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Ten Predictions for 2015

Ray Foy reviews John Hogue's (aka Arjuna) latest publication.

Mr. Nobody

Ghoshen reviews a film by Jaco van Dormael, starring Jared Leto, Sarah Polley, Diane Kruger.

Reiki Hands of Love

Tanmaya's review on Chaitanya Hari's most recent album.

Australian Rhapsody

Paritosho reviews Paripurn's latest book.

Music for Massage

Sona reviews Malimba's most recent compilation.

Could it be B12?

Kaiyum reviews Sally M. Pacholok and Jeffrey J. Stuart's book.

Inside the Cosmic Mind

Agnes Liebhardt's review of Phoebe's recently published book on astrology.

Adrenal Fatigue

Kaiyum reviews James L. Wilson's book on the 21st century stress syndrome.

New CD: Lost and Found

Madhuri reviews Tanmayo's recently released album.

The Little Buddha and the Cosmos

Kaiyum reviews Svarup and Premartha's (Svaprem) book.

Healing the Body and Awakening Consciousness

Roshani reviews Jivan Mada's recently published book and CD collection.

The Hindus: An Alternative History

Satya Vedant reflects on Wendy Doniger’s Book on India and Hinduism.

Everything is Something Else

Review by Anand Robin about Rashid's most recent poetry book.

Songs for the Golden Age

Paul Terrell reviews Ravi's latest album.

Being Osho

Satya Vedant (Dr. Vasant Joshi) was recently interviewed by Osho News about his compilation of excerpts entitled 'Being Osho - Rare Pearls from OSHO Darshan Diaries'.

Out of the Comfort Zone – Jump Into Freedom

Bhagawati reviews Satyananda's latest book published in Germany.

Mirror of the Heart

Amareesh reviews Praful's latest album.

Plain Tales from Poona

Madhuri reviews Bindu's latest CD.

More About the Moon

Prem Geet reviews Madhuri’s book of Poetry: Make a Mad Hurry for Madhuri’s Moonlicious Medicine!

Crystal Chakra Healing

Punya and Daya review the latest release by New Earth Records.

Graceful Exits

Kaiyum reviews Sheela Blackman's book.

The Invisible Actor Book II

Bhagawati reviews Paripurn's second book in continuation of ‘The Invisible Actor, Book I’.

Dolphins and Whales Forever

Oscar reviews Debbie Takara Shelor’s book.


Review of Neeten's latest book.

Polishing the Mirror

Kaiyum reviews Ram Dass' book.

Mantras for Life

Nityanando reviews Deva Premal & Miten's CD which has just been released.


Bhagawati reviews an inspiring documentary.

Vagina: A New Biography

Sarita reviews a ground-breaking book on the Yoni by acclaimed author and social commentator Naomi Wolf.

‘Shivoham’ by Manish

Samasati reviews Manish Vyas’ latest CD.

Proof of Heaven

Reviews by Kaiyum and Indra on Eben Alexander's book

The Railway Man

Ghoshen reviews a movie that culminates in forgiveness and healing.

Encounters with an Inexplicable Man

Roshani reviews Savita's compilation of 'Stories of Osho as Told by his People'

Osho Therapy

Chetna reviews Svagito's newly published compilation of essays written by Osho Therapists.

Holy Motors

Film review by Ghoshen.

‘Freedom to be Yourself’ and ‘Without a Mask’

Kaiyum reviews two of Avikal's book.

The Last White Man

An exhilarating novel by Anand Subhuti

Memoirs of a Hippie Girl in India

Chinmaya's reviews Ann BeCoy's book.

Ascending Sideways

A novel about becoming and growing through diverse life experiences during the seventies.

Osho and his Communes

Kaiyum reviews the collection of 21 articles by Marc that were previously published in Osho News (PDF file updated 14.2.17).

Lovers Night by Shastro

Reviewed by Chinmaya Dunster

Vision – From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen

Ghoshen's review on the film by Margarethe von Trotta.

Dancing with Cancer

Maneesha reviews Diana Brueton's book.

A Street Cat Named Bob

Punya reviews a bestseller by James Bowen

Peep Peep Dont Sleep

Engaging book by travel writer and photographer Ajay Jain.

Let Your Heart Sing

Milarepa reviews Narayani's most recent collection of songs

Children’s Past Lives – Return from Heaven

Kaiyum reviews two books by Carol Bowman.

‘Gravity’: Blending Science with Spirituality

Kul Bhushan reviews the movie ‘Gravity’

Osho is not a Person

Review of Whosoever's second book by Manoj Khatri.

The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich

A review of the movie by Dr. Benajir Wolf.

Reich’s ‘Listen Little Man’

A recommendation to read - from Osho.