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Why Hoard? Like Blood, Money Should Circulate

Published as Editorial by Osho in The Speaking Tree, India, November 16, 2016.

Money as a Spiritual Practice

Mayuri is interviewed by Alex Howard on consciousness2 about her journey from worldly accomplishments in accounting to her spiritual journey, and developing her teachings in money [...]

Money Embedded in Everything We Do

Michael Gray of Financial Insider Weekly interviews Mayuri Onerheim about her book, "Money, Spirituality, Consciousness" for Bay Area public TV: What is consciousness and what [...]

Money • Spirituality • Consciousness

Prabha reviews Mayuri Onerheim's book.

Money and the Flow of Abundance

Sarita's insights on money, hoarding, inner and outer flow.

What if Money was no Object?

"What do you desire?" - an amazing lecture from the late Alan Watts.

What is Money?

Question: What is money and why are most people deeply uncomfortable about it in one way or another?

Money Money Money – Makes the World Go Round

Rajen's thoughts about money and it's value, 'asking the right questions' and 'working while drinking coffee'

The Talent of Creating Wealth

Beloved Osho, Can you talk about money? What are all these feelings which are around money? What makes it so powerful that people sacrifice their lives for it?