Archive for Music Reviews

Solar Energy: CD by Upavas

Upavas' first interpretation of ambient down tempo electronic music.

Celebration of Light by Deuter

New CD by Chaitanya Hari for the festive season

Gaia’s Garden by Chinmaya Dunster

Chinmaya Dunster's most recent CD out with New Earth Records

Password by Deva Premal

Nityanando's review on Deva's latest mantra CD

Daydreams by Milarepa

Review and links to hear samples (and buy) Milarepa and One Sky band's new CD

Rejoice by Yashu: A Tribute

The music CD Rejoice is a tribute to flute player Yashu, who left her body in 2007.

Green Ragas by Chinmaya

Review of Chinmaya's awareness-raising event at the British Council in New Delhi earlier this year. Link to videos...