Osho speaks on ‘Leela’: “Life is a leela, it is a play, and the moment you are ready to play, you are enlightened… You are already that which you are trying to be.”

Osho speaks on ‘Death – Love – Meditation’: “All that you can do is either you can go into it dancing or you can go into it reluctant, clinging to life. If you are reluctant you will miss the experience of death. If you go joyously you will have the experience of death.”

“Consciousness is not the content. You are consciousness: thoughts come and go, you are the host. Thoughts are the guests – they come and stay for a while, take a little rest, or their food, or stay overnight, and then they are gone. You are always there.”

“Share whatever you have gained… Your meditation is a preparation for a higher life, for a deeper life, for a more divine life. But you will have to be more loving and more compassionate…”

“From the very beginning, everyone is a Buddha… This is the basic message of Zen – and the greatest message that has ever been delivered to man.”

Osho speaks on the subject of ‘Sannyasin’: “My sannyas is an opening, a journey, a dance, a love affair with the unknown, a romance with existence itself, in search of an orgasmic relationship with the whole.”

“I feel a very deep spiritual affinity with Pythagoras. I am also bringing you a synthesis of East and West, of science and religion, of intellect and intuition, of the male mind and the female mind, of the head and the heart, of the right and the left.”