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The chakravartins’ names on Sumeru

"In this whole world, what can you gain? What can you take away with you?" asks Osho.

To be a sannyasin means to be in nirvana

Osho says not to be concerned about nirvana: "Be concerned about this moment, because this is the only true moment there is, and enter into it."

The lost bag of diamonds

With this anecdote Osho explains that one can become aware of what we have, only when we have lost it.

Of what help can you be to others?

Q: I am another 'development worker' whose questions you answered most beautifully yesterday.

The death of the Phoenix

Osho states that this story told by the great Sufi Master, Farid Al-Din' Attar, is "a symbolical, mythological tale of the ultimate utter death of the disciple."

It is because of Confucius that communism became important

In a press interview in Jesus Grove, Rajneeshpuram, Osho speaks about the influence Confucius has on communism to this day.

The treasure under the bridge

With this Hassid story Osho illustrates that the treasure is within us, in our own home, that underneath our own consciousness, just within us, is the kingdom of God.

“What happened to Katzie?”

Osho explains with a parable that only with an innocent mind the contact is immediate, from being to being, from heart to heart.

Modern psychology leaves no possibility for growth

Osho states, "In deep compassion you will be able to help many more people - because, in fact, compassion is the only thing that helps."

The psychology of the buddhas

Osho explains that the psychology of the buddhas does not work with the mind, its uniqueness is meditation, watchfulness, witnessing, leading to transcendence.

Mind is ambitious and ambition is the root of politics

"Out of the mind and you are out of politics; otherwise, whatsoever you do is politics," states Osho.

The maulvi and Omar Khayyam

"If there is justice, compassion is impossible. Both cannot exist together," asserts Osho.

Unless you are a little crazy, you won’t come to Zen

Osho says, "Maneesha has asked... Choosing the sutras for these discourses she is getting a little taste of Zen."

The master-and-disciple game

Osho declares, "I am absolutely non-serious. This is a play. And I would like to call this play 'the mad game'."

How Ganesha was ‘born’

Osho's comment: "How many temples are there on the earth, of how many religions? And how many different kinds of gods have they imagined?"

Surrender is the gate

Osho says, "When you surrender, the door opens. So don't bother much where to surrender, simply think about more and more surrendering."

The young tiger’s roar

The story of the Master as a catalytic agent to remind us who we are.

Enlightenment is beyond mind

Osho answers to the question if scientists are contributing to a science of enlightenment, and can one do so without being enlightened.

Ten thousand gold coins

Quoting a Zen story Osho talks about sharing, thankfulness and expectation.

Alice in Wonderland – confused

Osho tells a story to illustrate "...'this' means the known and the knowable, and “That” means the unknown and the unknowable. The known plus the unknown is the Truth: this [...]

The Irish house of prostitution

"Not being able to see one’s prejudices, clingings, attachments and addictions, is stupidity," says Osho in a discourse.

Release your unhappiness in solitude

"...we don't collect happiness, we collect suffering. Why? Why does man dwell on his sufferings so much?" - a discourse excerpt from Osho.

A sack of gold in the middle of a bridge

Osho says, "Man carries the seed of his misery or bliss, hell or heaven, within himself. Whatsoever happens to you, it happens because of you. Outside causes are secondary; inside [...]

Nothing should be in the control of the government

While in Kulu Manali, Osho answers a question by M. Achana of Nawabanath, India: "Have you a message for the press?"

War will be fought in the vastness of space

On July 20, 1970 Osho began the Hindi discourse series Krishna: Meri Drishti Mein (कृष्ण : मेरी दृष्टि में) (Krishna: The Man and His [...]

Emperor Akabar hears Haridas play outside his hut

"The song of a poet, the music of a musician, will go on echoing down the corridors of time. It belongs to eternity," states Osho.

We will teach children to look at the floating clouds

Osho speaks on Chuang Tzu's parable of 'The Empty Boat' and makes a reference about his vision of teaching particularly children.

I am not a person

The third question: Dear Osho, I love you. In a Sannyas Magazine you said that you are not a person. Then what are you?

Three monks meet at a crossroads

"If you try to kill the ego you will become a very very humble man, but remember, 'very very' is important. You cannot be an ordinary humble man but very very humble – and that [...]

The Mulla shooting arrows at a fair

Osho says, "In each situation, watch. When you fail, it is God, it is fate ... you don’t want to take the responsibility because it hurts the ego. But when you succeed, it is [...]

Never before has any experiment of this kind been made

Osho answers one of Ma Yoga Pratima's questions in September 1985 in Jesus Grove, Rajneeshpuram.

Test for a dangerous mission

"Move inch by inch, slowly – but move. And you will find that as far as you go, 'So far, I am alright.' You will go on finding ... that you are becoming an insider in this [...]

The emperor’s wish: one minute of silence

"If just the outside noise stopping for one minute gives you such stillness, such sweet silence, what will happen when your inside mind stops making noise?" asks Osho.

My Dream

Osho, What is this dream of yours which you have been working so hard to realize for the past twenty-five, thirty years, ignoring all kinds of hindrances and obstacles?

The wife comes back as a ghost

"The intelligent person stops creating, stops projecting and watches the mind so clearly that the mind cannot project anything. As the projections disappear, the world disappears," [...]

The condition: nobody to shake their head

"The duality has melted into oneness. The knower and the known are dissolved; there is only knowing," states Osho.

We need a more enlightened technology

Beloved Osho, By using modern technology, I feel we are hurting this vibrating, juicy earth with the dead garbage of plastic, radioactivity, bad air and so on. Please would you [...]

The musician in the jungle

Osho tells a joke before the evening Gibberish meditation: "The bamboos are asking for a few laughs. Even the clouds are not silent. A few laughs before we enter into our daily [...]

We have to choose the lesser evil

Q: Today at the lecture you extolled the virtues of Hasidism. But if they are so praiseworthy, so full of feeling of brotherhood, etc., why do they exclude women from their [...]

Peanut butter sandwiches

Osho states, "The only cause of hell, the only cause of misery is you and nothing else. Except you, nobody can cause it. And it is not the past; you are creating it each moment."

You see the misery, but you don’t see the cause

Osho speaks about Jawaharlal Nehru's visit to Jabalpur, during which Osho approached him on Naudra Bridge.

The child without mother or father

"Everybody is born in the same way. It is not only that you don't have a father, you don't have a mother either. The day you discover your original being you will know that you [...]

Mulla Nasrudin is a great storyteller

Osho says: "Mulla Nasrudin is superb. There is no comparison to him. He can tell a story just by mentioning the name. The way, the gesture, his whole presence may create a great [...]

A Sufi story about Jesus

Osho says, "Neither those who are living through fear nor those who are living through greed are going to enter into the kingdom of God, but only those who are living in tremendous [...]

These holy ones can reveal many things

Osho speaks about those who are called 'the Masters' in theosophy, with reference to Mabel Collins' book, 'Light on the Path'.

The doctor and the patient

"I believe that man is both together, spiritual and material ... In fact man is psychosomatic, not material and spiritual, because that ‘and’ creates duality ... Man is [...]

Osho speaks about the mala

A selection of quotes by Osho about the meaning of the mala and orange/red clothing (in chronological order).

Ancient music in the pines

Osho speaks about Japanese Zen master Ikkyu, who was also a great poet.

Prince Charming has come

Osho states, "Avoid esotericism. They are dangerous things, you can become hooked into them ... Eat your breakfast and have a good sleep! "