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Democracy is like sex: If it’s not messy, you are not doing it right!

Subhuti shows how confusion, disagreement and debate over Brexit is the sign of a healthy democracy at work.

The relentless persecution of Julian Assange

Julian Assange’s recent arrest in London, UK, is being widely reported in the media, writes Bhagawati. (The article includes a video-interview by journalist, author and [...]

Sins of the Swinging Sixties

Pope Benedict blames the swinging sixties for sexual abuse and can’t seem to remember his own church’s history, writes Subhuti in this well-researched piece.

Reshaping Sheela: the woman and the media myth

Subhuti comments on Priyanka Chopra taking on the role of Osho's former secretary, Sheela, and producing the film.

Witch hunt against Julian Assange continues

The relentless hunting-down plans for WikiLeaks' publisher are again coming to a head. His ongoing persecution is widely seen as a threat for freedom of speech. But not enough is [...]

Two Parties, No Leaders…
And No Idea What Happens Next!

“Welcome to British Politics!” says Anand Subhuti while clarifying the present situation in the UK.