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Baa Baa Land

An eight-hour, slow-motion epic entirely starring sheep on location in Essex, England.

5 Reasons why Dynamic Meditation will take over Mindfulness

A timely essay by Swaram on why it is difficult to start the inner journey with Mindfulness.

The Power of Presence

How 'living in the now' can change your life, writes Allie Stark in Collective Evolution.

Spectrum of Mindfulness

The latest book by Satya Vedant (Dr. Vasant Joshi) is being released on inauguration day of the Osho Chair in Gujarat, January 22, 2017.

Mindfulness: The Master Key

Swati Chopra reviews Chaitanya Keerti's latest book.

Power of Meditation Exploited for Mundane Achievements

An excerpt from the new book by Chaitanya Keerti, 'Mindfulness: The Master Key'.

Suck At Meditation?

You may just be doing it right, says David Ferguson in The Guardian on July 3, 2016.

Accidental Wellness Goddess

All the times you didn't think you were meditating... writes Danielle Colley at on August 11, 2016 - while quoting Maneesha James

Shortcuts to Mindfulness

Kaiyum reviews the book by Dhyan Shaida (Catherine Auman) on 100 Ways to Personal and Spiritual Growth.

Mindfulness and Thoughts

Researchers finally show how mindfulness and your thoughts can induce specific molecular changes to your genes, writes Michael Forrester on December 5, 2013 in ‘Prevent [...]


Khabira on current approaches to mindfulness in Western medicine and psychology.


A Danish documentary was presented on June 6, 2012, called ‘Free the Mind’ – on the effects of meditation or as the so-called new fashion word, mindfulness.