelligent Aliens Are God’s Children

The Pope's astronomer defines god's children. Brother Guy Consolagno, a planetary scientist, Jesuit brother and sci-fi enthusiast spoke at the British Science Festival at Aston [...]

Sleep and Memories

Scientists have found that sleep helps consolidate memories, fixing them in the brain so we can retrieve them later

Feeling the Winter Blues?

Blue light triggers emotional part of the brain according to an article in 'The New Scientist'

Putting the Om in Chromosome

The results of a study on 60 meditators show improved performance and attention but also changes on chromosomal level

Animals Have Spiritual Experiences Too

New findings show that spiritual experiences originate deep within primitive areas of the human brain, areas shared by other animals

Falling in Love – or Head, Heart, Being

Study of the neuroimaging of love reveals the process of falling in love

Water Infused with ‘Love and Gratefulness’

Dr. Masuru Emoto's inspiring water study

Silent Formless Observer

Biology Lesson for Enlightenment

The Mind and What Happens After Death

Since the beginning of time man has been desperately seeking answers about what happens when the body dies.

Does your mind wander?

Carl Zimmer of Discovery Magazine talks about Zoning Out as a crucial mental state

Expansion of Brain, Mind and Matter

Physicist Stephen Hawking made a rather revolutionary statement: “God did not create the universe and the Big Bang”...

Brain Changes after Body-Mind Meditation

Positive brain changes take hold after just 11 hours of practicing a form of meditation, the results of a new study suggest.