Archive for Book Reviews

Peep Peep Dont Sleep

Engaging book by travel writer and photographer Ajay Jain.

Children’s Past Lives – Return from Heaven

Kaiyum reviews two books by Carol Bowman.

Osho is not a Person

Review of Whosoever's second book by Manoj Khatri.

Reich’s ‘Listen Little Man’

A recommendation to read - from Osho.

Moral, Immoral, Amoral

Open letter by Satya Vedant.

Remember the Wisdom that Progress Forgot

Fifteen years ago, Suresha, known to many of our readers primarily as a martial arts teacher and gifted singer, branched out into an entirely different world, that of shamanism.

My Life with Osho

Azima's (A. V. Roscianco MD) book has now been translated into English! Read Subhuti's review.

Coaching with the Osho Zen Tarot

Review of Donna’s book by Marianne Bocage, MA

Osho, India and Me by KP (new edition)

Reviews of 'Osho, India and Me' by Krishna Prem (Jack Allanach)

The Art of Living and Dying

Maneesha's review on a compilation of Osho's words on death and dying.

Prophet of Love

Book review published in DNA, India, July 14, 2013 about Farrukh Dhondy's latest book.

Osho & IBM – Shaping Ideas

A book by Yoga C J Bowers reviewed by Kaiyum.

A Passage to America

Review of Max Brecher's revised and updated book.

Money • Spirituality • Consciousness

Prabha reviews Mayuri Onerheim's book.

Censored Health

Kaiyum reviews Gábor Lenkei's book and adds valuable comments from his years of practical experience.

Osho: The First Buddha in the Dental Chair

Review of Devageet's book about his experiences during the years being Osho's dentist.

The Fabric of Life

Review of Osho’s discourses on the songs of Kabir - translated by Satya Vedant from Hindi.

‘Almost Intrepid’ by Anjaly Thomas

Single Indian woman ventures where hard-boiled, hardy types do not tread. Wanderlust addict Anjaly Thomas takes you deep into tropical jungles, up in the rare mountain air and [...]

The Mystics

Review of Aubrey Menen’s book portraying Indian mystics, published in 1974.

Zorba the Buddha

Review of a new book containing a comprehensive compilation of Osho’s discourses on the New Man.

Mystics of the East

A review of well selected public discourses given by Osho on enlightened masters born in the East

‘Many Mansions’ by Gina Cerminara

Kaiyum's review of her book subtitled: 'The Edgar Cayce story on reincarnation'

Beyond Darkness

Review of Veet Tamaso’s book.

Blessed Days with Osho

Bhagawati reviews Ageh Bharti's book.

This Is Reiki

A review on Arjava Petter's latest book - by Punya.

In Haleema’s Words

Fatima's novel was launched in Mumbai on October 26, 2012.

The Ultimate Iconoclast

Review of the book by Dr. Kuldip Kumar Dhiman on Understanding Rajneesh Osho’s Revolutionary and Dangerous Ideas.


Review of Ragini’s book, Unflappable – 6 Steps to Staying Happy, Centered, Peaceful No Matter What

Mind Bomb by Lokesh

Kaiyum reviews Lokesh's (Luke Mitchell) novel.

The Ashoka Chronicles

Review of Premesh's Esoteric Trilogy, The Ashoka Chronicles

Zen in the Kitchen

Bhagawati reviews Kaiyum's cookbook.

The Point of Vanishing

Two reviews of Rashid's book: A tale of truth and things imagined.

Past the Point of No Return

Reviews and feed-backs on Bhagawati's compilation of stories.

The End Is My Beginning

Review of the book and film featuring Tiziano Terzani’s talks to his son about his life and the greatest journey of all, death.

Grow Youthful by Jivan Grahi

Review of Jivan Grahi's book presenting a practical guide to slowing your ageing

Glimpses of my Master by Veena

A review on Veena's second part of her trilogy: Glimpses of my Master, which is now available online

A Vanished Road by Veena

A review on Veena's travel book from Europe to India.

491 Questions and Not a Single Answer by Sarjano

Sarjano's long awaited book has been published by Bompiani in Italy

Hellbent for Enlightenment by Nirgun

An intriguing journey into Nirgun's experiences in Pune and Rajneeshpuram

The Journey Home

Compassionately written book offering help to get to terms with the reality of dying

India – In Through the Outdoor

Bhagawati's review on Premgit's outstanding photo book of images taken in India.

Books Written by Sannyasins in the Seventies

Historical books about the seventies by sannyasins

My Dance with a Madman by Anand Subhuti

Bhagawati's review on the newly published book by Anand Subhuti

My Life with Osho by Azima

Dr. Azima has written a book on his life with Osho.

My Diamond Days with Osho: the New Diamond Sutra

One of the first personal accounts which were published about the life with Osho by a close disciple. Review of Shunyo's book by Devika.

Awakening by Anurag Shantam

Roshani reviews Anurag Shantam's book: Awakening

One Hundred Tales for Ten Thousand Buddhas by Dharm Jyoti

Unique recollections of Dharm Jyoti's life with Osho. Review by Bhagawati.

Love at Dancing Leaves by Madhuri

A Tantra Memoir by Madhuri (aka M. K. MacCrae)

A Surprise Life by Sambodhi

Sambodhi shares the story of her childhood, about growing up, the journey to India, the Rajneeshpuram experience and her present life

Healing History

Max Brecher's review on Peter Kingsley's 'A Story Waiting to Pierce You: Mongolia, Tibet and the Destiny of the Western World'