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Truth Is a Pinnacle Like Everest

Meditation is the experience of aloneness.

God Dancing in the Raindrops

With thanks to Zen Gardner for these exquisite photos, showing the miraculous beauty of nature reflected in tiny raindrops…

Everything Has Consciousness

Sugit (Japan) sent us this footage of a few moments in the life of mother duck and her ducklings. Which led us to Osho and consciousness and his observation on swans, peacocks and [...]

The Approach of the Pagan

I am reminded of a beautiful story; it is so beautiful that one wants.... It would have been good if it was true too; but it is very close to truth.

Experiencing Being out of the Body

Quotes by Osho on consciousness compiled by Anando

It Is a Time of Crisis…

A compilation of quotes by Osho.

The Buddha Full Moon

Quotes by Osho on Buddha and the Full Moon - intro by Punya

It Is Always Now

Throughout his discourses Osho drives home the point why he is so contradictory: