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The Eight Steps of Yoga

Yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahar, dharana, dhyan samadhiya ashto angani.

What You Eat, You Become

Pythagoras' contribution to western philosophy is immense. It is incalculable. For the first time he introduced vegetarianism to the West.

No Compromise, whatever the Consequence

Osho talks to and about Veeresh (excerpts):

To The Pure Land

A real silence, a real buddhahood, has to be discovered in the world - here and now.

Religion Has Become A Graveyard

Silence is easy if you are ready to renounce bliss.

Osho Jokes

Osho, It is really chilly again today. Would you please tell us a few jokes about Rajneesh sannyasins?

We Have Come Of Age

Beloved Master, Just the other day, Suman and I went off to Los Angeles via Portland to buy rainbow clothes.

Laughter Changes Your Very Chemistry

Beloved Osho, Could you speak to us on laughter, its meditative powers, its chemistry on the brain, its power of transformation and healing... Its relation to silence, the gap, [...]

I Grow My Own Marijuana Within Me

Beloved Osho, The way you walk, it seems as if you are drunk. What is the truth?

Memory is Nothing but a Graveyard

Beloved Osho, The other day someone asked me where I came from before coming to Poona and I couldn't remember.

Don’t Become An Organisation

A question asked by Don Lattin, San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco, California, USA, in Rajneeshpuram:

Liberation of Man and Woman

[...] I make no distinctions between men and women; both have suffered.

Definition Of A Normal Human Being

Just look around, just observe people, and you will be surprised seeing the utterly insane state which is known as normal.

Animals Are Part Of The Cosmic Whole

Osho says: "Animals should be loved, should be respected, because somewhere at some time they will also reach to the same consciousness as you."

War is Basically Irreligious

If the world becomes a little more conscious, soldiers will throw away their arms and hug each other, sit down together under a tree and gossip.

Become a Full Moon Night

Purnima means full moon night - a full moon night of bliss.

Cuckoos, Crows and Friends

Sound-bites of discourses where we can hear the birds.

Television – a Great Danger

Osho speaks on how television could be used.

Being With Me is Not a Question of Time

First thing: it is not only here this moment that you are with me - you have been before.

A Joke for Christmas

Osho, can you share with us a joke about Christmas today? Satyarthi

This is My Birthday

My beloved ones, I love you.

Barrier Between Past and Present Life

Osho talks about a girl who remembered her past life.

The Message Has To Reach

Osho asserts that truth is not his property, he is not its owner.


Q: Why did you choose this particular part of the country to return to?

A Unique Planet

This is a unique planet, very small.

Guru Purnima Day the day of all the Buddhas

Ecstatic Childbirth

Osho speaks on hypnosis and its use for childbirth and the ecstasy which can be experienced while giving birth.

Osho’s English

Q: What is your English – British or American?

Being and Nothingness

Osho speaks to a small group of people during dental sessions on a variety of ancient, old and contemporary books.

A Natural Happening

Enlightenment is a natural happening.

We Are All A Togetherness

In fact, there is no wall between the conscious and unconscious.

One Condition

When Gautama the Buddha Auditorium becomes too small to contain all the seekers coming to Poona, our Beloved Master goes on a tour of the universe looking for a new site.

The 3 M’s: Mathematics, Music, Meditation

Osho talks about the trinity: mathematics, music and meditation.

Osho Speaks on Bhuribai

Bhuribai is very closely connected with me.

The Dance of Life

Life is a dance... the dance goes on with us and without us.

Raas, the Dance of Celebration

Osho says: Man alone cannot flow; he needs the presence of woman. Without the woman...

Osho Day

19 January 2012

Far Out!

Q: I got so excited today when you dropped Mahavira, Buddha and Jesus in the wastepaper basket. It was like a breath of mountain air. You gave us a glimpse of yourself that was so [...]

The Seven Ages of Men and Women

A woman never tells the truth about her age. I have told you that even on the point of a loaded gun you may perhaps become enlightened, but a woman will not reveal her age.