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Podcasts: Chetan and Viramo

Love Osho's podcasts (one year in!) - these two from the last two weeks: on Human Design and the art of writing.

Podcasts: Sugit and Anadi

Swaram interviews two sannyasins on: Sannyas Wiki and using light for therapy and meditation.

Podcasts: Turiya and Kavisho

Two further podcasts by Love Osho; on death, therapy, not falling asleep and working in Osho's library.

Podcasts: Siddhena and Kul Bhushan

Love Osho's podcasts on art, professional success and Sufism.

Podcasts: Jayadip and Chinmaya

Love Osho's podcasts on living as a monk and parenting.

Podcasts: Upadhi and Divakar

Love Osho's podcasts: about Osho Prana Healing and growing up as a teenager in Osho's commune.

Podcasts: Maneesha and Subhan

Two of Swaram's podcasts: Transformation through dance and Osho's vision.

Podcast: Karunesh, Vandan, Abhiyana

Swaram's podcasts of these past 3 weeks: How to 'meet' Osho, meditation in daily life and treating Osho's body with Acupuncture.

Podcast: Amiyo and Priya

Swaram's next two podcast: on Gurdjieff movements and growing up as a young sannyasin.

Podcasts: Shanti and Anubuddha

Swaram's interviews from these last two weeks: on sharing Osho's meditations and on bodywork.

Podcasts: Madhuri, Pratiksha Apurv

Swaram interviewed Madhuri and Pratiksha Apurv, two well-know writers on Osho News, on the subjects of poetry and art, how objects can connect with Osho and how Osho's words can be [...]

Podcasts: Padma and Maniko

Love Osho’s Podcasts on Creativity: music and painting.

Podcasts: Rahasya, Satya Vedant, Mutribo

Love Osho’s Podcasts on: Health, education and filming Osho.

Podcasts: Shazar, Veetman and Chin

Love Osho’s Podcasts on work as meditation, conscious dying and teaching Osho how to drive.

Podcasts: Sarita, Amrita and Jayapal

Love Osho's Podcasts on: Wall Street, Osho Radio and Living Tantra.

Podcasts: Tao and Parambodhi

Two new interviews by Swaram on Love Osho: Tao speaks about connecting to the source and Parambodhi answers to, "Is being gay an obstacle to Enlightenment?"

Podcasts: Devanshu and Vandana

Swaram’s interviews: Devanshu on ancient Tibetan and Taoist practices, and Vandana on meditation and how to deal with alcohol addiction.

Podcasts: Lani, Miten and Nirvano

Swaram's interviews with: Osho's world ambassador, Lani, musician Miten and Nirvano, the German translator of Osho's books.

Love Osho Podcast: Osho News Team

Swaram's podcasts continue: interviews with Bhagawati and (separately) with Punya on Osho's media coverage, his meditations and the music, how they came to Osho and, of course, [...]

Love Osho Podcast 2

A fortnight ago we introduced Swaram's podcasts. Here are the next three interviews: Sudas on centres, Leela on Osho Mystic Rose and Dwabha on her children's home in Rishikesh.

Podcasts are ‘in’

Swaram started interviewing sannyasins and publishing the podcasts on his website. The first 6 interviews are with Radha, Rashid, Veena, Krishna Prem, Subhuti and Milarepa.