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The Science of Laughter – TIME special issue

Indivar's letter to the editors commenting on the fact that they had omitted to mention Osho's Meditative Therapy, the Mystic Rose, and explains the benefit of this 3-week process.

Trinity – the Meditative Therapy for the 21st Century

Marc Itzler (Divakar) writes about the 9-day format of the Mystic Rose process.

Osho’s Mystic Rose Meditation

A letter from Leela about the use of the name Osho Mystic Rose for the group process she developed.

Unconditional Love for Mystic Rose

Jagran's plunge into sannyas and Mystic Rose

My First Mystic Rose

First-timer Sarvaan experiences the Mystic Rose process with Leela in Corfu

Roots of the Mystic Rose

Leela reveals the beginning of the Mystic Rose Meditation