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All joy has been contaminated

Osho says people don't see that they are poisoning the joy of the children and states that a human kind of education must be found in the world.

The first love is food

Osho on the subject of 'Food': "...there is a deep association between food and love; in fact food comes first and then love follows."

Make it a reality, throw out all your garbage

Maneesha has asked: Our beloved Master, Those diamond thunderbolts you hurtle around you when you dance with us each evening - at the rate we're going, someone could be knocked [...]

I am just a passage

A quote by Osho.

Holi festival

A symbol of triumph of good over evil, Holi marks the onset of spring. This year, the festival of colours will be celebrated on March 20 and March 21. A quote by Osho.

The work of a buddha is always going to be incomplete

Answering a question about a connection between Buddha and him because both of them having been poisoned, Osho states: "The poisoning has been a great purification for me. This [...]

When somebody really loves you, he will not say, “I love you.”

Osho states, "Love is enough unto itself - it needs no salesmanship. It doesn't need anybody to persuade, to convince; it is enough, it is a fire."

The crippled cannot tolerate somebody else dancing

Osho states, "How should the crippled be prevented from destroying the dancers?"

Forget the technique for twelve years

Osho speaks on the topic of 'Authentic Art': "True art means: if it helps you to become silent, still, joyous; if it gives you a celebration; if it makes you dance ... if it [...]

The non-essential is needed for your madness

Osho states, "The whole world is trying to fulfill the non-essential."

Man and woman are more states of the mind

Osho answers a seeker’s question about how can there be any generalizations about the qualities of man and woman.

This pure space is the origin

Buddhists believe that the body is made of four elements, states Osho.

To be responsible means to be alert, conscious

Osho speaks on the topic 'Responsibility': "To be conscious means to take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders. To be responsible is the beginning of buddhahood."

Science has been a dagger driven into the back of nature

Osho declares "the greatest enemy today is science."

My picture, and the locket in the mala, is simply symbolic

Beloved Master, A few people are feeling not to wear their malas or red clothes, but they consider themselves Rajneeshees and want to live here. How does this fit your vision?

Eighty-four thousand doors open

Osho talks on the topic of 'Zen Masters': "Only in the absence of all activity, when you are relaxed to your very being, the door opens to all the mysteries of the world, all the [...]

The individual has to be protected

Osho states, "... if there is even a little bit of intelligence in America then it is time to stop now; otherwise, the country is going to have the same fate as that of Rome and [...]

To be a painter, you have to drop the ego

Osho on the topic of 'Art': "...the extraordinary comes only through egolessness."

The only revolution is that of the spirit

Revolution is possible only in the individual soul, states Osho.

The reality is

Nothing has happened And nothing will happen. What is there, is there.

I am here for those who are ready to be transformed

Osho says, "I am here only for the seekers, not for the mob."

Everybody can laugh

Osho on the subject of 'Laughter': "If you go into a total laughter people think it is hysterical. It is not, it is historical!"

India… is part of an inner map

Osho speaks on a very meaningful parable by Chuang Tzu, and in particular about the phrase 'the phoenix that never grows old'.

Listening means hearing without mind

Osho talks on 'Listening / Hearing': "Listening is all that meditation is about - how to listen to that which is already there."

You are all ancient people

Osho says, "The seed is immortal, it cannot die."

What is the answer?

In this particular excerpt from a discourse, Osho speaks about Gertrude Stein's final moments before dying, when "she flowered in this koan."

There are no outside causes of happiness

Osho speaks on 'Happiness': "...happiness and unhappiness are your moods and don’t depend on the outside."

Unconscious meditative time

In meditation the mind unclutters, experiences are digested, and the overload disappears, leaving the mind fresh and young and clear and clean, states Osho.

Love letter to Vivek

A love letter from Bhagwan (Osho) to Vivek (Nirvano) from 1971.

You are already there, where you needed to be

Our beloved Master, When you say each evening during the meditation, "Go in, go deeper and deeper like an arrow to your center," is it that there is actually nowhere to go and [...]

Astrology is an investigation

...into the possibility that changes in the universe have also been recorded in man, states Osho.

Osho speaks on Pythagoras

Pythagoras of Samos (c. 570 – c. 495 BCE) was a Ionian Greek philosopher and the eponymous founder of the Pythagoreanism movement. He appears to have been the son of [...]

The life of thoughts is very long

Osho states, "...thought waves are also physical. What we know as the mind is a very subtle form of physical energy. "

All history is bunk!

Declare your freedom individually. And that's my movement. You are here, not as a society, not as a community, you are here as an individual, states Osho

Learn to be in the present

Whether you are afraid or not, everybody is missing the train. It is good that you are afraid, because that may help you to understand why you are missing, says Osho.

Your beloved is dead

Death is not a problem created by thinking; you cannot solve it by thinking. Whatsoever you think, how can you solve it? says Osho.

Every eleven years there is great turmoil on the sun

"Everything is joined to the cosmos," states Osho on the subject of sun spots and related wars, disturbances, and diseases on our planet.

“I love you,” means danger

Osho talks on the topic of 'Love': "You cannot accept the idea that you are worth loving, that anybody can love you."

Even your love is nothing but a power trip

"Always remember, the universe is unknowable, absolutely, because it is alive. Analysis kills," states Osho.

A person living through intuition is always happy

Osho talks on 'Intuition': "There are many people who would like to be intuitive, who would like to find the inner guide, just to succeed in the world. For them the inner guide [...]

They have come just now from God’s home

Osho talks on the subject of 'Children': " have to learn from them because they are far more closer to God than you are."

Never Born – Never Died

Two slideshows, dated 19th and 20th January 1990, Osho International Commune, Pune, India.

Tomorrow you may have to celebrate alone

Our beloved Master, I can't remember when you last paused to look at your watch to decide whether to speak further or not. Does that mean we have been juicier to be with lately? [...]

Becoming one with the cosmos

Particularly Zen masters want you to be free from birth and death, says Osho.

We exist with the trees

Osho talks on the topic of 'trees' and tells the story of the Taoist woodcutter: "Either man has to turn back and drop the Western aggressive attitude or man has to get ready to [...]

I have been with you forever

We are not separate, even now - nobody is separate; the whole existence is one organic unity.

I celebrate myself

"When you celebrate, the whole existence participates with you. Only in celebration do we meet the ultimate, the eternal," says Osho.

Happiness is always with you

Osho says that the statement in the American Constitution that the pursuit of happiness is man's birthright is stupid.

Thoughts cannot be copyrighted

Osho talks about the copyright on the meditation The Four Directions. "So my suggestion to you is that the best will be to call it No Directions."